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Lee QuesadaBorn in Paete, Laguna from the Quesada family of writers, she left the peak of her nursing career in 1988 at the University of Toronto and began her studies in Computer Science.

Lee is an independent small business contractor in WebDesign/WebDvpt. She works as Computer Trainor to the visually impaired & persons w/ disability at WEATECH INC (Specialist in Assistive Devices). She is also a volunteer computer & network administrator at the Silayan Community Centre, a Filipino-Canadian community agency in Toronto.

In 1993, she founded the Filipino Community Computing Sector (FCCS) which laid the foundation of a free Information Technology service to the Filipino community of Metropolitan Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

FCCS served as leader of global communications for the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO)/Dept of Foreign Affairs until the appearance of the WWW on the Internet.

FCCS (text-based) can be accessed by telnet:telnet torfree.net.  Logon at TFN as "guest" without the quotes and in smallcase. No password required. At the "Your Choice==>" prompt type"go fccs" without the quotes.

FCCS on the WWW is now the Philippine Headline News Online (PHNO) . It started operation in December 1997, a few days after Lee met PHNO's chief editor, veteran journalist Mrs. Sol Jose-Vanzi. They met on the Internet in 1997 and met face-to-face in Year 2000. PHNO online and its yahoogroups.com Mailing List have been serving thousands of News-by-Email subscribers around the world and on record gets about 80,000 max hits per day (as of September 2003).

PHNO has a sister website. 'Paetenians Home on the Net' established a long-term project in 2001 for 'BatangPaete' under the Paetech Foundation implementing the AlayComputer project. AlayComputer webpage is at The Town of Paete

The 3 elementary schools in the small town of Paete are now totally computerized and are now on a network. Internet connections are in the works ready for launching of the E-Mentoring program. Alay Computer's ultimate goal is Internet classrooms for 'BatangPaete'.

Lee's current interests are IT & Robotics/Biotechnology. (Updated Sepetmber, 2004).