by: Rey Carolino

Last October 27, 1996, I did an online interview with the Apo Hiking Society's Jim Paredes and Boboy Garrovillo using Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Marc Ballesteros, VIVA Recording artist based here in Toronto, was with me during the chat and helped me with the interview.

IRC is a program that allows you to conduct a group chat with other Internet users using your keyboard (see the accompanying article "CHATting and TALKing on the Net" for a discussion of IRC).

Prior to the interview, Jim and I exchanged several e-mail correspondences to arrange for a suitable date and time (because of the 13 hours time difference between Toronto and Manila, we settled for a Sunday, 9 PM Manila time) and agreed on the IRC server to use ( and the channel to do the chat (for obvious reason, we chose to create channel #APO).

9 PM was actually 8 AM here in Toronto. I logged on to the Server half an hour before the scheduled time to make sure that it was available for us to chat. We had some alternate IRC Servers to log on to if is not available. However, there was no need for those backup servers as there were only about 500 users using and that Server can handle a maximum of more than 1,000 users.  Jim logged on at exactly 8 AM Toronto time (9 PM, Manila). A few minutes later, Boboy joined us, followed by Marc.

IRC callers use nicknames when they conduct a chat. Jim used the nickname "ApoJim". Boboy was "Cupido", Marc was "MarcB" and I was so lazy to choose for a nickname and settled with my real name "Rey". Here is the full transcript of our chat.


Session Start: Sun Oct 27 1996 7:33:43 ETD

*** Now talking in #apo
*** Rey changes topic to "PRIVATE CHAT"
*** apojim (apojim@P08.MB02.QZN.SKYINET.NET) has joined #apo

<apojim> Hi, Rey

<Rey> Hello, Jim. Nice to see you here

<apojim> Anyone home? I hope Boboy can join us. He's got another program but I gave him everything he needs to know.

<apojim> I guess this thing works!

<Rey> I am hoping to have Marc Ballesteros also join us

<apojim> Does he know the time we're on?

<Rey> Yes, he does and he should be in shortly.

<Rey> Did you have a hard time connecting to this chat server?

<apojim> No, I did not have a hard time.

<apojim> What is this chat for? Do you have a newspaper?

<Rey> Yes, it is a local community newspaper here in Metropolitan Toronto, called FILIPINO TODAY. We also hope to publish it in our FILIPINO COMMUNITY COMPUTING SECTOR (FCCS) area in the Toronto Free-Net.

<apojim> Ok. Ask anything you want.

<Rey> Let's finish our statement with the word "over" so we know if it is time to respond, is that okay? over

<apojim> I hardly chat but when I do, this is what I use over.

<apojim> Did you have hard time connecting? over.

<Rey> Nope, I connected easily. over

<Rey> Anyway, how much time can you allot us for this interview?

<apojim> Let's say one hour alright?

<Rey> That's fine over

<Rey> Shall we start now or give Boboy a chance to join us for a few minutes? over

<apojim> If I don't get any important phone calls while we're chatting, let's go as long as we want over. We can start now... over.

<Rey> Do you have a second phone line? over

<apojim> Yes, over!

<Rey> Okay, first question: Where are you at this moment? For the benefit of our readers, can you describe to us the scenario there (eg, anybody else with you in the room?). over

<apojim> I'm in my bedroom seated in a very comfortable computer chair. The TV is on. My son Mio is watching Discovery Channel. I hear faint musical strains of "Phantom..." as my wife listens downstairs, over.

<Rey> Where is your house located (city)? over

<apojim> Quezon City in a place called Loyola Heights, near Ateneo, over.

<Rey> How many times have you been here in Toronto? over

<apojim> APO has been there probably three times since 1974

*** cupido (cupido@P28.MB01.QZN.SKYINET.NET) has joined #apo

<Rey> Who is cupido? over

<apojim> Cupido is Boboy over.

<cupido> Cupido is the 3rd member

<Rey> Hello, Boboy- nice to see you here. This is Rey from Toronto. over

<cupido> Hi, Rey! So what do we do now?

