(MANILA STANDARD) Dinna Chan Vasquez - The snake has a reputation for being treacherous and dangerous. Nobody calls someone they actually like a snake. Snakes are also
considered slimy predators.

In the Chinese Zodiac, snakes are regarded on a more positive note. Snakes are considered
intriguing and capable of having a mesmerizing effect on others. Snakes are also known to be attractive and well-groomed. They are also known for preferring quality over quantity in buying clothing and accessories.

“Snakes tend to have high standards and would not be easily satisfied. They can be ambitious and be persistent in pursuing what they want. Snakes are known for shedding their skins.

Symbolically, this shows that they can start anew despite less than ideal circumstances in the past,” said feng shui consultant Joy Lim, whose star clients include Korina Sanchez and Kim Chiu.

Lim described Snakes as being “renowned for their wit and wisdom.”

“They are perhaps, the most reflective and intellectual among the 12 animals. It’s probably best not to tangle with the cunning snake. They can hold on the hurts and anger for a long time and finally strike when the time is right to take their revenge,” said Lim.

The Snake is leaving behind a bad year 2012 and entering a year where Success Luck (strong personal Windhorse) is high and windfall luck is possible.

“If the characteristics of the Snake are anything to go by, then it looks like 2013 will indeed be an interesting year,” said Lim.

Following is Joy Lim’s forecast for the animal signs in the Chinese zodiac:


Fortunate lucky stars are shining on you in the Year of the Water Snake 2013. A vast improvement from last year 2012. The year 2013 holds great promises and good things for you as your success luck is high. There’s indication of upward mobility and promotion for many Rats. Flanked by, not one, but two Big Auspicious Stars from the 24 mountains compass in your Horoscope chart, you can expect to enjoy two significant events or good news in year 2013, usually in the form of sudden opportunities opening up, winning a big award or prize, or boost of income and windfall luck, that will transform your life for the better. Use the Big Auspicious Fortune Mirror to capture this luck and ensure the good luck manifests in a timely and fruitful manner for you. A year that will leave you feeling good and satisfied, your inner confidence and chi energy receive a boost and this enables you to seize opportunities that come knocking. Think outside the box and you will reach new horizons that you never dreamt possible. Be creative. Those who aim high will achieve whatever goals you set yourself. Business will reap gains and bring in profit.

The red bracelet (right) with a Holy Gourd enhances the luck of those born in the Year of the Rat while the aqua-colored one (left) is a cure for the dreaded Three Killings Star, which affects those born in the Year of the Rabbit.

Health-wise, the 65-year old Rat will experience some issues, so be extra careful. Carry a Clear Quartz Crystal Hu Lu or wear an Amethyst Wu Lou Pendant for Health Luck. For wealth luck, the 17-year old and 77-year old Rats will have face some disappointment. Remedy it with 3 Legged Toad with Coins Keychain or by placing wood elements in the North sector of your home. Your relationship luck is pretty good and you will make new friends. Relationship of married couples is joyful and harmonious.


The Year of the Water Snake is another auspicious year for the Ox-born. There are plenty of goodies in your horoscope forecast that will bring a host of new possibilities. First is the Star of Golden Deity which you sit on. This Star from the 24 Mountains compass brings spiritual assistance and cosmic blessings. It’s recommended that you invite a Deity (Bejeweled Green Tara, Gold Plated Standing Guan Yin Statue or Golden Guan Yin Goddess of Mercy with Air Freshener) to your home or wear a deity amulet. Hang the Thousand Hand Golden Guan Yin Hanging in your car. This brings abundance, protection and blessings to you, your family and home. You can also carry the Golden Fuk Luk Sau Keychain.

The Jade disc is considered lucky because it represents money.

And then there’s the Big Auspicious Star coming from the direction of the Rat to you in you chart. This ultra-auspicious star brings something BIG (e.g. special award, prestigious recognition, unexpected good fortune, a sizeable windfall, a good sum of money, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity etc.) to you that will make you very happy. It brings the kind of luck that will enhance your prosperity level and life status. Capture its essence with the use the Big Auspicious Fortune Mirror or Power Elephants. It’s good to think big this year and let your creativity flow beyond old boundaries as the sky is the limit. However, although you believe you can fly, remember to stay grounded and not get too carried away.


