April 16, 1997

Rey Carolino chatted with actress Lea Salonga last April 16, 1997 on the Internet for the SHOWTIME feature of an upcoming issue of the FILIPINO TODAY newspaper. Lea, who used to be seen everywhere on the Net until she decided to keep a low profile in September 1996, joined the chat room from Boston using the nickname "Manang" (the name most of her fans used to call her on the Net).

Joining Rey and Lea in the chat room were: Joyce Torres (Lea's webmaster who was in Chicago at that time and who used the nicknames "tuyo" and "chichay"), Tina Carolino (Rey's wife) and Gin Quiane. Rey, Tina and Gin joined the chat from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. Full transcript of the chat session follows (only part of the transcript will appear in the printed edition of the newspaper):

Session Start: Wed Apr 16 22:38:24 1997

*** tuyo (~joycet@typhoon.xnet.com) has joined #filtoday

<tuyo> Hey, Rey!

<Rey> Are you Joyce?

<tuyo> Yup! Doesn't it look like me? ;)

<Rey> You certainly do... great to have you here..

* tuyo turns around and flips her fin

<tuyo> Thanks! I'm early

<Rey> Looks like you're still active in IRC huh?

<tuyo> Well, not really - what makes you say that?

<Rey> You know the tricks.

<tuyo> Oh - I barely remember the commands actually - I'm rarely on these days. Are you planning to set this channel to invite-only later?

<Rey> Yes. As soon as Lea comes in.

<tuyo> Who else is coming?

<Rey> I'm expecting Marc Ballesteros and Rene Peregil from Filipino Today and Gin Quiane, a friend of ours. My wife, Tina will also be joining from my second PC/Internet connection and she is just about ready to login.

*** Tina (~tina@ts62-14.tor.iSTAR.ca) has joined #filtoday

*** Gin (~Gin@ip203-102.cc.interlog.com) has joined #filtoday

<Rey> We've got company

<Gin> Hi!

* tuyo waves her dried-out fin to everyone - (anybody got some lotion? hehe)

<Rey> Gin, Tina- tuyo is Joyce Torres, the great webmaster of Lea's homepage

<tuyo> Hi, Tina, Rey's wife, and Gin, Rey's friend ;)

<Rey> Joyce, why did you choose Tuyo as your nick? Do you like tuyo?

<tuyo> Not really - tuyo is just one of the nicks I've been using on IRC for a long time - don't know why I chose it - was being silly at the time I guess

<Tina> Hello, Joyce. Hi, Gin..

*** manang is on IRC

<tuyo> Lea's here

*** Manang (~Manang@xxx.xxx,xxx.xxx) has joined #filtoday

<Rey> Hello, Lea.. nice to see you here..

<Manang> Hello everyone!

*** Manang sets mode: +i (Channel is now Invite only)

<Rey> Oops. I was just about to do that, Lea. Thanks.

*** chichay (~joycet@netcom11.netcom.com) has joined #filtoday

<Rey> Who is chichay?

<Manang> Joyce.

<tuyo> That's me, Rey - I prefer that nick

<chichay> Who else is missing?

<Rey> I'm expecting Marc Ballesteros and Rene Peregil.. can we give them maybe a couple of minutes before we start?

<Gin> Nice to meet you, Lea.

<Manang> Nice to meet you too! Who's here now?

<Rey> Thanks for coming, Lea. Tina is my wife (Cristina Pilar) who is sitting here by my side manning my other computer and Internet connection. I thought I should use my two Internet accounts for this chat to ensure that I can still be in the chat if a problem occurs in one of them.

<Manang> That's smart.

<Rey> Gin is Gin Quiane- also from Etobicoke, Ontario. She is an avid fan of you Lea and she *begged* me to let her join the chat. I agreed with the condition that she will not get hysterical when she meets you here :-)

<Tina> Hello, Lea. We, too (including my 4-year old son, Ryan), are an avid fan of yours

<Manang> Really? Thanks!

<Rey> On behalf of the FILIPINO TODAY Newspaper, I would like to thank you, Lea, for allowing us to chat with you here on the Internet tonight. And thanks to Joyce for making this possible.

<Manang> My pleasure! Thanks for having me here.

<chichay> Hey, I was just the letter courier.

<Rey> A very efficient courier service, Joyce!