<Rey> Boboy, let's finish our statement with the word over, so we know if we are done. over

<cupido> Ty. I did not know that, over

<Rey> I just started asking the first few questions to Jim, but I thought I should give you a brief rundown of who we are here. We wanted to publish this interview in a local community newspaper in Toronto and in our place in the Toronto Free-Net, over

<apojim> Shoot the questions. Boboy answers first and I second. over

<cupido> This is really great, let's go! over

<Rey> I asked this to Jim, so Boboy, can you describe to us the scene in your place? Who else is with you? over

<cupido> My wife, Bong, is here to assist me coz I'm new in this networking bit, over

*** MarcB ( has joined #APO

<Rey> Folks, MarcB is Marc Ballesteros from Toronto. He will assist me in this interview. over

<Rey> Marc, ApoJim is Jim Paredes and Cupido is Boboy. over

<apojim> Hi, Marc! over

<MarcB> Good morning to you all, or good evening Jim :)

<Rey> and which city are you calling from, Boboy? over

<cupido> I'm here in Muntinlupa, Alabang south of mla about 34 kms from Jim, over

<Rey> Marc Ballesteros who is helping me do the interview, is a singer-songwriter (just like you folks), based here in Toronto. He was there in the Philippines a year or so ago (?) and recorded an album for Viva Records.

<MarcB> Hello Rey :) Hello Boboy :)

<cupido> Hi, Mark over

<Rey> Marc, I just started the first questions on them (which is a description of where they are calling from), so no need to ask that question again, okay? over

<MarcB> Rey, ok over

<MarcB> ApoJim, Cupido glad you guys can make it :)

<apojim> This is a thrill. over

<apojim> Next question over

<Rey> I have a second question here, what is your impression of Toronto? over

<apojim> Go Boboy, over

<MarcB> Cupido, ApoJim, are there any plans in the near future to do another concert here in Toronto?

<apojim> Cold place, big city, warm people (especially the Pinoys), a big needle looking building in the middle of the city. We were there during the winter.....over

<apojim> We get a lot of inquiries about Toronto. But nothing final yet....over

<apojim> Boboy, are you there? over

<Rey> This is one of the problem with the chat- while you are working on your response, another question might have popped up- just answer the last question and then the next one after that, over

<apojim> Ok. over

*** cupido has quit IRC ((signed off))

<Rey> Oops, Boboy has left us, call of nature? over

<apojim> He'll be back. Probably got disconnected or something...over

<Rey> I heard you had a concert last month in the US, how was it? over

<apojim> The concerts were really super...we enjoyed ourselves and the crowds returned the compliment. It was such a great experience...

<MarcB> Is there a current album out on the market or are you working on one? over

<apojim> We just released one early this year. A new one probably by mid next year..over

<Rey> When did the group APO started performing as a group? over

<apojim> 1969. We represented the school in a song festival. We were 12 then. As we got to college, a lot of them dropped and only the 3 remained. over

<Rey> Who does most of the composition for your songs? over

<apojim> It depends on what year or stage of our history you speak of. But mostly, I write the songs. Over

<Rey> How did you come up with the name APO?

<apojim> The original name was Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society....we wanted a name that would get the audience to ask "huh? why?". During martial law, we dropped Mabini since we were getting letters from the government to change the name. The fans eventually cut it down to APO Hiking Society. Now, I prefer to just call us APO.

<MarcB> Besides being busy with your show "Salinggo nAPO Sila", are you doing other works at the moment? over

<apojim> We are busy with concerts. We are planning a new concert series which will feature mostly our new songs and some very inspired comedy...

<Rey> Which is the all-time best-seller among all the songs that you've recorded so far? over

<apojim> The album called "10" is a very big one. Many of our songs in the "Best of.." series came from that album over

<Rey> Which is your personal favourite? over

<apojim> It depends on when you ask me... I have a list of 5...over

*** Moonshadw (uknow@ has joined #apo

<Rey> Moonshadw, who are you over?

<Rey> How often do you rehearse with the group? Where? over

<Moonshadw> If you really want this to be "private chat" - then you can set the channel mode as +s and it won't show on the channel list.

