Ruffa's picture in her hotel room during the chat


A CyberChat with

May 31, 1997

RUFFA GUTIERREZ took time out from her busy schedule and chatted with FILIPINO TODAY staff: FILTODAY (Rey Carolino), MarcB (Marc Ballesteros) and LeoS (Leo Seron). Several netcitizens participated in the chat session which was opened to the public. The chat was arranged for Filipino Today by Ruffa's webmaster, Ronnie Miranda who was known in the chat as "MMX". Ruffa (who used the nickname FULLMOON) was in Cebu City in her hotel room at the time of the chat.  Ronnie lent her his digital camera and she took several pictures of her while she was chatting.

The chat was held last Saturday (May 31, 1997) at Channel #FCCS (Filipino Community Computing Sector) at Ruffa entered the chat room shortly after 11:00 pm (Manila time) and stayed there for about an hour. Here is the transcript of the chat session which was partially edited for clarity and brevity:

Session Start: Sat May 31 10:42:49 1997

*** Now talking in #FCCS

<FILTODAY> I was told by Ruffa's webmaster that Ruffa has just finished her show in Cebu City and is on her way to her hotel now to join us shortly. It might take another 15 minutes before she can join us. If you have something else to do, feel free to come back later.

<Mhon> FIL: Are you sending us away now?

<FILTODAY> Mhon- nope. You can chat here as we wait for her if you wish.

<Mhon> Thanks.

<Sum-tan-vazzy> Cool, FIL. So does Ruffa have a homepage?

<MarcB> Ruffa's homepage is at:

* FILTODAY has left the room to check on Ruffa's whereabouts

<FILTODAY> MMX is on the phone with Ruffa. She is about to join us now. She will use the nickname "FULLMOON".

*** fullmoon (~LOVE@P18.MB02.QZN.SKYINET.NET) has joined #FCCS

<FILTODAY> Hello, folks, FULLMOON is Ruffa Gutierrez. Please welcome her here.

<MarcB> Hey folks, Ruffa is now here

<fullmoon> Hi everyone!!!Ruffa's picutre taken during the chat

<FILTODAY> FILIPINO TODAY has been conducting private chat interviews with various Filipino government officials and celebrities since October, 1996. Tonight we are pleased to have our first public chat interview through the courtesy of Miss Ruffa Gutierrez, movie actress, 1993 Miss World finalist and daughter of two showbiz personalities: Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama. This interview was made possible with the assistance of Ruffa's webmaster, Ronnie Miranda of Storm Visualization and Imaging Inc. Thanks, Ronnie.

* MarcB claps to welcome Ruffa

* Sum-tan-vazzy claps

<FILTODAY> Before we start fielding questions from our audience, Ruffa- would you like to say something to your fans- those here right now and those who would read this transcript later?

<fullmoon> Hi everyone!!! Thank you for being with me here tonight.

<Tinac> Hello, Ruffa.. I heard you just finished a show?

<fullmoon> Yes, I just came from the Gaisano Country Mall in Cebu.

<FILTODAY> How was the show, Ruffa?

<fullmoon> It was very successful... Thanks to Tita Rosemarie Gaisano & her staff

<FILTODAY> Could you tell us who are with you at the moment in your hotel?

<fullmoon> I'm with my parents and my brother Rocky... Kuya Tonton and a lot more!

<FILTODAY> How long have you been using the Internet, Ruffa?

<fullmoon> I've been using the Internet for about 2 months now and Im totally hooked!

<FILTODAY> Do you use the Internet often?

<fullmoon> Yes...I'm totally hooked. I check my mail everyday if I can.

<FILTODAY> How many hours a day do you spend on the Net?

<fullmoon> Don't think I'm a freak...but sometimes I can last up to 8 hours!!!

<FILTODAY> Do you chat a lot at IRC?

<fullmoon> I just surf the web and chat with friends...

<FILTODAY> What system do you have? A Mac? Win95?

<fullmoon> Win 95

<peng> Ruffa, where do you usually hang out in IRC?

<fullmoon> fun factory or chat zone. Cool!! You meet different people from all over the world.

