RUFFA GUTIERREZ PICTURERUFFA GUTIERREZ figured out a good way to celebrate the first anniversary of her homepage ( last May 9, 1998-- do something that she used to do (and still does) very well on the Net-- a live chat with her CyberFans at the PHILIPPINE HEADLINE NEWS ONLINE (PHNO) chat room at:

A total of 43 people (click here to find out who they were) participated in the 1 1/2 hour session which was hosted by Rey Carolino of the PHILIPPINE HEADLINE NEWS ONLINE (PHNO). Ruffa used her favourite nickname "FULLMOON" during the chat session. Because there was not enough time for Ruffa to answer all the questions, the room was moderated- people in the room had to send their questions to the moderator (PHNO) who selects which ones to field to Ruffa in addition to those questions that were sent by Ruffa's fans earlier via e-mail.

Here is the transcript of the chat session which has been slightly modified for spelling mistakes, brevity and clarity.

Session Start: Saturday, May 09, 1998, 23:00:00 ET

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<flip> Ayan na siya!!!!!!

<PHNO> PHILIPPINE HEADLINE NEWS ONLINE ( and FILIPINO TODAY Newspaper ( are proud to host our second annual Internet chat session with the lovely movie actress and beauty queen, MISS RUFFA GUTIERREZ.

<PHNO> Welcome, Ruffa, and thanks for chatting with us and your fans once again. We hope we can continue this as an annual tradition.

<fullmoon> Hi, everyone!!!!!!

<chimang> Hi, room!

<asteroid> Hi, fullmoon

<chimang> Wrong! fullmoon pala

<onin> Hi, fullmoon

<Kare> Hi, fullmoon!

<Pogi> Hi, Sharmaine!

<fullmoon> Hi!!!! Good morning!!!

<chimang> Ho foolmoon

<Kare> It's night here in the US

<fullmoon> Oh...Good evening!!!!

<chimang> How you been?

<fullmoon> Really good, thanks. Tired. I've been campaigning like anything.

<asteroid> fullmoon, are you appearing in SOP?

<fullmoon> SOP is taped today or else I wouldn't be here.

<fullmoon> I just woke up! What a beautiful day! I'm interested in having another chat next celebration of the foundation I'm putting up which will be launched on my birthday...June 24.

<PHNO> That's great, Ruffa. I will now moderate this room to make it an orderly session. Please send your questions to Ruffa through me.

*** PHNO sets mode +m. Room #FCCS is currently Moderated.

<PHNO> Our first e-mailed question is from Mario J.R. Garchitorena <>: Dear Ruffa, I know this kind of sounds like one of those beauty contests' questions but I'd still like to know what you would say. Here's my question: If a poor eight year old boy came up to you and said "Do dreams come true?" What would you say to him? Thanks, I hope that you continue to have great success."

<fullmoon> I remember the late Mina del Rosario telling me..."Anak...abutin mo ang langit. Kaya mo yan". If I can go on and try to fulfill my dreams, anybody can. Don't you think so? Dreams do come true...especially if you are determined.

<Pogi> Sharmaine did you have breakfast?

<fullmoon> I'm having a sandwich right now....salami, cheese, turkey and red pepper...yummy!!

<PHNO> Who are with you right now, Ruffa?

<fullmoon> My lovable in Lorna t!!

<PHNO> From Charo Ayson <>: Will you be doing anything for the Miss Universe pageant and what do you think of all the teenage stars getting Pregnant and getting married?????

<fullmoon> With regards to the Miss Universe Pageant, my only participation would be to watch since plans of representing the Philippines this year didn't push through.... We have to remember that being in the limelight and because the youth look up to us, we have to try to set a good example to the youth.

<PHNO> Are you done with the answer, Ruffa?

<fullmoon> My nails are so long kasi! It's so hard for me to type...

<flip> I want to ask Ruffa kung kumusta na sila ng nanay niya. There's this article that I read about Donita saying na kahit inis na inis daw si Ruffa sa nanay niya hindo pa rin niya magagawang hindi igalang si Anabelle Rama.