<Rey> Thanks for the tip, Moonshdw, I'll do that

*** Rey sets mode: +s

<Moonshadw> no prob

* Moonshadw enters eclipse mode and disappears

*** Moonshadw (uknow@ has left #apo

<apojim> We rehearse every week for the TV show. For the APO concert schedule, about 2 rehearsals per show that's scheduled...over

<Rey> Most bands or singing group who rose to fame, like Apo did, end up splitting and going on separate ways. Why do you think the three of you are still together after all these years and despite all the success that you've gone through already? over

<apojim> Mutual respect, genuine friendship, love for each other and a goal that's bigger than the 3 of us put together...over

<Rey> How many albums have you recorded so far? over

<apojim> 22 albums to date....counting the "Best of..." over

<Rey> Did you have any formal singing training? over

<apojim> No. We really just went out there and did everything from the heart..over

<Rey> Marc, any questions about their showbiz?

<Rey> If not, I'll go to the next topic, computers- over

<apojim> Ask anything over

<Rey> What computer system do you have at home? over

<apojim> I use a Power PC 8500/120. I'm a real Mac freak...over

<MarcB> ApoJim: As a veteran in the business, what advise can you give to a beginner like me? over

<apojim> Work hard... believe in yourself.. and perfect your craft while being open to positive feedback. Believe in your artistry.. over

<MarcB> Thank you for that :)

<Rey> When did you start using a computer? over

<apojim> About 1981 over

<Rey> When did you start surfing the Internet? over

<apojim> Last year, but prior to that, I was communicating with relatives in California via e-mail already about 5 years ago. over

<Rey> How much times do you spend on the Internet daily? over

<apojim> Ngayon, mga 1 hour na lang....

<Rey> How many e-mails do you receive daily? over

<apojim> About 3 to 10. over

<MarcB> Did you do your own Home Page or was it a joint effort between the group? over

<Rey> Nice home page, you have, btw over

<MarcB> I agree, I like those alternating faces of you guys :) over

<apojim> Yeh, I like that....over

<apojim> Our homepage under Skyinet was made by Ralph Flores. The one on was made by yours truly. over

<Rey> Do you subscribe to mailing lists and/or newsgroups on the Net? Which ones? over

<apojim> Not really. I use to before but I stopped since I would get swamped by mail...

<Rey> How does your Net presence help you as: (a) a group and (b) individual? over

<apojim> The US trip (the last one) was facilitated and finalized by the net....

<Rey> If your fans want to correspond to you via the Internet, where should they send their emails to? over

<apojim> They can send it to my e-mail or Boboy's at

<Rey> Is Danny also on the Net? over

<apojim> Soon he will be. He's not as interested in technostuff like Boboy and I over

<Rey> Does Boboy also have a Mac? over

<apojim> No, he uses a compatible. over

<Rey> Do your kids surf the net? over

<apojim> You bet.... They do their term papers with the help of resources, libraries on the net. My daughter Ala gets more mail than I do.. over

<Rey> How about your wife, does she use the net?

<apojim> Yes, she communicates to relatives in California, Kansas, and Pennsylvania..over

<Rey> How many children do you have? How old are they? over

<apojim> I have three children...Erica, 17, Ala,13, and Mio 8.

<Rey> Do your kids show any inclination to singing? over

<apojim> Not at all. One likes to act in theater though. They like music but I guess it's more of listening...

<Rey> Do you spend a lot of times with your family despite your busy career? over

<apojim> A lot. Dinners are most of the time at home. I help them with school work. I am quite an active father. I am ALWAYS available for conversations, consultations or even just horsing around with them.. over

<MarcB> Do you manage your own group or does someone else manage you? over

<apojim> We are managed by Betta Dans under the Thirdline Enterprises (TTE) over

<Rey> Could you describe to us a typical work-day with you - from the time you get up from bed to the time you retire for the day? over

<apojim> I'm up at 8:30. Breakfast. Bath and toiletries. Meet with my secretary about studio schedules (I have a recording studio for rent). I drive to work by 10AM--10:15. I get to Delta Theater before 11. We are on by 12 till 1:30. Then Lunch, Gym, back home. Studio. Dinner..Reading..Composing, etc... over

<Rey> How about a typical week-end? over

<apojim> Weekend is still work on Saturdays and Sundays kung may concert pa. Otherwise, Sunday is a lazy day. I may jog, compose, go to the mall, or do anything. I may even scuba...over

<Rey> Do you have a business/profession that keep you busy these days other than your showbiz career? over

<apojim> I own a studio. I write commercial jingles. I am involved in an Ad Agency called Creative Partners. I do scuba. I practice ZEN. Over