In the year of 2013, the Tiger Born have a mixed of good and bad stars in its feng shui forecast. Most indications show this is a more challenging year for you and is not going to be as smooth as the year 2012. There might be some achievements, but this will not be without sweat and toil. This is mainly because you are sitting on not only one or two, but three, inauspicious 24 Mountain Stars namely the Robbery, the Sitting 3 Killings and the Yearly Conflict Stars. The Robbery Star brings the danger of being cheated, betrayed, robbed, or losing something important to you. You should be extra careful about trusting people. Make efforts to guard your valuables. Subdue this afflictive star by placing a pair of Power Elephant or Anti Burglary Plaque – Rhinoceros and Elephant in the Northeast. The Yearly Conflict Star encourages misunderstandings and quarrels to flare up, and could cause severe conflicts to happen. This is especially true when you get too involved with people born in the year of the Ox in 2013. It also indicates some kind of inconvenience or trouble with the authorities or aggravating gossip emerging from nowhere. To remedy, carry an Annual Protection Amulet or wear a Green Jade Laughing Buddha Pendant. You can also hang the Yellow Liuli Laughing Buddha Hanging Tassels in your car. As for curing the Sitting Three Killings, display Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians in the East sector. Carry a 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Keychain. Doing so will remove accidents, financial losses or obstacles in your path of growth brought by the Three Killings.

The Tiger-born is indirectly in conflict with Tai Sui this year which brings bad luck and obstacles; wear an Adjustable Feng Shui Jade Piyao Bracelet or Jade Piyao Pendant with Double Coins to appease him, or hang a Colorful Liu Li Crystal Pi Yao Hanging in your car. If you do not like to wear a pendant or bracelet, you can carry a Tai Sui Amulet. Place the Tai Sui Plaque in the Southeast sector.


[The red bracelet (right) with a Holy Gourd enhances the luck of those born in the Year of the Rat while the aqua-colored one (left) is a cure for the dreaded Three Killings Star, which affects those born in the Year of the Rabbit.]

For everyone born in the sign of the Rabbit, 2013 is a tough, stressful and tiresome year. It is good that you know it now so that you are prepared to face them and will do the necessary feng shui updates to remedy them. Be positive! You need to stay strong and healthy this year to face the year’s challenges. Try not to overwork and get enough sleep.

Your spirit chi and vitality energy is lacking, a marked decrease from the highs of year 2012. You will not be enthusiastic as last year in your approach to work, or life. Success luck is rather poor. So it works better for you in 2013 to relax a bit, go with the flow and make it a year to upgrade yourself with knowledge and skills, and to strategize and consolidate your resources. Be patient and composed. Do not be hasty in taking risks, starting new ventures or expanding business or you will drown with troubles. Best to stay low key. Not a good year to change job or put money into an investment. Carry a Bejewelled Dragon of Success Keychain or Medallion for Success and Wishfulfilling, or wear a Golden Bejeweled Dragon for Success Pendant. The 26 year old Rabbit will suffer very bad wealth and health luck. Carry a Wu Lou with Mystic Knot Keychain. Wealth luck is shining on the 38-year-old. Every Rabbit should take note of food hygiene. Seek early medical treatment when you’re ill.

Unfortunately, you have to cope with plentiful of evil stars that appear in your Feng shui 2013 analysis chart. They are the Three Killings, Natural Disaster Star, and Argumentative #3 Flying Star. The Rabbit born sits smack on the Natural Disaster Star in the year of the Snake 2013. This brings accidents and misfortunes, and danger of getting sick, betrayed or losing something you value. Examine important documents prudently. To protect yourself, you should invite the Bejeweled Green Tara and place her in the East corner. Wear a Green Tara Pendant or carry a Medallion for Self Protection.


It’s been quite a ride for the Dragon for the last couple of years. Two years ago, you savored some heavenly luck only to be hit by all sorts of misfortune last year.

Fortunately, the onslaught of problems will come to a halt in 2013. You will have a better year, which also looks to be good for business. If you are involved in educational or intellectual pursuits, now is a good time to engage in them. Students better not be lazy and take advantage of this luck.

