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Since 2007 each year, the Global Peace Index has been issued by the IEP (Institute for Economics and Peace) and is a measurement of nationsí and regionsí peacefulness based on external and internal measures.

Although it seems like the world is becoming more cruel, according to the Global Peace Index there are 15 most peaceful countries in the world.


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I want to start this list with Denmark, because I want to tell about its patience and concentration through the really hard times. We all know that the country had been in a very difficult situation when Copenhagen was under occupation by the Nazis. It was the Second World War and residents of this country showed us all how to concentrate on the main things for country and donít involve in the armed conflicts.


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Although mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik hit the pride of this nation, Norway is a very peaceful and beautiful country. This is a country with the highest level of human development around the world, and the government continues to place peace at the forefront of the priorities of the country.


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All that we can say about Singapore is that this country is one of the richest as well as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Singapore is really peaceful and it has really low level of murders and violent crime.


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 A lot of people every year come to this gorgeous country to enjoy its breathtaking scenery and friendly people. Slovenia with its beautiful neighbors Maribor and Ljubljana presents you its own high cultural level. Now, after the breakup of Yugoslavia and Balkans conflicts, Slovenia is among the most peaceful countries in the world.


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This country doesnít have any external conflicts for two centuries, so I think this fact speaks for itself. Sweden has really low level of robberies (9,000 in a year) compared the USA (350,000 in the same period).


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This is really beautiful country and nobody can say that this place is popular because of its conflicts inside the country or outside. We all know that this is very peaceful and comfortable place to live in. Sure, the residents have needed to go through some hard times (due to some situations with Icelandic banks), but they did their best and now everything is good. If you have never been to Iceland, you certainly must visit it! You will never forget this legendary land of Fire and Ice!


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We all remember about a crisis within the government between 2008-2011. Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is home to NATO and the European Union. Homicide and incarceration rates are really low in this country.


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Czech Republic is a very beautiful and peaceful country. A lot of tourists go there every year and we all understand why. Stunning Prague draws many people from all over the world. Iím sure you remember that Czech Republic wasnít a separate country. Before the Velvet Revolution it was the part of the Soviet Bloch with the Slovakia. After the split Czech Republic has been concentrated on its capitalist economy and now it is on the really good level.


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Switzerland is among the most peaceful countries in the world that have a low crime rate. The country has a law that stops weapon exports to the countries that have battles within their own territory.


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Itís a really interesting country, and I think we all need to learn some life lessons from it. Japan has been the most peaceful and cultural place and it has had a really great economic around the world since the World War II. The country reinforced their armies and paid all attention only for the internal calming. After the Second World War it was the most peaceful country with the supportive neighbors and really low crime.


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Itís a very attractive country for a lot of tourists worldwide, because of its beautiful green pastures. Ireland is a really peaceful place, even though there are some internal organized conflict between Catholics and Protestants.


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The first thing I want to say about Finland is education. The Finnish people are absolutely sure that education is the most important thing in their lives. Although this country doesnít have the best nature ever, Finland is a country with peacekeeping purposes. I think this is a really serious-minded country


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Oh, I have nothing to add about this beautiful country, because great Lord of the Rings movies have already shown everything. There are a lot of good things about this gorgeous country, and some of them are the Haka or rugby matches. I think everybody can choose something only for themselves and Iím agree with the GBIís list, New Zealand is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.


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Home for Good Canada is one of the worldís most peaceful countries that has one of the highest standards of living on the planet. It is the second largest country in the world by area with awesome scenery, safe and clean cities, and 33 million of happy and friendly people. I think, we all understand, why this country is in the list of the most peaceful countries in the world.


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I think this Central European country should be in this list because of its international politics. Austria has become a separate country since the breakup with the Hungary and now itís absolutely independent country. Itís really popular for tourists because of its gorgeous Alps and absolutely amazing Vienna.

Itís a great advantage to live in a peaceful country, and if you are lucky to live in one of the mentioned above countries, you must be proud of it! So, what do you think of this list? What can you add to this? Please share your thoughts in the comments and thanks for reading! http://travel.amerikanki.com/most-peaceful-countries-in-the-world/

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