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FILIPINO TODAY Editor, Lee Quesada (leeq) and Technology Writer, Rey Carolino (Reyc) hosted the lovely and beautiful actress, Sharmaine Arnaiz in an Interview chat session at the  Filipino Community Computing Sector (FCCS) chat room  last December 6, 1997.

Several netcitizens participated in the interview which was organized by DAILY NEWS ASIA (now known as the PHILIPPINE HEADLINE NEWS ONLINE) and FILIPINO TODAY Newspaper.

Here is the transcript of the chat session which has been partially edited for clarity.

Session Start: Sat Dec 06 22:05:42 1997 [EST]

*** Now talking in #FCCS

*** Sharmaine ( has joined #FCCS



<MrSweets> Hiya Sha :)

<Sharmaine> My goodness! I had a hard time.

<Reyc> Is it tough to connect from Manila?

<Sharmaine> I was using the Pirch software, it was down or something. Anyway, hello beautiful people, he he he.

<Sharmaine> Hi, Rey. Hi, Lee.

<Reyc> Welcome, Sharmaine!

<arriane_J> Sharmaine.. where are you right now?

<Sharmaine> I'm at home.

<arriane_J> Shar... so how are you?

<Sharmaine> I'm doing great.

<arriane_J> Good to hear that, shar.. do you have any upcoming movies?

<Sharmaine> Not at the moment. Most probably next year I'd be able to do one.

<Reyc> Let me get this question out of the way, as I am sure a lot of people who will be reading the transcript of this interview belong to the TOYOTA/CRISPA generation-- are you related to the former Toyota basketball cager, FRANCIS ARNAIZ?

<Sharmaine> No, I'm not. Although he sure is a great player I heard, and I wouldn't mind being his relative. I used Arnaiz as a screen name.

<Reyc> Why did you pick Arnaiz?

<Sharmaine> I was discovered by Nap Guttierez, who happens to be a basketball fanatic. He decided to use Arnaiz, because I think he is one of his favorites and his name is easy to remember or rings a bell, I guess. My family name "Pribhdas" is very foreign.

<Reyc> Are you still pursuing your Veterinary Medicine degree?

<Sharmaine> Yes I am. I took advantage of the break I got on doing movies due to bold flicks and went back to school.

<Reyc> I read somewhere that you have an Indian blood- father or mother side?

<Sharmaine> My Father is Indian. But he grew up in the Philippines so there's not much difference on the culture. He doesn't speak "Hindi" either.

<tzone> What are your hobbies? I read somewhere about your pets I forgot if it were cats or dogs and that you have several of them.

<Sharmaine> Yes that's right. Ever since I was little, I had more than 5 cats. Now I have 10 and 5 dogs.

<Reyc> What is your priority right now- schooling or showbiz?

<Sharmaine> As of now, studying. I go to school everyday- Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8-7 pm. Tuesday, Thursday at 3-7 pm.

<Reyc> Which school?

<Sharmaine> I go to Gregorio Araneta University Foundation.

<leeq> Are you in the Philippines now?

<Sharmaine> Yes, I am in the Philippines.

<woodz> Sharmaine, how's your lovelife?

<Sharmaine> Ha ha ha! It's cool! Im happy with my boyfriend.

<Reyc> Can we know the name of your boyfriend?

<Sharmaine> I've never kept it a secret from the very beginning, yes, his name is Victor Neri. We started going out last August.

<woodz> Sharmaine, how's Victor Neri as a boyfriend?

<Sharmaine> He is very supportive on whatever I do. He is very sweet, and he sings to me all the time. Actually I have to make him kulit. Anyways, he is great!

<tzone> Do you surf a lot on the Internet? What sites do you go to? Do you also do a lot of IRC chat?

<Sharmaine> Yes I surf a lot. I love getting new information, and checking out interactive sites, checking out new softwares and stuff. I used to chat like an addict.. he he he! I go to the Manila chatroom comicserve.

<leeq> Sharmaine, is that cat in your homepage your pet?

<Sharmaine> Nope. That's not my cat in the homepage. I don't think I have a picture of my cats yet in my page, but I'll put one very soon.

<Reyc> Do you use an IBM compatible or a Mac?

<Sharmaine> Nope I don't have the softwares you do, and I'm still waiting for my birthday present, he he! My computer is a NEC.

<tzone> What is your home page URL? Do you have an offical fan page?

<Sharmaine> My page address is: An official fan page, not yet.... :)

<leeq> Who is your most favorite co-star, male of course?

<Sharmaine> My favorite co-star- Richard Gomez. ha ha ha!

<leeq> Is John Estrada a really cool guy?

<Sharmaine> What do you think? He is funny.

<leeq> You co-starred with Robin Padilla, is he human? :-)

<Sharmaine> *chokes*

<Sharmaine> Human? ha ha ha! He is just lost, but he is human.