<Rey> Before we start with our questions, could you please tell us where are you calling from at the moment? Do you have other people there with you?

<Manang> I'm calling from Boston. Where spring may never show its face.

<chichay> Manang - ya got that right - must be the hale-bopp comet

<Manang> or could it be Do making it cloudy for us here?

<Rey> What's the weather there at this moment, Manang?

<Manang> The weather isn't so great, and will be worsening in the weekend.

<Rey> We're still in winter here in Toronto and everybody is getting the flu.

<Manang> That can't be fun.

<Rey> Ok. let's start now. I'll shoot the first question if you don't mind?

<Manang> Go right ahead.

<tuyo> I'm lagging so don't mind me.

<Tina> Don't mind me either.. I will be contented just listening to Lea's words of wisdom.

<Rey> Here is my first question for tonight: Your decision last year to keep your e-mail address a secret on the Net coincided with the posting of an obviously "touched-up" nude picture of yours in your newsgroup. Did that incident had an impact in your decision to keep a low profile on the Net?

<tuyo> Whoa! I didn't even know about that. gol-ly!

<Manang> I didn't know there was a nude photo of me circulating! That's one to give to Rich. right, Joyce?

<Rey> Really? T'was posted in your newsgroup (alt.fan.lea-salonga).

<Manang> Was the picture good? I hope they chose a good body.

<Rey> Well, they didn't do a very good job touching it up. It was obvious

<tuyo> Must be one of those you still need to uudecode

<Rey> Right, Joyce. So why did you "hide" your e-mail address, Lea?

<Manang> My reasons were purely personal. The e-mail load arriving in my mailbox was getting unmanageable on my end, so I just decided to keep a low profile.

<Rey> Prior to your decision to keep your email address a secret, how many e-mails where you getting from your fans daily?

<Manang> 20-30 a day.

<Rey> How many e-mails do you get now?

<Manang> 4-5.

<Rey> If your fans wish to communicate with you still through the Net, how would you suggest that they go about it?

<Manang> They can just send whatever questions they have to the web page.

<Rey> But some people prefer to write you in private.. can they still do that?

<Manang> Unfortunately, no.

<Rey> Then probably a snail mail. Where?

<Manang> here's the address:
Lea Salonga
c/o Jeff Hunter, William Morris Agency
1325 Ave. of the Americas
New York, NY

<tuyo> Well, Rey, I'm trying to write a PERL script for Lea to use

<Rey> Joyce, how will it work?

<tuyo> Ulk - I'm still figuring that one out.

<Rey> Manang, are you still a Mac user or have you switched to the Windows world of Bill Gates?

<Manang> I'm still a Mac user. Ever faithful!

<tuyo> Ever true

<Rey> Lea, who taught you the Internet?

<Manang> No one really. I picked up hints and tips here and there. I started out as a subscriber to America Online (AOL), then went on from there.

<Rey> I've heard lots of users complained about AOL service since they started offering unlimited access. How do you find their service at the moment?

<Manang> I'm not having any problems with them. I check the insider area to see when email services, for example, will be slower due to repairs. I don't stay long enough online for it to be a problem.

<Gin> That means we're lucky to have you here with us, Lea... Thanks to Joyce

<Rey> Do you still post articles in some newsgroups? Do you still monitor the SCF postings?

<Manang> I still do post in the newsgroups anonymously but not as often as I used to.

<Rey> Do you still go to some Filipino chat channels?

<Manang> I don't IRC anymore... this is my first time in a long while.

<Rey> Were you active in it before?

<Manang> Much more. I limit my Internet activities to checking the web, reading my mail, reading USENET newsgroups and downloading shareware.

<Rey> How much time do you spend on the Net now? Is it longer or shorter compared to say two years ago?

<Manang> Shorter, I think. Minutes now instead of hours.

<Rey> Let's talk about your homepage. Do you have any input in the initial design and/or the maintenance of your homepage or is it totally Joyce's baby?

<Manang> It's totally Joyce's baby. I can't claim any credit for what she's done there.

<tuyo> Oh c'mon, Lea - I'm just the graphics department

<Rey> Dindo started it right? Is he still active in it?

<Manang> I think Joyce can answer that one better than I can.

<Rey> Joyce?

