last September 21, 1999 (7:00 PM Pacific Time)
at the PHNO Chat Room
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<PHNO> ::    in cooperation with The Apo Hiking Society: Jim, Danny and Boboy
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<PHNO> ::   welcomes
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<PHNO> ::  Jim,  Danny and Boboy
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<PHNO> :   Here is your host tonight: the talented Filipino-Canadian entertainer,

<PHNOMarcb> Welcome!! Good morning Jim, Boboy, and Danny and thank you for giving us the opportunity to chat with you again. A special welcome to you Danny for joining the chat interview for the first time :)

<ApoJim> Shoot!

<PHNOMarcb> APO, would you like to say hello to all your fans right now?

<ApoJim> Hi to all our fans on that side of the world!!!

<ApoDanny> Hello everybody

<ApoBoboy> This is a great thing for us. a first for being to talk to North America live!! YESSS!!

<PHNOMarcb> We have several people joining our chat session tonight, so to everyone, Welcome aboard!

<PHNOMarcb> Our PHNO Technical Consultant, Rey Carolino (PHNORey), has the demanding task of sorting out through all of the incoming questions and assigning them to the APO.

<PHNOMarcb> So if the APO are all set, let me start off with the first question.

<ApoJim> Let's get down to business

<PHNOMarcb> You've achieved a lot in your many years in the entertainment industry. What are your plans for the next millennium and are there any other things you'd lke to do that you feel you haven't done yet? Anything outside the entertainment world?

<ApoJim> We go as we go along. Right now, it's concerts. There's the new album and we have our own individual things that we do.

<ApoDanny> That's a handful, er, mouthful of answers ur asking for.

<PHNOMarcb> Hehehe, just take it slow Danny :)

<ApoBoboy> We have many ideas on what to take next, but staying in media is still there, be it in music, entertainment or even literature as Jim is writing now!

<ApoDanny> Life begins after you've made your plans.

<someone_likeu> How'd you come up with ur name?

<ApoJim> Danny, Boboy, be my guest in answering this!

<ApoDanny> Jim knows the answer

<ApoBoboy> Jim is the expert on AMHS name!

<ApoJim> he he he

<ApoDanny> Yes Jim

<ApoBoboy> Ay, sobra kayong dalawa. Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society for AMHS

<ApoJim> Ateneo De Manila High School where we met.

<ApoBoboy> Meaning Ateneo de Manila High School.

<ApoDanny> It will take me the whole day to type the answer to that.

<ApoJim> While danny stays quiet laughing on the inside....

<someone_likeu> Pwede bang humingi ng SCANNED AUTOGRAPH?

<ApoBoboy> Pwede siguro, will scan our autograph and make it available soon

<ApoJim> Yes to scanned photo. Our families are very supportive of APO and we really give family time to them too. The balance is delicate and therefore prioritized.

<ApoBoboy> Ako wala pang scanner, pwede picture?

<ApoDanny> Me too

<lenkit> Are you guys planning to tour the US soon?

<ApoJim> We were suppose to go this year pero di natuloy yung plans. But there are other producers waiting in the wings so it is still possible this year though more probable next year 1st quarter or so.

<ApoBoboy> Tentative plans for jacksonville and virginia in late october,  early november.

<PHNOMarcb> Boboy, just those two cities so far?

<ApoBoboy> Yup! If its a go, which we'll know in 10 days, baka may Reno pa.

<AUTUMNKISSES> How old are you guys? If you don't mind me asking?

<ApoJim> I'm 48! But with mental age of 27

<ApoDanny> 52

<ApoBoboy> I'll be 48 in 10-10

<ms-hello> Any plans of going abroad to concert?

<ApoDanny> Just came from singapore.

<ApoJim> Just came back from Singapore. Japan is a possibility this November but nothing final yet!

<ApoBoboy> Having some dificulties with contacts in Toronto. One time we spoke with Ariel Rivera, he wanted us together in a show there! Perhaps next year??

<PHNOMarcb> Next, Some of your jokes poke a fun in the world of politics. Has there been an incident that got you into trouble for doing so?

<ApoJim> Yes...pero threats lang. Once in 1986, I actually had to have police protection sa old house ko because the Marcos loyalists hated APO's guts after the revolution.

<ApoDanny> Some troubles in the past yes but recently just some strained relations.