<Rey> ZEN? what is ZEN? over

<apojim> Zen is meditation. I like to meditate to be able to keep track of my center inspite of a killer schedule and an unreal showbiz atmosphere. over

<Rey> What sporting events do you monitor/watch regularly? Did you watch the World Series last night? over

<apojim> I like doing some sports. I just like to watch the NBA pag finals na. I love the Bulls! over

<Rey> How old are you now (you don't have to answer this, if you like). How about Boboy and Danny? over

<apojim> I am 45. Boboy also. Danny is 49. I have no problem with a number. Mentally and attitudinally, I must be in my twenties in many aspects. over

<MarcB> Being famous like you guys, how do you protect your families from the paparazzis? Do you have any privacy at all? over

<apojim> I hardly let showbiz into my family life. Yes we have some. Privacy, in many ways is a mental thing. They may see you, but you are still detached. Aside from that, we are not showbiz types who attend premieres and who are very cozy and sipsip with press people, if you know what I mean. over

<Rey> Yea, we know what you meant over

<Rey> Are you interested in politics, do you have plans of running in a public office? over

<apojim> Politics? No! For awhile, I thought it could be a noble thing to do. Now.... I think it is close to impossible, over

<MarcB> Were you guys all married and/or with children when you started in showbiz? over

<apojim> No. We married them nung APO na kami. over

<Rey> My own personal favourite among your song is "Pumapatak na naman ang Ulan". Did you compose it? What inspired you to write that song? over

<apojim> Danny wrote it. He did this during the shooting of a movie. The movie shoot was always facing delays because of the weather... thus the title...over

<Rey> What are your thoughts for the upcoming Presidential election in the Philippines? Who do you think will be elected by the people? over

<apojim> I hope hindi si ERAP!!!!! over

<MarcB> I gather you don't like Sen. "Gringo" Honasan. Any comments on that? You don't have to answer if you find this question incriminating. over

<apojim> I have not forgiven him for the slaughter during the coups but I respect the fact that he has chosen to be in the political process rather than outside of it. over

<Rey> Marc asked this earlier but you failed to answer, do you have plans of performing again here in Toronto? over

<apojim> Nothing definite on Toronto shows. Some guys have been calling. It takes awhile to finalize schedules. We are open to all inquiries.over

<Rey> This is off the record: could you tell us how much it would cost a Toronto promoter to get you to perform for a concert here? over

<MarcB> I like "Batang bata" myself :) over

<apojim> Hahaha! Sorry. I don't even know how much the entire package is. It involves musicians, staff, etc... Betta Dans would know. Yes, I wrote Batang-bata....over

<Rey> Can we contact Betta Dans over the net? over

<Rey> So what inspired you to write "Batang-bata"? over

<apojim> Fatherhood. My first child was born and I sort of projected into the future...over

<MarcB> Is Betta an individual (male/female) or a name of a company? over

<apojim> Betta is female. She manages us under TTE, her management company. You can call her at 921-2407. There are other numbers but I don't have them right now. over

<Rey> Could you give us the fax number of Betta? over

<Rey> We, as a group, would like to organize a concert for you guys here- so what is the best date for us to arrange for one? over

<apojim> It's easier if you suggest the date. It normally takes 3 to 6 months to prepare things over at your end, and it takes us sometime to plan things since we have to tape for our daily show..over

<Rey> I'd like to send you a copy of the paper when this interview is published, where can we send that paper? over

<apojim> 113 B. Gonzales, Loyola Heights, QC 1108, Philippines. 921-2407 is Betta's fax number. over

<Rey> What generally inspires you to write a song? Is it a sudden impulse? over

<apojim> Impulse plays a role. Sometimes, deadlines can do wonders. Other times, pure inspiration actually plays a role. over

<Rey> Are you working on any new album at the moment? over

<apojim> I am working on a solo album. over

<Rey> How's the economy right now back home? A lot of people say it has improved a lot with President Ramos' administration, true? over

<apojim> Yes it has. On a daily basis, you can feel something's going on...over

<Rey> Is the traffic situation still a problem? How about brownouts? over

<apojim> You bet! No more brownouts. Just traffic. over

<Rey> Do you have any scheduled US show at the moment? over

<apojim> As of now. Wala muna. Katatapos lang last month ng Chicago and Atlantic City. We will be doing a lot of show dito, including the provinces..over