<LeoS> Are there any plans this coming election next year

<fullmoon> Me run for office? Nope...first lady na lang! lol!

<MarcB> First lady nino?

<fullmoon> Any suggestions?

<Denver> Ruffa for VP!

<fullmoon> No way!!! Let me get a degree in Political Science first!

<FILTODAY> Are you taking political science, Ruffa? Where?

<fullmoon> I plan to. Schiller International University in London. I was already accepted twice last year but something came up...I couldn't leave the Philippines.

<FILTODAY> Ruffa, are your dad and mom with you right now? Are they watching us?

<fullmoon> No. They are at a dinner party. I'm all alone. My brother is fast asleep.

<FILTODAY> Are you busy with any films right now?

<fullmoon> "Kutob" with Boyet de Leon & Alma Concepcion under Regal Films

<MarcB> So is that your next career move after the entertainment industry, politics?

<fullmoon> Maybe, maybe not. It all depends. I live a day at a time.

<FILTODAY> Do you have any TV shows at the moment?

<fullmoon> Not at the moment- no TV shows.

<Denver> What type of film are you working on? Comedy, romance?

<fullmoon> Drama, romance, everything...I want to be a versatile actress

<MarcB> Are you seeing anyone special at the moment?

<fullmoon> I'm single and very happy...thank you very much!

<peng> Are you really gonna start up the first Planet Hollywood in Manila?

<fullmoon> I was planning to 3 years ago but I couldn't afford...they were charging billions!

<Threena> How old is your father?

<fullmoon> 55 and still looking good!

<FILTODAY> Is your dad still active in showbiz?

<fullmoon> He's currently filming 5 movies simultaneously. Gonna start another one soon.

<FILTODAY> How about your mom?

<fullmoon> My mother is my personal manager. Alfie Lorenzo is my business manager.

<FILTODAY> Do you live in the same house with your parents? How many brothers do you have?

<fullmoon> I still live with my parents. 5 younger bros...2 older half brothers

<FILTODAY> Some people have sent in their questions by email prior to the chat. Here is one of them from "You have appeared in some movies that were classified as ‘bold'. Which movie would you classify as your boldest so far?"

<fullmoon> "Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop Sa Balat Ng Lupa Ngayon"

<FILTODAY> This question is from Mias Pilar of Toronto, Ontario: Ruffa, are you planning to compete in the Miss Universe pageant?

<fullmoon> I've had enough of beauty pageants. I'd like to venture into different things ‘cuz I get bored easily. I'm happy with what I have's time to move on.

<FILTODAY> Do you still do modelling?

<fullmoon> Yes. As a matter of fact, I'll have a fashion show in New York this coming August with Tonton & Melanie Marquez. That should be fun!

<Threena> Ruffa, Is Threena on your member's list?

<fullmoon> Yes, why?

<Threena> Ruffa, kasi parang wala

<FILTODAY> Please tell us something about Royale Era?

<fullmoon> Royal Era...the rise of a new era in my life... TV shows, films, telemovies. I'm vice-president/treasurer.

<MarcB> Being the only girl in the family, how does your brothers treat you?

<fullmoon> I feel like the muse of a basketball team! They treat me with respect. overprotective.

<FILTODAY> Are your brothers and parents on the Net too?

<fullmoon> My brothers in Beverly Hills just started using the net a week ago. Bravo! My parents are too busy...

<FILTODAY> You're quite tall, 5'10"? Do you play basketball?

<fullmoon> I used to when I was younger..I scuba dive now. Hehehe! Yes, Im' 5'10

<MarcB> Where do you scuba dive?

<fullmoon> I just did my check out dive yesterday in Anilao, Batangas

<FILTODAY> Several years ago, you were involved in a filmfest scandal which received worldwide coverage. How did that scandal affect you and how were you able to bounce back from it?

<fullmoon> It affected me a great deal. Couldn't sleep, couldn't eat! Gosh, I've never been as sexy as I was then!! can really move mountains.

<Denver> Ruffa, is Lolita Solis still your PRO?