<PHNO> This one is from LeeQ of PHNO:   You were and still are obviously into politics as the APO group, what is your current political involvement in RP. First the pro and second the against elements.

<ApoJim> We support press freedom and lend our name to causes that uphold freedom of expression. We still talk a lot about cronyism in our shows and other relevant issues.

<ApoDanny> Presently finding some difficulties figuring out the present administration.

<ApoJim> Mahirap basahin si Erap. Medyo magulo pa.

<ApoBoboy> Present administration is kinda pikon! They can exert pressure on people without seeming fascistic!

<PHNOMarcb> So with that in mind, any political ambitions for any of you? Like run for president, senator or congressman?

<ApoJim> No plans for me. I just wanna be on the outside looking in. Seen too many good people get in to politics and turn crazy...

<ApoDanny> Planning to be a consistently responsible citizen. No plans of running. Walking just suits me fine.

<ApoBoboy> No politics for me. TY.

<vangieinri> Kailan ulit kayo magkakaroon ng noontime show?

<ApoJim> As for me, no more daily noontime shows. Nakakapagod at nakakabobo!

<AUTUMNKISSES> Are you one of avid supporter for Erap?

<ApoJim> ha ha ha!!  I did not vote for him but I hope he succeeds for our sake! He needs to learn a lot more to be a good leader.

<ApoBoboy> We support our President by trying to act and react on social issue in general

<PHNOMarcb> Do you agree that FVR should run for the senate next election?

<ApoJim> FVR senate? Why not?

<ApoBoboy> Nope, I don't think it would be a good idea for FVR to run again. He would be helpful in behind the scene work for the younger crop of idealistic politicians

<PHNOMarcb> Do all three of you have big families?

<ApoDanny> Four kids. 2 girls, 2 boys. 17, 14, 9, 7.

<ApoBoboy> Not so big, 2 kids, 3 kids and 4!

<ApoJim> I have three kids, and one wife. recently acquired a dog!

<PHNOMarcb> What type of dog Jim?

<ApoJim> Hairy and black. must be a spaniel

<vangieinri> May bago ba kayong album?

<ApoBoboy> Just relaeased APO MISMO cd and cassettes.

<PHNO> Any APO plans or individual plans for year 2000?

<ApoDanny> Just happy to be around to celebrate it.

<ApoJim> While apo goes on, we do different things individually. I will be coming out with my first book by next month. I wanna be a writer.

<PHNOMarcb> Jim, did you go through with your solo album?

<ApoJim> I did. It's been out for about two and a half years.

<akses_denayd> You guys are so you have plans on compiling the boo...and yey?

<ApoJim> Wow!!!! I've forgotten about those!! there were some really funny ones. Unfortunately, nobody complied them!

<ApoDanny> Subject matter in booyey too dated to compile.

<ApoBoboy> Boo yey may be hard to compile since its very current socio situation sensitive!

<ApoBoboy> Sometimes after a month, irrelevant na!

<AUTUMNKISSES> Do you oppose of having your kids enter the showbusiness?

<ApoDanny> My kids' choice.

<ApoJim> I don't encourage, I prefer they finish school. But I am not opposed to a limited exposure.

<ApoBoboy> We don't oppose them into showbiz but it seems they don't wanna be near it, I wonder why!

<ApoDanny> Getting to enjoy this.

<PHNO> Are you engaged in e-commerce at your website? if yes, are you making money?

<ApoBoboy> NO!

<ApoDanny> No.

<ApoJim> No e-mail commerce. May take it up one of these days since there's a lot of inquiry on APO albums. maybe MP3 is a good idea!

<PHNOMarcb> So I take it your albums aren't being sold online yet?

<ApoJim> No

<PHNOMarcb> A lot of record companies are worried about the MP3. No income for them obviously. Or rather bypassing them

<ApoJim> Maybe. Maybe not! Who knows. We do it as we go along. I think we are the longest running group in the world without membership change.  Except for Peter Paul and Mary...

<ApoDanny> Let them worry about the selling. We'll stick to making the songs.

<AUTUMNKISSES> Did you vote for my dear old grandpa Mayor Lim? =) lolz

<ApoBoboy> I think we all voted diferrently but we did a fund raiser for your grandpa!