<tuyo> The Dawis brothers started Lea's web page in early 1994 - around the same time Lea first showed up on SCF. I just happened to catch Dindo online one night, and I was commending them on it and he asked me if I wanted to help. Then one day, he asked if I could just take over.

<Rey> How did you meet Joyce? Have you two met personally?

<Manang> Yes, Joyce and I have met personally. In Manila, Boston... saan pa ba, chichay?

<tuyo> London, Manang

<Rey> And I understand she picked you up from the airport when you arrived last month from Manila?

<tuyo> Now where did you hear that?

<Rey> Joyce, that's what they call the Power of the Net! :-)

<Manang> She has picked me up at the airport on quite a few occasions! And we've treated her to Thai food right after!

<tuyo> Thai food, seafood, cheesecake - you name it - they've fed it to me

<Rey> Joyce, in Lea's homepage, there is a MESSAGE BOARD that is under construction. What will that section contains when it becomes operational?

<tuyo> The message board is where people can ask questions - I'm just trying to figure out how to separate that from the guestbook

<Rey> Lea, how many of your close friends right now did you first meet on the Net?

<Rey> What's your favourite foods, Manang?

<Tina> Rey, slow down!

<Rey> Oh, okay.. sorry I'm a bit excited as we only got one hour for this interview.

<Manang> I think Joyce is the only one. Everyone else, I met face to face first before beginning online contact.

<Manang> My favorite foods? Japanese, Thai, Filipino.

<Rey> Back to the message board Joyce, will Lea be responding to the postings there?

<Manang> Yep. It's the least I can do. I don't sacrifice anonymity, and I still get to participate online, somehow.

<Rey> Do you read the Guestbook entries in your homepage? Do you respond to any of the entries there?

<Manang> Well, some of the entries are really sweet. Others are all right, and a few are downright obnoxious!

<tuyo> That's the plan - the problem is to figure out how to make sure people just ask questions there, not put things they should be putting in the guestbook. Obnoxious is right.

<Rey> Like making huge fonts?

<Manang> No, nothing like that... the content of the messages is obnoxious.

<tuyo> Rey, I doubt you've seen the most obnoxious ones - Lea and I try to jump on it before too many people see it

<Manang> Ay naku... you have no idea...

<Rey> Really? I guess it just goes to prove that popularity comes with a price.

<Rey> Lea, do you plan to do another chat session with your fans at AOL?

<Manang> If I'm invited to have another chat session, I'd love to!

<Rey> Do you have any movie in the making?

<Manang> Nope. No films in preparation.

<Gin> With Aga perhaps???

<Rey> Gin really loves your last film with Aga, Lea. She wanted me to make sure that I ask you that question.

<Rey> How about a concert?

<Manang> I'll be performing at the handover gala in Hongkong this July 2. That's the closest to a concert I'll get this year. Oh, I also have to finish "Mulan" at the end of May.

<Rey> When is Mulan gonna be shown?

<Manang> Mulan is due in the summer of 1998. The title is just Mulan now... they removed the "The Legend Of" part.

<Tina> What is Mulan?

<Rey> It's a movie that Lea started sometime ago..

<Manang> October 1995 to be exact.

<Rey> Lea, please answer Gin's question about Aga. She won't sleep if you don't

<Manang> What question is that?

<Gin> Is there another Aga-Lea movie???

<Manang> Oh, the film? Nothing's planned right now. He's on vacation, and I have no intentions of making another movie at this time.

<Rey> In your last AOL chat session you mentioned that playing the role of Evita Peron is a dream role- is this still your dream role? What do you think of Madonna's role in the movie?

<Manang> I didn't see the movie. I've heard mixed reviews about Madonna's performance, but I have to see it for myself. I still would love to play her. A few more years, and it should be right.

<Rey> I loved the movie so does my son, Ryan. But my wife Tina hates it.

<Manang> Why does she hates it?

<Rey> She gets nervous with some of the musicals. Sounds like a funeral daw.

<Tina> Yeah. I closed my eyes and covered my ears throughout

<Manang> It's supposed to be a funeral in the beginning and the end. At least, on stage it is.

<Rey> Exactly, that's why she hates it. She doesn't like funerals.

<Manang> Oh, all right.

<tuyo> Who in the world loves funerals? Well, except for those who make money off it.

<Rey> Did you see the movie yet, Joyce?