<Rey> Do you have a soundcard and microphone attached to your PC? over

<apojim> Yes I do. over

<Rey> Do you use it for Internet phone or sort of? over

<apojim> Unfortunately, I don't have Netscape 3, and thus cannot use Internet Phone as of now. over

<Rey> Doesn't GlobalChat allows for a web-phone chat of sort? over

<apojim> Yes it does, but I don't have that updated program..over

<Rey> I guess, Boboy is not coming back, huh? Maybe he has a poor internet connection? over

<apojim> I just talked to him. His kid lifted the phone and he got disconnected. After that, there was something wrong with his application.. over

<Rey> Oh, okay.

<Rey> I guess, that's all the questions I have, Marc, you have some more? over

<MarcB> You mentioned earlier that you have a studio for rent. How much do you rent it for? I will working on a project there next month and I will be needing a studio. How can I get in touch with you? over

<apojim> Just call my secretary, Ollie, at 924-3416. My studio rates are very competitive vis-a-vis other studios. It is a 24 track facility, and it is so good, APO actually uses it for its recordings.. over

<Rey> Actually, I have one more. My wife, Tina, wanted me to ask, what inspired you guys to write the song "Ewan"?

<apojim> We did not write "Ewan". It was written by Louie Ocampo. Isn't it a great song? Over

<Rey> Yeah, my wife likes "Ewan" very much, over

<apojim> There are three songs which we have recorded that we did NOT write. Ewan, Anna, and Tuloy na Tuloy ang Pasko. over

<MarcB> Do you use live bands or are the background music synthesized? over

<MarcB> In your studio that is over

<apojim> We use live bands most of the time, but there are shows when all the producers can afford is minus-one or taped accompaniment. For shows abroad, we prefer live band. over

<Rey> Marc, anything else? over

<apojim> My studio, called Circle Of Fifths, Inc can accommodate a live band playing at the same time, or about 10-13 singers. over

<Rey> Before we say goodbye, any parting words for your Toronto fans? over

<MarcB> That's all for now and it's getting late for you Jim. Thank you very much for a very enlightening chat with you and for your time. Best wishes to you and all and hope to see you soon in the Philippines :) over

<Rey> Thanks a lot for your time, Jim. And also to Boboy. We hope to do this kind of thing again someday. Is this the first online interview you have given?

<apojim> To our fans there, I hope we can get together next year. As always, we promise a great show, a show that will be memorable for us and for you guys. To those who miss home, we hope that by listening to our albums, we may be able to alleviate your homesickness. Don't get too lonely...over

<MarcB> Rey: thanks for inviting me here :) over

<Rey> No problem, Marc. When are you going home to the Phils? over

<Rey> Jim, baka gusto mong magpadala ng pasalubong kay Marc? :)

<MarcB> Tomorrow morning. Ang aga ng flight ko, 6:45 am over

<MarcB> Jim, please also thank Boboy for joining in earlier :) over

<apojim> Marc, call me. Hey Rey, this has been fun. This is my second chat interview. But strictly speaking, this is the first for publication. over

<MarcB> Jim: I sure will, thanks :) over

<Rey> Jim, maybe you can invite Marc to your TV show when he visits there? over

<apojim> Will do. over

<Rey> Okay bye now. Good night Jim over

<Rey> Good morning, Marc and bye over

<MarcB> Goodnight Jim :) and thanks over

<MarcB> Good morning Rey and bye over

<apojim> Good morning, and thanks. Ulitin natin 'to! over

<Rey> Yeah, this is fun, hope Boboy and Danny can join later. over

<MarcB> Jim: yeah, lets :) over

<apojim> In a month, Danny will be able to join us...over

<Rey> Great, then we'll get in touch again next month.. over

<apojim> Ok! bye...over

<MarcB> bye :)

<Rey> signing off...

Session Close: Sun Oct 27, 1996 10:15:47 ETD

A few moments after I left the chat, I decided to check my e-mails and found this e-mail from Marc:

Date sent: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 10:21:53 ETD
From: Marc Ballesteros <>
Subject: Cupido's back


He's here with me right now. Get back !!!!