<PHNOMarcb> How long will APO go on?

<ApoJim> How long do you want it?

<PHNOMarcb> Hehehe, as long as possible guys. Keep 'em coming :)

<ApoDanny> Who determines length of life?

<ApoBoboy> Siguro parang yung theme song ng Titanic?

<PHNOMarcb> Pero, hindi lulubog Boboy :)

<Baz0000000> Is this for real?.Are you guys there?

<ApoBoboy> Yes, bazooo, we are here and so are you!!

<ApoJim> Yeah!! Is this for real? Are you really Bazooo?

<PHNOMarcb> What type of theme do you go for now in your 1990 musical?

<ApoDanny> Life. Just life.

<ApoJim> We write about everything. Our new album has some diverse topics such as "Pito ni Juan", a few love songs, etc... anything under the sun.

<ApoBoboy> Our latest album still mostly pop love songs pero merong mga novelty. Songs na interesting specially pang pinoy!

<akses_denayd> You guys have gone a long long way...magkakaibigan kayo...hindi ba dumadating sa buhay ninyo ang ma-insecure sa isat isa?

<ApoDanny> Get the album Apo Mismo. You'll get all the answers. Pleeeeese.

<ApoBoboy> Hindi naman kami nag cocompete with each other. siguro sa golf  lang!! haha

<ApoJim> Not really. I think we know our own contributions to APO. And it goes on until we want it to..

<AUTUMNKISSES> So what do you think of most problems in pinas? Do you think morality is declining?

<ApoJim> Morality? Naaah. Our biggest problems are caused by our refusing to look at ourselves as a serious nation, people.

<ApoDanny> The Philippines have no problem. It's the Filipinos who do.

<ApoBoboy> Social morality has changed. The problem is Demoralization of our people. Nakakalusot yung mga may gawaing mali!! Parang sugal, kung hindi mapigilan, gawing legal na lang!

<ApoDanny> It's still the most fun place in the world.

<someone_likeu> Well I wish you guys all the luck!! You guys have been tried and tested and I will pray for all of you always..=) *hugs (specially to my cute boboy!) *

<ApoJim> What about Danny and I? Ni kiss wala ba?

<ApoBoboy> TY! Hug back to you too!

<ApoDanny> Abuso de compyansa.

<guest-leeqq> Explain what you mean by refusing to look at ourselves as a serious nation? Puro comedy lang ba?

<ApoDanny> We are conveniently too forgiving and forgetful of abuses in the past.

<ApoJim> If we were serious, we would run our lives in a more decent way. We throw garbage hoping it will just disappear. We don't pay taxes and expect the trains to run. We expect the police to be honest but we do not pay and train them enough, I could go on and on.

<ApoBoboy> Pati sa mga interview nagpa-punch line pa parang showbiz para maaliw ang tao!

<PHNOMarcb> That's for sure.

<ApoJim> We expect showbiz to solve our problems. Get real...

<PHNOMarcb> I think showbiz is a way to forget or ignore what's really should be dealt with.

<ApoBoboy> Showbiz is the latest opium of the people !!!

<ApoJim> That's right. Medyo illusionado tayo as a people!

<PHNOMarcb> It's too bad. Sana nga magbago ang madla.

<ApoJim> Hindi lang ang madla. Lahat.

<PHNOMarcb> You got it Jim

<kyesh> #1 fan n'yo po ako, can I have some pics email me at

<ApoJim> Sure thing kyesh!

<AUTUMNKISSES> Well this has been a nice experience for me thanks guys....pls can i have an autograph scanned pics if its possible my email addy one of these days i can show my kids and grandkids what i got from being a chat addik lolz =)

<ApoJim> Ok.

<ApoBoboy> Please chanel requests like pics to our website para madali!

<ApoJim> Good idea!

<PHNOMarcb> We're nearing the end of our chat.

<AUTUMNKISSES> Ok thanks a lot bye for now ....and goodluck guys in everything you do ...godspeed

<Baz0000000> All the best to you guys..and Danny regards to Tina!!

<PHNOMarcb> As we end this chat/interview, on behalf of the PHNO staff who made this interview possible, I'd like to thank you APO for taking time from your busy schedules to be with your fans. It was an enjoyable experience for us all and hope it was with you too. Thanks also to everyone who joined us.

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