<tuyo> Nope, not yet - maybe later

<Gin> I haven't seen it but if Lea will do Evita... I have to find time to watch it...

<Rey> Lea- would you prefer to play Evita in the big screen or in a musical play?

<Manang> On stage, of course. It's more challenging live than on film. The instant gratification is a great come-on.

<Rey> If someone invites you to perform here in Toronto, do you bring your own band with you?

<Manang> I would bring my own musical director, but the musicians would have to be hired out of Toronto. The musical director would then rehearse with them before I got into the act. Then again, it's also fun to bring musicians that I already am used to performing with. It depends on the situation. A small band would probably be hired from Manila, but an orchestra would have to be hired from Toronto.

<Rey> How much preparation time do you usually need to do a concert like that?

<Manang> It takes a while to prepare... a 30-minute show takes around a month, and that's just piano rehearsals. Depending on the show, it can take as little as two weeks or as much as two months. The better the preparation, the less likely the performers will look like fools onstage. I've seen some sloppy work. Nagmumukhang tanga tuloy ang mga kumakanta.

<Rey> Is your agent, Jeff Hunter, reachable on the Net now?

<Manang> Jeff isn't reachable on the Net yet.

<Rey> Manang, you've had the privilege of meeting and rubbing elbows with famous celebrities and heads of states. Which among those famous people that you've met excited you most?

<Manang> ooh... Patti Lupone, Billy Baldwin, Billy Crystal, Al Pacino.

<Rey> What kind of songs do you usually do in your concerts?

<Manang> Mostly Broadway material. And I prefer orchestras to 6-piece bands.

<Rey> Do you prefer to do a concert in a hotel-like atmosphere than an auditorium/theater?

<Manang> I like auditoriums, where they're built specifically for performances. Hotels' acoustics can be tricky, and difficult.

<Rey> If a movie producer will hire you to do a movie or a play and give you the freedom of choosing your leading man, who would you choose?

<Manang> Oh, wow! I don't know... Any one of the smarter guys on "Friends"! Oh, and Chris O'Donnell.

<Rey> Do you do shows or personal appearances for charity?

<Manang> In Manila, I have done. Not here in the US.

<Rey> Joyce, what do you think of Lea as a friend?

<Tina> Careful, Joyce. <g>

<tuyo> Well, I keep saying this but it's true - she's the most down-to-earth person I've met - I just forget who she is actually when I'm around her and her family.

<Rey> Joyce, and as an actress/singer?

<tuyo> Hey, I'm a big fan! I used to be a music major so I hung out with musicians a lot so I know the standouts when I see them.

<Tina> Joyce, I think I believe you in your description of Lea.

<tuyo> Wait a minute - this is Lea's interview... ;)

<Rey> But you made it happen, Joyce... so you're a star here too.

<Manang> Naks naman, chichay!

<tuyo> I think I'm going to join Heaven's Gate now... Somebody got a pair of black Nikes?

<Tina> You're very funny, Joyce. :)

<Rey> Bakit chichay ang nickname mo? Favorite mo ba si Chichay?

<tuyo> Rey, the nick chichay just came about when I was goofing around on IRC with some Pinoys on #manila - just stuck I guess.

<tuyo> Seriously Rey - Lea made this happen. She's very generous with her time eh?

<Rey> Yes, indeed!

<Manang> Just don't get me up in the morning. I hate mornings.

<Rey> I understand. So tell me again, Lea. How does a typical day for you looks like?

<Manang> I get up well into the afternoon, and go shopping, do my errands or just stay home. I sing in the shower to keep my voice up, and check my e-mail during the day. Nothing much. When I'm working, that's a different story.

<Rey> You took up pre-med in Ateneo so you must have wanted to become a doctor. Why did you not pursue it?

<Manang> I realized that I could make a serious career out of performing. I was raised thinking that I couldn't. I did want to become a doctor, but I like performing much more.

<Rey> When we interviewed you last 1994, you said that if you were given a chance to relive a day in your past, you would like to go back to the day when you got an "A" in your math final in Ateneo. If I ask you that same question now, will the answer be the same?

<Manang> Nope... I'd have a different answer...

<Rey> What is it this time?

<Manang> he he he... it's more romantic than getting an A on my Math final.

<Rey> Tell us, please..

<Tina> please?