A bracelet with a Qian Yin charm. Qian Yin is the Goddess of mercy and is considered a protector.

[The Jade disc is considered lucky because it represents money]

According to your Bazi Birth Element chart, your Life Force and Spirit Essence are excellent, which means your vitality energy and enthusiasm are very high. Your success luck is also fabulous – you will have lots of vigor and zest to pursue your goals and attain prosperity and big success. Your wishes and life’s aspiration are very likely to actualize in the year of the Snake 2013. Treat the year as a magical wish-fulfilling year. Dream big and you might very well get what you want A better career development can be expected. With a good business plan, victory is a sure. It is also important not to become over-confident. Stay grounded and don’t get carried away so as not to give the negative afflictions in your chart a chance to mess things up. Keep your expenses in check, spend wisely, deal meticulously with important office documents and guard against leakage of money. Wear an Crystal Point Pendant Necklace to enhance your intrinsic earth element and improve your clarity of thought and focus for harnessing success. Health luck is pretty poor for the 49-year-old but on the positive side, his/her wealth luck is wonderful. Wear a Sodalite Hulu Pendant for Health Luck. On the other hand, the 37-year-old will experience some financial setbacks. Carry a “Rich” Keychain with Tassel.


Take the chance to set up or develop your business further. Prospects are looking up in your career. You have two Small Auspicious stars flanking your astrological home location which brings small successes and series of good events and good news that will make you happy. Your hard work and talent will get noticed. A pay increase or a small promotion could occur. Generally, things will work out well for you. While wealth luck is excellent, the 48-year-old Snake will have very bad health luck. You may remedy this with an Amethyst Feng Shui Wu Lou Hanging or a Wu Lou pendant. Money luck is generally good for everyone, but very poor for 36 y/o Snake. Wear a Attracting Big Money Talisman Pendant or carry a Medallion for Wealth and Power.

[A bracelet with a Qian Yin charm. Qian Yin is the Goddess of mercy and is considered a protector]

Those born with a fire element will benefit from using a tiger’s eye bracelet with a globe. The tiger’s eye represents wood, which feeds and strengthens the fire element.

The auspicious number 4 Peach Blossom Flying Star flies into your Lo shu grid this year. This green wood star attracts the kind of energy that boosts your luck in love, relationships of all kinds, and academic excellence. When activated correctly, it brings tremendous good luck in your relationship, love life and your profession, especially to those working in the scholastic, media, writing or communications line. The loving energies of the Peach Blossom star bring romance and marriage proposals to those who are looking. Singles will feel more attractive but your low self-confidence may be a hindrance to benefit from all this. Carry a Wish Granting Tree of Life Keychain to increase confidence level. This #4 star spices up your love life and spouses become more tolerant and caring towards one another. This star also attracts many new friends into your life. Relationships with colleagues and family members become closer, and you will find yourself get along well with everyone. It is worthwhile making an effort to energize the number 4 star. Display the Rose Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf or a Water Features in the Southeast sector. Carry a Bejeweled Double Happiness Keychain for Love Luck or wear a Colorful Liu li Crystal Mystic Knot Bracelet for those contemplating marriage.

Take good care of yourself. Only when you are strong and healthy that you are able to seize the opportunities that come knocking. You will often find yourself lacking the resilience and toughness to respond to the small hindrances and obstacles that spring up from time to time. So while the luck is good, you are going to feel tired easily. You’ll need Wood (plants in SE) or Water element (Blue Water in Globe Talisman Keychain) to enhance your life force (vitality) and spirit essence (inner spiritual chi) respectively.

The God of the Year Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) sits in your palace in 2013. This can be a good or bad news. The good news is that you will gain the support of this powerful deity, if he is appeased. His goodwill will keep you safe, and ensures good career and success luck. However, if not appeased, he brings misfortunes, obstructions and setbacks in your life. To appease him, simply place Pair of Golden Brass Pi Yao or A Pair of Pi Yao for Good Luck in the Southeast sector. Wear a Colorful Liu li Crystal Pi Yao Bracelet (L) or Double Yellow Jasper Piyao Pendant Adjustable Necklace. If you do not like to wear it on your body, carry the Tai Sui Amulet with Mystic Knot Keychain. Hang the Liuli Glass Piyao Hanging (Yellow) or Pair of Obsidian Piyao Tassels in your car.