<fullmoon> Lolit was never my PR. She was never my manager either. Nope!

<Threena> Ruffa, Ilan ba kayo sa family?

<fullmoon> I have 5 younger brothers...2 older half brothers, 2 poodles and 1 maltese. A monkey too! Si ST!

<FILTODAY> Question from Eda Pilar of Rexdale, Ontario: How did the movie "Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa" fare in the box-office?

<fullmoon> Did very well. I actually made money. You see, Royale Era co-produced it with Viva Films. Made around 4 million. Not bad for a start!

<FILTODAY> Have you directed any film yet? Any plans?

<fullmoon> No plans of directing. My dad plans to filmaking in UCLA...

<FILTODAY> Do you have a boyfriend right now?

<fullmoon> No. I broke up with him last December. Long distance eh!

<FILTODAY> You were linked before with a Prince? Any comments?

<fullmoon> He was just a friend. An admirer. We were never "together".

<Threena> Ruffa, nung hindi ka pa artista, nagka-crush ka na ba sa isang artista, sino?

<fullmoon> Aga Muhlach...those cute dimples!

<MarcB> Besides surfing the net and scuba diving, any other hobbies?

<fullmoon> Bungee jumping, parasailing, dancing, listening to music, SHOPPING! what else? jetskiing!

<FILTODAY> Which do you prefer to do: acting or modelling?

<fullmoon> Both... which ever pays more... lol!

<MarcB> Have you done any movies with Aga?

<fullmoon> Yes. "Abel Morado" and "Bakit Pa Kita Minahal"

<tinac> What age do you plan to get married? How many kids do you want?

<fullmoon> I plan to marry at the age of 28...5 children so my future husband ...beware!

<FILTODAY> What kind of a man are you looking for?

<fullmoon> Intelligent, educated, funny, respects me..cutie pie siempre! Someone who can bring out the best in me.

<FILTODAY> Do you prefer a Filipino? Someone in showbiz, perhaps?

<fullmoon> It doesn't matter. Preferably, non showbiz..and taller than me.

<Editha> Ruffa, how old are you now?

<fullmoon> 21

<MMX> Ruffa, what do you think is the best that needs to be brought out in you? What more can you give that others haven't brought out?

<fullmoon> What do you think, know me better! My wildside!! Hehehe!!! Just kidding...

<FILTODAY> Btw, MMX is Ruffa's webmaster. Ruffa, do you have any input in the design of your homepage?

<fullmoon> MMX and I helped each other out in designing my homepage. TY MMX!

<MMX> You're welcome princess!!!

<FILTODAY> Nice homepage, Ronnie!

<MMX> Thanks FIL!!

<FILTODAY> How long have you lived in the States? Are you planning to go back there for good?

<fullmoon> I've lived in the US for 9 years. No plans of living there for good...wanna try out Europe. Spain perhaps.

<FILTODAY> How's your Tagalog?

<fullmoon> Magaling ako mag-Tagalog! Bisaya pa nga.

<FILTODAY> Your mom is from Visayas, right?

<fullmoon> Cebu City

<MarcB> Ruffa, you're sporting a beautiful (very Filipina) long hair, would you change/cut it if required?

<fullmoon> I'm growing my hair. No plans of cutting it...

<peng> Did she mention the homepage address?


<FILTODAY> What activities do you get involved other than showbiz, modelling?

<fullmoon> Modelling, real estate, other business ventures which I can fall back on if I'm not active in the movie industry anymore. My love for sports, nature, and life!!!

<FILTODAY> Do you read the soc.culture.filipino newsgroup or any newsgroup for that matter?

<fullmoon> No, don't read that...sorry...

<MarcB> What business interests you?

<fullmoon> Restaurant, putting up my own business.. whichever business I can learn and make money from.

<Threena> Ruffa, sino ang crush mo ngayon sa showbiz (kung meron)

<fullmoon> Crush? Hmmmm...wala eh. Sino ba? Aga. Goma. Bong. Rudy.

<FILTODAY> How about your current suitors? Ilan ba sila ngayon?

<fullmoon> Quite a number. I don't really count.