<Manang> The night my boyfriend first kissed me. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

<tuyo> Manang - ha-ha! *clap* *clap*

<Rey> ooohhhh! Looks like a scene in the Sound of Music.

<Tina> wow!

<Gin> That's great!!!

<Manang> Exactly... those were my reactions at the time too.

<Rey> When was that?

<Manang> That was in October, 1995.

<Rey> So who is this lucky guy? Is he in showbiz?

<Manang> His name is Rich Grau, and he's not an actor, thank God.

<Rey> What's his nationality?

<Manang> Filipino, of course!

<Rey> in the States?

<Manang> New York.

<Rey> How did you meet him?

<Manang> We met through a mutual friend on a night out with a few other people.

<tuyo> The nicest guy

<Manang> Absolutely!

<Rey> Do we hear any wedding bells yet?

<Manang> No, not for a while yet.

<Rey> So you've been on since 1995? How many times did you fight since then?

<Manang> No fights.

<Rey> Was he a fan of yours before you met?

<Manang> I don't think so... he never saw me in Miss Saigon (he saw my alternate), and wasn't into the theatre scene. I think he's a fan now. At least, I hope so!

<Rey> Joyce, you've met Rich?

<tuyo> yup!

<Rey> Joyce, describe Rich to us, please.

<Tina> Tell us Joyce

<tuyo> What?! why me?

<Rey> Because Lea will have a bias description if I ask her.

<tuyo> He's just a simple guy - down-to-earth too, like Lea

<Manang> and very, very cute!

<tuyo> Yup! a good heart too, right, Lea?

<Manang> And he does have a good heart.

<Rey> Lea, is Rich your first boyfriend?

<Manang> No, my second.

<Rey> How often do you see your boyfriend?

<Manang> Every couple of weeks. It's tough, but we manage quite well.

<Rey> Was he raised in the Philippines or in the States?

<Manang> Rich was raised in Manila.

<Rey> You used to live in New York too. Why did you move to Boston?

<Manang> My brother is attending music school here, so we all decided to move with him. He's finishing in either December 97 or May 98. I wish to return to New York after he's done.

<Rey> Are you living with your parents?

<Manang> With my mom.

<Rey> Do you have relatives here in Canada?

<Manang> Yes, in the Toronto area. a couple of aunts and a few cousins.

<Rey> In Boston, do you drive your own car or do you have a driver?

<Manang> I don't drive, so we just walk or take cabs.

<Rey> When you go out in Boston, do people recognize you as Lea the celebrity or are you able to go out without being bothered for an autograph or a picture?

<Manang> No one bothers me here, so I can walk around freely without being asked for an autograph. When I walk the city I look pretty plain anyway.

<Rey> How will you describe your relationship with your brother, Gerard?

<Manang> We're very close, as close as siblings can be, I guess. We can talk about anything, laugh a lot, stuff like that.

<Rey> Is he not jealous with your achievements/status?

<Manang> Nope, because he has his own achievements too, things that I can not do. He's a cool musician and arranger and conductor. I'm very proud of him. And he's proud of me too.

<tuyo> Gerard's very talented, Rey.

<Rey> I heard Gerard conducted your concert in Manila?

<Manang> Yes, he did, and it was wonderful! The orchestra players love him there. He's very personable with them, and they encourage him to excel, especially in school. They eagerly await his return to the podium.

<Rey> You were in the Philippines for quite a while until last month, what did you do there?

<Manang> Commercials, the Christmas concert, photo shoots, bum around.

<Rey> How did you find the Philippines during your last visit? Did it change much compared to the time before President Ramos took office?

<Manang> It seems better now, but things could still improve. The traffic though still gives me a migraine. I just wish someone would solve the traffic problem. It's great on holidays and weekends, but during rush hour, don't be on the highways.

<Rey> Some people believe that President Ramos should be allowed to seek for re-election in order to keep the momentum of the surging Philippine economy. Others however believe that no matter how good Ramos did, he should abide by the Constitution since a second term for his administration could lead to a perpetuation of power similar to the Marcos era. Any comments?

<Manang> I think his own intentions are to step down next year. People around him wish for an extension of his term because he's doing a great job. As far as I'm concerned, whatever works for the country is fine with me.

<Rey> Gin, you're very silent... are you mystified by Lea? Please ask questions.