<fullmoon> Really? Where did that come out? All of us were just together at the Pen the other day. There is no issue at all. We are one big happy family and I'd like for it to remain that way... Donita and I have been best friends for 8 years now.

<PHNO> From Margenette Cator <>: Hello!!Ruffa talagang super sexy ka sana maging ganyan din ako someday. Sana naman gumawa ka na nang pelikula together with your friends Aiko and Carmina. I'm sure maraming manonood...Bigyan mo naman ako ng mga tips kung paano maging maganda...

<fullmoon> Have a positive outlook in life, always smile..., eat health, drink 8 glasses of water a day, wear sunblock whenever you leave the house...I can go on and on...(giggles). Carmina guested on SOP two weeks ago. We sang. Movies? Maybe next time....I'd love to work with them again someday.

<PHNO> Ruffa someone wants to know your email address.

<fullmoon> They can sign my guestbook: It automatically goes to me. I'd love to hear from everybody! Special mention to Bobbie & Pogi.. Hi there!! Visit my web site everybody!!

<EZProGuest> How many brothers do you have, Ruffa?

<fullmoon> Five younger brothers and two older half brothers.

<PHNO> I have a backlog of questions... so please be patient...

<fullmoon> I love answering questions!!! I'll be in Jollibee Muntinlupa Bayan between 3-4 PM today. There will be autograph signing and picture taking with the Jollibee mascot. That should be fun! For all the kids out there...I hope to see you later!!!

<asteroid> Are you happy with your career???

<fullmoon> Very content with my career as well as my life right now. I couldn't ask for more...

<ManilaGirlBobbie> Happy Mother's day Ruffa. During your appearance at Kris Aquino's show Kris asked of your plans to get married? Among your barkada, you are the only single person well at least what we know of. Whatever happened to your alleged suitors including Julio Iglesias?

<fullmoon> Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's out there!!! I'm indeed very much single at the moment. I have suitors but no one really tickles my fancy. I guess I'm just too busy with work and in trying to achieve my goals. Julio? He's merely a friend.

<tzone> Hi, Ruffa, which presidential candidate are you for and why?

<fullmoon> I haven't really decided on whom to vote for. Depends on how I feel at the time.... although I'm very visible at JDV's rallies and campaign sorties. Gina de Venecia's father, Doc Perez, was the producer of Sampaguita Pictures and malaki ang utang na loob ni daddy sa kanila. Labor of Love... ERAP is also a friend. Gosh!!! How's that?

<PHNO> Yeah, how's that?

<fullmoon> Who do you think is gonna win?

<PHNO> The news is ERAP will win by a landslide!

<fullmoon> One day to go... we'll see. I just hope and pray for a peaceful and orderly elections.

<asteroid> fullmoon, do you read Danielle Steel's books?

<fullmoon> Yup... Summer's End and Kaleidoscope. Great books!!

<Punky> How is my Tito Vincent Rama, I'm sure you were with him during the campaign.

<fullmoon> He's doing very well. He plans to get married to his longtime gf next year. Then he's gonna be related to GOMA. Vince, my cousin, is dating the sister of Lucy Torres, Goma's wife. Goma is Richard Gomez by the way. Hehehehe...

<PHNO> Were you in Goma's wedding, fullmoon?

<fullmoon> No...I was busy campaigning for JDV.

<PHNO> From Rolando Morada <>: This is Roland from Seattle, Wa. originally from Cebu. Ruffa any plan of visiting Seattle, Wa. ? All your fans here are excited to know when.

<fullmoon> Tell the promoters to invite me so I can sing for you all. I've never been to Seattle and I'd love to visit one day. Maybe you can be my tour guide...what do you say?

<PHNO> Now that's an offer that Rolando won't be able to refuse.

<fullmoon> You now have homework to do Rolando!!

<PHNO> Rolando is not here.. that question was sent by email.

<fullmoon> oh ic.... Tell him for me ok?

<PHNO> I will.

<bokya> Are you married?

<fullmoon> Me married? No way jose!!

<PHNO> he-he-he. Why naman?

<fullmoon> I'm single and loving every minute of it...

<PHNO> How old are you again?

<fullmoon> 23

<joker-i> Do you have any new movies coming up?