<MrSweets> Sharmaine, if you had the chance- would you do anything different in life?

<Sharmaine> Nope, I don't think I would do anything different in my life, even if I wanted to sooooo badly because I wouldn't be as smart as I am now, or have the amount of knowledge and capacity to understand things if not for my experiences. Thank you, MrSweets.

<Art> Just wanted to know some of your interests.

<Sharmaine> My interests includes tennis, diving, movies, new inventions that I see on Discovery channel. Pets, computers and handsome men!

<tzone> Do you have any new movies or future projects?

<Sharmaine> As of now I don't have any movies, but my movie "Milagros" is the Philippines official entry to the Oscars for best foreign film, and I'm hoping it gets nominated.

<MrSweets> I've been checking the Canadian Film Board homepage quite often, to no avail. I see no Sharmaine Arnaiz coming.... do you think you will ever visit Canada? :)

<Sharmaine> One day I will. My film doesn't have to bring me there. I love to travel anyways.

<tzone> At what age do you plan to settle down? Will you still be pursuing your movie career?

<Sharmaine> SETTLING DOWN????? uhhhhhhh.... gee wizz, I have no idea..... I wish I knew though, I'm sure my hearts gonna dictate that.... but that soon, I still have a lot of dreams to conquer.

<Sharmaine> but not soon!!!! is what I meant *giggles*

<leeq> What dreams are you following right now?

<Sharmaine> Aside from proving myself in acting, and being a veterinarian, well I would also like to be of service to people. I know I can someday... There is just so much going on in Manila, poverty, crime, etc. It makes me sick as a citizen not to be able to do anything. I want to do charity work and some other stuff too, for my self worth....

<Reyc> Service to people? Does that includes going to politics?

<Sharmaine> Going to politics, if I have the guts too, and the brains, I'm still young, but I wouldn't want to.

<so_cool> Hi, Sharmaine... Do you have any plans of doing stage plays...

<Sharmaine> I have had offers, I've been wanting to do stage plays, most probably in the summer or next year.. that would certainly be a challenge.

<Art> At what age did you start having pets?

<Sharmaine> My family loves animals, we had cats, dogs, a goose, *giigles* hamsters, rabbits and birds since I was 5 years old but I had to limit my exposure to them due to my asthma.

<Reyc> Is your sister still active in showbusiness?


<Reyc> Are you still there Sharmaine?

*** Sharmaine ( has left #FCCS

<Reyc> Ooops. Looks like she lost her connection. We'll wait for a while and see if she comes back.

<so_cool> ok..

*** Sharmaine ( has joined #FCCS

<woodz> yessss!

<Reyc> Here's Sharmaine back... Welcome back Sharmaine!

<so_cool> wb Sharmaine!! =)

<Reyc> What happened?

<Sharmaine> I'm sorry my computer started to hang. I'm really sorry.

<woodz> ,__ ,.o`o.,__ !
<woodz> ,___ Sharmaine __ !
<woodz> ,____ Hello :)___ !
<woodz> ,____Im Glad_____ !
<woodz> ,__, You're Back__,

<so_cool> (`'.(`'. Sharmaine .').')

<Sharmaine> Thank you.

<Sharmaine> Someone asked about my sister.

<Sharmaine> Well, she will be going back to the movie scene after she graduates next year. She is doing very well in school, thanks for asking. She is my pride and joy.

<so_cool> Sharmaine I heard you have had offers from Hollywood to be in a that true??

<Sharmaine> Wow, I wish that was true, but it's not that easy to get into Hollywood. I'd have to audition for a part!

<so_cool> Sharmaine, well... you have the talent, girl!! Go for it!!

<Sharmaine> I'll try my best --- so_cool! Thanks.

<Art> Have you graduated already?

<Sharmaine> Not yet, I'm on my 3rd year Veterinary medicine.

<Art> Hope to see you with Brad Pitt soon.

<Sharmaine> LOL

<MrSweets> Brad Pitt is highly over rated :)

<FleurDeLiz> heel

<MrSweets> He's far too low for Sharmaine ;) <smile>

<Reyc> What was your last movie?

<Sharmaine> My last movie- Calvento Files, under Star Cinema.

<so_cool> One of your movies, (MILAGROS), was shown here in Hawaii at the International Film Festival....

<Sharmaine> So_cool,,, Wow really? I wish I was able to go, that sure is cool, So_cool!

<Binggo> Sharmaine: What do you see yourself doing after 10 years?

<Sharmaine> I'd probably be a veterinarian and a bussinesswoman, and an actress...

<FleurDeLiz> How tall are you, Sharmaine?

<Sharmaine> 5'5

<modster> What type of music do you enjoy

<Sharmaine> R&B, POP, everything except heavy metal, ska, and Jazz, i think.

[Sharmaine lost her connection at this point]

Session Close: Sat Dec 06 23:28:12 1997 [EST]