<MarcB> Do you sing at all? Who is your favourite male/female singers?

<fullmoon> Yes. I'm actually a frustrated singer. My faves are Enya, B Tribe, Enigma, Sharon Cuneta & Gary V.

<Editha> Ruffa, have you done any Hollywood film?

<fullmoon> No. I'd love to though! Why, wanna help me out?

<FILTODAY> Have you been here in Canada? Any future plans?

<fullmoon> Never been. I've always wanted to go. I heard its beautiful!

<Threena> Ruffa, Do you have ICQ?

<fullmoon> Hmm...I think so. Is that Mirabilis?

<FILTODAY> Yes, Ruffa, ICQ is Mirabilis.

<fullmoon> Yes I have it. But I haven't used it yet.

<FILTODAY> Peng wants to know what's ICQ. LeoS, can you explain it to us?

<fullmoon> Yes, please.

<FILTODAY> Well, LeoS is not answering. ICQ allows you to chat directly without going to an IRC server.

<Threena> Ruffa, nahanap na kita sa ICQ.. Pwede ba kitang ilagay sa list ko?

<fullmoon> Sure! Why not?

<Editha> Ruffa, ICQ sends a signal to anyone who wants to know when you logon to the net. Acronym for I Seek YOU

<peng> Ruffa: I'm checking out your homepage..It's cool....I'm now a convert.

<MarcB> Did you take acting or modelling lessons or are you just a natural?

<fullmoon> I remember I went to Lee Stasberg and Rainbows Ahead Charm & Modelling School both in California

<MMX> Ruffa, any plans of continuing with your studies? You're still young.

<fullmoon> Yes MMX.. Hopefully this year.

<MMX> Where? What course?

<fullmoon> MMX, I answered that na! London-Political Science nga...

<Threena> Ruffa, yung pinag-uusapan ninyo ni FILTODAY malalagay sa dyaryo?

<FILTODAY> I'll answer that for Threena. Yes, the transcript will appear in a future edition of Filipino Today newspaper under the Showtime column. Filipino today is published here in Canada and available online at

<MMX> Many showbiz people are getting hooked on the net....what is the general it a novelty or do they really see the practical uses of the net

<fullmoon> It's not only practical...there's a lot to see and learn! Never gets boring

<FILTODAY> Do you think your presence on the Net helps you and your career?

<fullmoon> Not thinking that way. I basically just do it for fun..and to learn new things.

<MMX> You've been chatting, surfing, and e-mailing people, what else do you think your computer can do for you in your day today life?

<fullmoon> MMX...a lot! Graphics, name it! The computer can do it!

<MMX> Are you getting dependent on your machine or just the net?

<fullmoon> I love my PC and take it around wherever I go.

<FILTODAY> What do you use your PC for other than the Internet?

<fullmoon> Fixing my schedules, storing phone numbers, games... just reading my mail and sorting it out takes me a couple of hours.

<MarcB> When you're in public, how do you welcome (or do you) paparazzis buzzing around you?

<fullmoon> I'm so used to people staring, taking pictures...its quite normal, considering my profession.

<peng> So how much longer can we chat with us?

<fullmoon> Uhm...15 minutes. Is that ok?

<peng> Yes..that's great!

<fullmoon> Im gonna dive at 9 AM. I can't be tired. It's unsafe...according to my instructor

<peng> I see...

<MMX> Really?? diving?? OK ka ha!

<fullmoon> LOL!!!

<MMX> Of course not. It's not unsafe

<Editha> It's unsafe to go dive when you're tired.

<peng> That's right

<fullmoon> Totally. You need all the rest!

<peng> What time is it there?

<fullmoon> It's quarter past 12.

<peng> I see..

<MarcB> On location shootings, how many takes does it take you to finish a scene or do you make a lot of bloopers?

<fullmoon> Take one lang ako ha!

<Tinac> Ruffa, I haven't seen any of your movies but I love to. If I am allowed only three movies to watch, which three movies of yours will you recommend to me?