*** fullmoon (~Love@P13.MB08.PSG.SKYINET.NET) has left #FCCS


<PHNO> We just lost Ruffa... she got disconnected... she will come back. While we are waiting for her to come back... I will remove the moderation of this room so that you can chat here for a while.

*** PHNO sets mode -m. Room FCCS is not currently moderated.

<ManilaGirlBobbie> woo hoo!

<Max> zzzzzzzzzzz

<Kare> Maybe she needs to change her ISP

<bakla> Who wants to chat or something?

*** fullmoon (~Love@P13.MB08.PSG.SKYINET.NET) has joined #FCCS

<Pogi> she's back!

<fullmoon> oops!!! I'm back!!!

<ManilaGirlBobbie> Hiya Ruffa

<fullmoon> Sorry about that!

<bakla> hi fullmoon

<fullmoon> Hi everybody!!!!

<PHNO> What happened ruffa?

<fullmoon> Got disconnected! I'm back...

<Pogi> Hi, Sharmaine!

<asteroid> Hi, Ruffa!

<Pogi> Welcome Back Sharmaine!

<asteroid> Welcome back

<onin> Ruffa, ang gulo na ng chat! Better kung moderator pa rin si PHNO.

<PHNO> Sorry folks, I will have to moderate the room again.

*** PHNO sets mode +m. Room FCCS is currently Moderated.

<PHNO> Okay, where were we? Do you remember the question you were answering Ruffa?

<fullmoon> Nope. It's question.

<asteroid> When can we see you in the big screen?

<fullmoon> Most probably before the year ends. I'm kinda picky in choosing projects. In the meantime, watch SOP k? Hehehehe...

<babes> Hi Ruffa, what sort of movie do you watch?

<fullmoon> All kinds of movies.. can't wait for Primary Colors to come out. I read the book and it was excellent! Local.... my dad's movies!! (giggles)

<ManilaGirlBobbie> What is your preference when looking for a boyfriend/lover/ suitor? Does he has to be in showbiz or as long as he got the dough or would you prefer the simple time middle-class sort of thing but will love and respect you and treat you like a queen?

<fullmoon> I don't really have a certain type although it would be nice for him to be God fearing, family oriented, caring, successful in his chosen field. It doesn't matter what race, whether he is in showbiz or not. What matters most is that he'll love me forever .. How dramatic no? Of course I hope he's kinda taller than I am...

<PHNO>Is there a current one?

<fullmoon> None...I'm not really searching but I know he's somewhere out there... God will bless me with the right man

<PHNO> From Dodge Matanguihan <>: Ruffa, I've heard that you were ask to represent our country in the Miss Universe pageant. Why did you not accept the offer? I know that you have a chance in making it. You've already proven it right.

<fullmoon> A lot of aspects had to be considered. First of all, I didn't want to step on anyone's toes. Then I couldn't leave for Hawaii right away cuz I'm booked til the end of June. Miss U is in May. Besides it would be too controversial. Thanks for believing in me though. I appreciate your support.

<onin> Marunong bang mag-Internet si Zoren?

<fullmoon> Ma at pa. Meaning: I don't know and I don't care...

<Pogi> you still chat often?

<fullmoon> Not as much as I used to. Watch SOP guys!!!

<PHNO> And how often was it before?

<fullmoon> Every single day and night! I concentrate on answering my mail nowadays. I have a lot of catching up to do...

<PHNO> Oic, so that should answer this question from Eve Bonete Serrano <>: Based from your web site, sabi mo you will answer personally those who will sign on your guestbook, bakit wala pa rin akong na-rereceive na kahit acknowledgment man lang?

<fullmoon> I answer my mail. It usually takes several weeks before I reply because I'm extremely busy. Better late than never right?

<chimang> What are your plans if you go here in the US. Are you going to pursue your career here?

<fullmoon> Definitely! I already have a sponsor who works on the set of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I also have agents who who will take care of me. After my foundation has been set up and I have raised enough funds to help the abused, abandoned and less fortunate children...I'm off to the US to pursue an International career.

<PHNO> Career in modelling or acting?

<fullmoon> TV, acting, modelling and hosting...