<Rey> I asked you earlier about your favourite day in the past. Now let me ask that question in a different angle: if you are given a chance to replay your life as it actually happened but give you a chance to skip one day from the past- which day will you skip?

<Manang> None! I would relive each one. Whatever person I am now is due to both the good and bad days. Everyone can learn a lot from a bad day no matter how painful or heartbreaking it must be.

<Rey> Well, its 12 midnight. I hate to end this interview but since you were very punctual in coming here I guess we should let you rest now.. and Joyce. Gin? Tina? Any more questions?

<Manang> No, I can stay a little longer.

<tuyo> I'm fine, Rey - It's only 11 pm in Chicago

<Gin> I'd love to listen more to Lea...

<Tina> Lea.. are you still recording new albums?

<Manang> No new albums. The only recording is the one for Mulan. Oh, wait... I recorded a new song while I was in Manila, written by Ryan Cayabyab. My "Small Voice" album is being re-released there, and that new song will be part of it. It's a duet with Cris Villonco, a new young singer there. She's the granddaughter of Armida Siguion-Reyna.

<Rey> Why is Mulan taking so long to finish. Is it normal for a film to take that long?

<Manang> It's normal for an animated feature to take years to finish. Two-three years is the norm, I think.

<Tina> Will "Small Voice" be available here in Canada?

<Manang> I don't know... that's up to the recording company. If it does well in Manila, maybe they'll release it abroad.

<Tina> Lea, how old is your boyfriend?

<Manang> As for Rich, he's 29.

<Rey> And how old are you now, Lea?

<Manang> I'm 26.

<Rey> What is Rich's profession?

<Manang> He's an Internal Auditor for an investment management firm in New York. He's also getting his MBA at the Stern School of Business at NYU. He graduates in December.

<Tina> Sounds perfect for you Lea. I hope you two will be forever. In favour naman ba ang mom mo sa kanya?

<Manang> She seems to like him naman. When she doesn't like someone, she ignores him/her completely. He always makes her laugh. That's a good sign.

<Rey> Does your mom gets involved with your showbiz career decisions?

<Manang> Oh yes! She's my Manager in Manila, and helps me with stuff here.

<Rey> Is she strict?

<Manang> She's tough, and she should be when it comes to work.

<Rey> Do you have a curfew?

<Manang> Not really, but when I'm out I make sure to get home at a decent hour.

<Tina> I love your AT&T commercial. Meron ka bang bagong commercial sa Pinas?

<Manang> Just a Palmolive promo and Avon. Nothing else.

<Rey> Tell us about the time you sang to President Clinton... you must be very proud being there..

<Manang> I was very proud to be there. It was a long way to fly, but it was well worth it. I couldn't believe that I was singing for the President.

<Tina> What was the occasion for that Lea?

<Manang> I was asked to sing at the Democratic National Conference fundraiser in Boston a few years ago.

<Rey> So are you a Democrat supporter?

<Manang> I don't support any political party, either here or in the Philippines.

<Rey> Joyce, how about putting some sound clips of Manang's records (maybe a short 30 second clips) in her homepage?

<tuyo> er, Lea?

<Manang> Joyce - if there are no copyright problems, it's all right by me.

<tuyo> Rey, we'll figure that out later

<Tina> Lea-- how about an autographed picture of yours? For me and my son, Ryan?

<Manang> I've run out of photos. I have to order some more.

<tuyo> You've run out of photos? Darn, and I was going to lead a raid to scavenge for photos.

<Rey> Joyce- do you have a scanner?

<tuyo> Yes, I have a scanner.

<Rey> Could you scan Lea's picture sitting in front of her computer during the chat for us so that we can publish it with the transcript of this chat?

<tuyo> Rey, I will scan.

<Rey> Thanks, Joyce.

<Manang> Joyce is batman!

<Rey> batman? Why is that?

<tuyo> batman? now where did that come from?

<Manang> Oh, I got that from Rich. When someone is technologically endowed or knowledgeable in that area, that person is batman.

<Rey> Is computer your field, Joyce? Are you a programmer or something?

<tuyo> Yes, I have a true-blue computer science degree.

<Rey> Lea- do you have any programming knowledge at all?

<Manang> Nope.

<Rey> Well, I guess I'm out of questions..... Gin, you have some more?