So I rushed back to IRC and joined channel #apo. Here is the transcript of that session:

Session Start: Sun Oct 27, 1996 10:34:54 ETD

*** Now talking in #apo

<Rey> Hello, folks! Nandiyan pa pala kayo? over

<Rey> Marc, I just got your email- so I decided to come back over

<cupido> We've grown old together thru the years and we've really learned to put everything above emotions and talk things out openly w/out hurting personally over

<MarcB> Jim told us that you guys all married after you formed APO. Being very popular in showbiz, how do you maintain your privacy? over

<MarcB> Rey, welcome back :) over

<Rey> Boboy, if Marc has asked you this, ignore this- but how many kids do you have? over

<cupido> Hi Rey, sorry for dropping off, anyway, privacy gets kinda limited, and yes I have 2 boys aged 18 and 15 already it may surprise u, over

<Rey> Can you describe to us a typical work-day for you, Boboy? From the time you get-up from bed to the time you retire to bed? over

<cupido> My day usually starts at 9 am, receiving calls, catching up on reading materials. Before 10am, I have to be on my way to Delta Theater, which is like 35 kms away from my home. Then, we have the show up to 1:30. The production meetings, rehearsals & tapings after over

<Rey> Boboy, do you have a second phone line at home? over

<cupido> Yes I have two phone lines - over

<Rey> I just want to impress my brother back there that this Internet thing really works. Could you do me a favour and call him on your second phone line and tell him that we are chatting on the Net and maybe he should logon to the Net and join us?. over

<cupido> Can't use the other line at the moment - the boys - teenagers are using it over

<Rey> He-he-he. That's fine then over

<cupido> I will try later if I can over

<MarcB> Do you play an instrument (which ones)? How about Jim and Danny? over

<cupido> I play drums, piano & guitar. At the moment, I am getting to know my new equipment over

<MarcB> Equipment? over

<cupido> I bought a new piano over

<Rey> Are your boys surfing the net too? over

<Rey> When did you start using the Internet? over

<cupido> The boys aren't into chatting yet - more of the e-mail. medyo bago pa lang kami sa Net over

<Rey> How much time do you spend on the net daily? over

<cupido> Just an hour or so over

<Rey> Do your kids show any inclination about singing? over

<cupido> My eldest son plays drums for his band from school - drums courtesy of ninong Danny over

<Rey> Do you have any business/profession at the moment other than your singing career? over

<cupido> I do have an audio post production studio - partnership with Lorrie Ilustre - an arranger/composer over

<Rey> Aside from surfing the Net, what else do you use your computer for? over

<cupido> Geez - games, word processing & personal data files over

<Rey> What is your all-time favourite songs among the countless of records you have cut so far? over

<cupido> That's tough- When I Met You I guess. over

<Rey> Do you also write songs? over

<cupido> I write a few usually 1 cut per album only over

<Rey> Did you watch the World Series last night? What is your favourite sports? over

<cupido> I used to play a lot of tennis, now I'm into golf, no I didn't catch the game last night, I love watching NFL too besides the NBA over

<Rey> Where did you come from originally (town, province?) over

<cupido> I'm Visayan, born in Dipolog, Zambo del Norte and my mom's from Dumaguete Negros Oriental over

<Rey> Just curious, why did you choose CUPIDO as your nickname?

<cupido> I don't know if you caught the tv series I had Mr Cupido w/c dealt with love stories etc over

<MarcB> Did you ever wanted to do something else besides being an entertainer? over

<Rey> Is the TV show Isanglinggo na po sila (hope I got it right) still on? How is it doing? over

<cupido> I wanted to run a management co. for artists. Yes the show is doing great, its daily now and showing in the US thru the Filipino channel. over

<Rey> Any other TV shows you are doing? over

<cupido> No, a daily tv show is quite enough. over

<Rey> Where did you first meet Jim and Danny? over

<cupido> We were all classmates from Ateneo over

<Rey> Do you guys see each other daily? over

<cupido> Unfortunately - with a daily show yes over

<Rey> Will you answer emails from your fans over the net? over

<cupido> But of course that's what its for di ba over?

<Rey> How about fans who just want you to write traditional mail, where should they mail you?