<PHNO> A comment from Joy M. Mortel <>: I'm Joy M. Mortel of the Our Lady of Assumption Parish, 22 years old and a fan of you. First time to download on your web site only when I heard from you that you're inviting your fans to see your home page in SOP last May 3 1998. Those were excellent experiences. You really made it to the top. Just don't forget to thank God for all these by sharing whatever you have in your life to your fellowmen like what you're continuously doing.

<fullmoon> Hi Joy!! I read your mail. I'll write back later on. Thanks a lot for your time!

<asteroid> When will you do another telesine?

<fullmoon> I'll be producing one which will air on June 21. This will be directed by Chito Rono. His first time to direct a movie made for television. I'm really excited!!

<DarkMan> How about tips on getting a break in showbiz?

<fullmoon> Going to GMA & ABS is a good idea.

<dvnc20f> Meron ka bang movie with Aga Muhlach?

<fullmoon> I did Abel Morado with him a long time ago. I'm hoping to do another one soon.

<ayson1luv> Who is your favorite movie stars there in Pinas?

<fullmoon> Sharon Cuneta. Not only a very good actress, a role model to the youth as well. Christopher de Leon, the legend.

<babes> Are you still in school?

<fullmoon> No. I'd like to pursue my studies in Political Science or International Relations and Diplomacy. My goal is to be an Ambassadress of Goodwill.

<ManilaGirlBobbie> I understand you were raised in the USA. Ruffa if you had to get married, would you have done the same thing your folks did to you and your siblings and go to the USA rather stay in the Philippines?

<fullmoon> Depends on where my future husband would like to be based. I'd like to go back and forth if ever.

<bakla> Ruffa, In what room do you usually chat?

<fullmoon> fun factory...

<buttman24> Do you have plans of entering politics?

<fullmoon> I'd like to be of service to my fellowmen and try to make a difference. Politics? Hmmmm....not interested. First lady nalang...(giggles)

<fullmoon> I'll be logging out in 15 minutes...any more questions?

<PHNO> Comment from RAFFY <>: How are you doing? I have seen your film with Christopher de Leon where you played a daughter of a rich businessman (HALIK). I think that you look great. Your secret avid fan in California, Raffy.

<PHNO> From Cybel Espejo-Po <>: I'm just curious. Why did you endorse JDV?

<fullmoon> Because I believe he has the leadership qualities that would make the Philippines the number 1 country in Asia, if not all over the world. The same goes for Raul Roco.

<PHNO> From Alma <>: Hello there Ruffa! I am one of your fans and I've been away from the Philippines for almost 3 years now and I don't have news from you whatsoever. So, if you don't mind, may I ask what are you busy with nowadays? Are you studying now? Good luck to you and more power!

<fullmoon> Check out my web site:

<PHNO> Well, Ruffa has been more than generous to us by extending this session past the hour. We have to end it now. We would like to thank everybody who participated in this chat session and Miss Ruffa Gutierrez for being so generous with her time. Transcript of this session will become available at: Goodbye now.

*** PHNO sets mode -m. Room #FCCS is currently not Moderated.

<fullmoon> Thank you very much for taking time out to chat to me. I had a most wonderful time!

<PHNO> Thanks Ruffa!

<Kare> God bless you fulmoon!

<asteroid> Bye, Ruffa.

<fullmoon> Take care and always remember: Happiness is a choice. No one can hurt you without your consent.

<ayson1luv> Bye time extend your time. We love chatting with you more power. Take care.

<ayson1luv> (((((((((((((((RUFFA))))))))))) your the bomb

<fullmoon> Thanks ayson1luv!!!

<ayson1luv> ((((((((((((((((You're welcome don't forget to e-mail

<fullmoon> God bless you all!!!

<Pogi> Sharmaine wait!!!

* Max slaps fullmoon around a bit with a large trout

<fullmoon> Take care...

<Kare> Next month??? Bye

<asteroid> More power to you ruffa

<Punky> I will always pray for you

<ayson1luv> ((((((((((((RUFFA))))))))))))0 why don't you stick around and chat you know...just for today...hehehehe

*** fullmoon (~Love@P13.MB08.PSG.SKYINET.NET) has left #FCCS

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