<tuyo> Out of questions? Wow - and I thought you were related to the energizer bunny.

<Rey> I got totally excited when I interview such a down-to-earth (borrowing your description) personality like Lea.

<Manang> All righty... I shall then bid all of you goodnight, if there are no more questions from the floor.

<Tina> This is wonderful, Lea.. Thanks for the experience.

<Manang> No problem.

<Rey> That's all the questions we have for you tonight, Lea. As always, it has been a pleasure interviewing you. I'm sure the information you shared with us through this interview will be of interest to your countless fans in Canada and on the Internet. Thanks also to Joyce Torres for making this whole thing possible. I hope we can do this again in the future. Good night!

<Gin> Thanks

<Tina> Bye, Lea. Thanks Joyce. Thanks Lea..

<tuyo> Sure thing, Rey. thanks, too.

<Manang> thanks!

<Gin> Bye Lea, Joyce...see you... Good night everyone...

<tuyo> Good night...

<Manang> O sige, mga kababayan. adios!

<Gin> God bless you...

<Rey> Hanggang sa muli....

*** Manang (~Manang@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) has left #filtoday

*** manang has left IRC

<Rey> Isn't she wonderful?

<Gin> Yep.. Sorry, I didn't ask anything... next time, maybe.

<tuyo> Yeah, Gin - why didn't you ask anything? Too quiet there.

<Gin> I'm too shy, Joyce...

<tuyo> aha!

<Rey> She is dumbfounded.

*** MarcB (~marb@slip202-135-84-141.ma.ph.ibm.net) has joined #filtoday

<MarcB> Hello guys :)

<tuyo> Now Marcb shows up

<Rey> Hey, Marc, you're late! Lea just left. Joyce, meet Marc Ballesteros.. he is a singer/songwriter currently in Manila doing a record for Senator Honasan's new radio show on the environment. Marc, Joyce is Lea's webmaster. She uses the nicks chichay and tuyo.

<tuyo> Hi, Marc!

<MarcB> Hi, Joyce (tuyo)! Why did Lea leave so early? I thought we're up to 12 mid?

<Rey> Early? Its midnight here already, Marc. I told you the interview is from 11pm to 12 midnight.

<MarcB> Yeah but I thought 11 pm there is 12 noon here? Did we move to EST already?

<tuyo> Oh, Marc is in Manila, I see

<Rey> Yes, Marc. Last week- we changed the time.

<tuyo> Marc - we moved to EDT

<MarcB> oic, then I'm really late :) oh well, nek time. Ang init pa rin dito and people here says we haven't seen nothing yet :) . Hi Tina, how are you?

<Tina> Fine.. lahat kami may sipon at ubo.

<Rey> Yeah.. me too. grabe ang sipon ko.

<tuyo> Hoy! 'wag n'yo akong hawaan!

<Tina> Joyce, do you get to see Lea often?

<tuyo> Not really, I travel a lot out of state and so does Lea.

<MarcB> Rey or tuyo, can I just forward my questions to you then for Lea?

<Rey> Send it to Joyce.. she is one of the few trusted people of Lea who were fortunate to know her e-mail address.

<tuyo> Marc - sure, she's good at answering these questions - she once answered a lengthy questionnaire from someone doing a thesis - grabe, ako walang tiyaga

<Rey> Marc, how about our planned Pilita Corrales chat interview?

<MarcB> Rey, I already phoned her but she's busy promoting Jaya and she's been out of town lately. I'll still try by this week otherwise, I'll ask Lee to do the interview since she's still here by end of May pa di ba?

<Rey> Joyce, meron ka pa bang alam na ibang celebrity that we can interview on the Net?

<Gin> Joyce is a celebrity, right???

<tuyo> Gin - No! No! not at all!

<Rey> A webmaster of Lea's HomePage is a celebrity in herself.

<Gin> Yes.. that's what I mean by celebrity...

<tuyo> Nah, not really. I have no desire for any kind of limelight. Working on Lea's page simply gives me an outlet for creativity - that's all. Teka, how 'bout Jocelyn Enriquez?

<Rey> Ok. Will work something out.

<Tina> I have to go my baby is crying. Bye everybody.

*** Tina has quit IRC (Leaving)

<Rey> Me, too. Good night everybody. Nice chat!

Session Close: Thu Apr 17 00:39:27 1997