<cupido> they can send mail to:
Thirdline Productions,
129 Esteban Abada,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
or to
"Sang Linggo nAPO Sila"

<Rey> Do you have a soundcard and microphone with your PC?

<cupido> Unfortunately none over

<Rey> Can you describe to us the system that you have? Jim said you have a PC-compatible. Is it a Pentium? Mhz? RAM? Hard disk? over

<cupido> Its a 486 with 1-giga memory over

<Rey> What wordprocessing program do you use? Wordperfect? Word? Do you have Windows 95?

<cupido> We have Win 95, I use Wordsoft over

<Rey> Do you subscribe to Internet mailing lists and newsgroups? Do you post in the USENET newsgroup soc.culture.filipino? over

<cupido> Sorry but all this is new to me, just getting to know it. over

<Rey> I asked this to Jim, so I should ask this to you also, do you have any political plans? over

<cupido> I plan to vote in the next elections. over

<Rey> He-he, that was cute. over

<MarcB> Cupido, are you all Catholic or have you changed. We heard a lot of people have changed to another religion. Years ago I was told Philippines was 80% catholic. over

<cupido> I am a Roman Catholic & I think its 90% not 80%. over

<MarcB> It's just there's a lot of Flips who are now converting to other religions ie one of them Born again. over

<Rey> True, Marc over

<cupido> Yes the born agains are a new Christian movement and they are quite effective though they have also brought out a lot of Catholic charismatic movements in the past few years- over

<Rey> Who do you think will be FVR's successor? over

<cupido> Your guess is as good as mine over

<Rey> Is your wife in showbiz? over

<cupido> No she is not- and FVR should not have a successor but a duly elected popular president- over

<Rey> Do your kids study also in Ateneo- just like Dad? over

<cupido> Nope, one is in college at the University of Asia & the Pacific formerly CRC -Center for Research & Communications while the other is in hi-school in Marymount School. over

<Rey> What course did you take up in Ateneo? over

<cupido> I took up economics. over

<Rey> During your entire relationship with Jim and Danny, was there a point in time where you got pretty close to splitting up? over

<cupido> We actually did in 73 after our "farewell concert"... for about 3 months over

<Rey> Do you still appear in movies? What was the last one you did? over

<cupido> The last was a minor role in "Pare ko", the last major was in "Si Aida o si Lorna o si Fe" over.

<Rey> Do you enjoy performing? Or does it come to a point where you are only doing it because you ought to do it? over

<cupido> I love performing on stage or in front of the camera over

<Rey> I think its getting late already there and Jim has answered most of my questions. Marc, anything else? over

<MarcB> Yeah, it is. Cupido, thank you for your time once again. Sana magawa natin ito muli :) over

<cupido> Were you guys born there or did you migrate early in your life over

<Rey> I was born in Paete, Laguna. Worked in Saudi Arabia for about 6 years and then migrated to Canada in 1988. You have lots of tapes in Saudi, over

<MarcB> I was born in Manila. We immigrated here in Toronto in 1974 over

<cupido> Ok thanks guys, this is still a wonder for me 'lets do it again over

<Rey> Marc is actually going home there tomorrow. Pabili ka ng pasalubong, Boboy over

<MarcB> Hehehe. I might even see you there Boboy. I'll be in touch with Jim also over

<cupido> Anong business mo dito Marc & how long are you staying over

<MarcB> Boboy, I started my musical career there a couple of years ago. I have an album out under VIVA records. It's self-titled. over

<cupido> Sige we'll see u then over

<Rey> Thanks for your time, Boboy- and your wife- is she still with you? Next time we do it, maybe Danny can join us also- Jim said he'll have his Internet connection next month? over

<cupido> Anytime guys- yes she's here sometime getting inis at how slow I type over

<Rey> If you want a copy of the paper where this interview will be publish, let me know your mailing address, Boboy. over

<cupido> You already got it. Ty in advance over

<Rey> Okay, bye now.. good night over

<Rey> Have a nice trip tomorrow, Marc.over

<MarcB> Rey, thanks :) over

<MarcB> Goodnight Boboy and thanks :) over

<Rey> I hope you know how to get out of this chat, Boboy! over

<cupido> Basta if anything goes wrong I just unplug everything mahilig naman ako sa unplugged e- bye guys over

<Rey> :) :) :) bye

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