<fullmoon> "Japayuki", "Makiusap Ka sa Diyos" and "Pinakamagandang Hayop"

<Tinac> Thanks, Ruffa

<Threena> Ruffa sino pang ibang artista na alam mo na gumagamit rin ng net?

<FILTODAY> Threena- MMX can answer that better.

<MMX> Sharmaine Arnaiz, Pops Fernandez, Maricel Soriano, Dawn Zulueta, Donita Rose, and many more.

<FILTODAY> MMX handles a lot of homepages for celebrities.

<peng> MMX: galing mo naman

<MMX> Thanks peng

<peng> MMX: I'm checking out Ruffa's HP right now..and it's pretty cool too. It's bookmarked na..

<MMX> More info will be added to Ruffa's HP in the next couple of days

<Threena> FILTODAY: Pwede ba dito ang colors?

<FILTODAY> color what, threena?

<fullmoon> Threena is only 10 yrs old.

<peng> threena: can do colors

<Threena> Color, yung ganito-------------> 7,11Ganito

<fullmoon> Awwwwwwww! How sweet!

<MMX> Ruffa, now that you've finally gone down, what was your initial reaction when you saw the bottom of the sea?

<fullmoon> Ikaw MMX ha! Lagot ka sa akin! It was absolutely amazing! Was able to see stingray, eel, lizard fish etc.

<peng> Where about do you dive?

<fullmoon> Anilao, Batangas pa lang

<Tinac> Ruffa, who are your favourite sports personalities?

<fullmoon> Andre Agassi, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan

<Tinac> Do you play golf?

<fullmoon> I want to. But I don't think golf likes me that much. I can never hit the ball

<FILTODAY> When will you gonna be in the States, Ruffa?

<fullmoon> I'll be in Las Vegas this June

<MarcB> As an adult and accomplished actress/model, what would you advise the younger generations who would like to take the same route?

<fullmoon> My advice?

<MarcB> Yes

<peng> Don't do it..hehehe. or as Nike would say.. Just Do It

<Tinac> can you sing, ruffa?

<peng> MMX: do you have pentium mmx?

<MMX> I'm now using a K6

<peng> MMX: ah see..

<FILTODAY> MMX/Ruffa- what about a regular chat session with Ruffa and her fans on the Net- say a once-a-month one-hour session?

<peng> FIL: that would be good. If that's ok with her

*** fullmoon (~LOVE@P18.MB02.QZN.SKYINET.NET) has left #FCCS

<peng> ay

<FILTODAY> oops, she's gone, I guess she must have lost connection.

<peng> Tinakot mo naman kasi rey sa once a month session eh

<FILTODAY> peng- siguro nga :)

<MMX> lol!

<MarcB> hahahaha

<peng> hehehe

<FILTODAY> mmx- do you think she's coming back?

<peng> oh well..hope she comes back..

<MMX> We'll wait a while...and see. Anyway she said she can stay about 15 minutes more

<peng> Yeah...and its past the 15 minutes na eh

<MMX> fil: I sent the email kanina pa.

<FILTODAY> MMX- you mean her picture?

<MMX> fil: yes...

<FILTODAY> When was the picture taken?

<MMX> Just a few minutes ago...using a digital camera...I taught Ruffa how to use it and send me the pix. .I lent ruffa my digital camera

<FILTODAY> MMX- great- then I can post that with the transcript of this session as well as in the Filipino Today publication.

<MMX> I just got off the phone with Ruffa...and she did get disconnected...she's trying to get back but is having difficulty.

<peng> MMX: ok thanks..anyway..she should be resting by now

<FILTODAY> MMX, Thanks a lot for your help in getting Ruffa here with us.

<MMX> fil: now that ruffa has gone online, I'll try to get my other clients to participate too at least they now have something concrete to check out

<peng> MMX: same here....thanks pare

<MMX> you are all welcome...! :)

<MMX> ok bye people...till the next chat :)

<peng> BYE MMX..goodnite!

<MarcB> Thanks MMX, take care.

<FILTODAY> bye mmx, and tks.

<MMX> bye.

*** MMX has quit IRC (Leaving )

Session Close: Sat May 31 12:42:53 1997