Snakes get along best with the Ox, the Rooster and the Dragon, which it shares a corner with. The polar opposite of the snake would be the Pig.


The last two years have been a mix of good and bad. In 2011, you were prone to arguments and misunderstandings, illnesses and injuries then 2012 proved to be a victorious year for you as you experienced many truimphs.

For 2013, luck is somewhat tricky. Things can either go incredibly well or very badly. This is because the #9 star which flies into your corner is a multiplying star that can enhance good fortune or magnify misfortune. When the #9 star multiplies the positive, you may discover that there are many more opportunites than usual. Take advantage of these prospects while they are available. As some say, “You snooze, you lose.” You may just have a good year for business ahead.

This fountain is considered lucky because of the water element and the number 8.

You may want to consider starting your year right by arming yourself with amulets for a better year ahead.

[This fountain is considered lucky because of the water element and the number 8]

The #9 Future prosperity star also flies into your Loshu grid which makes this a good year to consolidate your resources and lay a strong foundation for a more exciting and successful year in 2014. Think long term and with the right feng shui enhancement, it will have a positive impact on your life for an even greater year in 2014 when the prosperity star #8 comes visit. It is imperative that you have a thorough planning and execute them steadily. Those starting out in the corporate world or building a business will benefit greatly from this star that shines a beacon of life toward your future. The best way to activate it is to use bright lights and place the 9 Rings Dragon Sword or Bejeweled Red Dragon with Flaming Sword in the South sector.

The Star #9 is also known as the Magnifying Star. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the friendliness of the other stars in your chart because it can amplify both the positives and the negatives. While you have two lucky auspicious stars in your horoscope palace, you also sit on the Wu Duo star brought by the 24 Mountains compass. This star causes money to leak – so Horse people should manage their finances well and not take big risk in investment or gamble otherwise cash-flow problem will be a source of headache for you this year.


You’ve experienced all sorts of luck over the last few years. Two years ago, love and romance were in the air but the following year things turned sour and you kept on getting in arguments and misunderstandings.

For 2013, you are more vulnerable to serious illness and accidents There is dangers lurking aournd the physical in nature. Take extra care of your health this year. Taking some preventive measures to ensure your well-being would be preferred to visiting your doctor when your condition is already severe. There is also some danger when it comes to losing money and relationships 2013 apparently is not your year for risk-taking and pushing business.

Lucky charm bracelets from Joy Lim for different animal signs.

Your element profile from your path chee chart reveals high level of life force and inner essence. This means that you are bestowed with good form, confidence, inner chi and energy throughout the year, making you feel everything will go your way. Your expectations soar. Nothing seems impossible to you. Unfortunately, this does not go along well with your weak Wind Horse Success luck, and you will find blockages to everything that you are trying to accomplish. When your Wind Horse Luck is poor, bad luck can strike unexpectedly. Opportunities that appear will be challenging. You will need to persevere and put in a lot of effort in your work.

Luckily for you, the “Big Auspicious star” is in your 24 Mountains chart coming from the Horse direction, The patronage of this

star is a big source of good fortune for you in 2012, especially if you are affiliated in some way with someone born in the year of the Horse (e.g. your spouse, parent, kids or business partner.) It would be a shame to let something really big and exciting that the year has to offer you to slip right through your fingers. Boost your success luck and clear obstacles to your attainment luck by placing a Wish Granting Tree of Life (S) in the Southwest sector. Carry a White Wind Horse with Flaming Jewel Keychain.


As of the last two years, your luck centered a lot on your relationships with other people. In 2011, Cupid was very busy and your heart couldn’t help but flutter. Then in 2012, your heart started beating hard and fast because of stress from dealing with other people.

For 2013, your physical condition takes center stage. With the #2 Illness Star lurking, you are more prone to falling sick and getting injured. Having a serious physical ailment is a major drain. To keep from getting sick or injured, practice good health habits such as getting regular exercise that is appropriate for your fitness level, eating a nutritious and well-balanced diet and getting sufficient sleep. Also, be mindful when it comes to what you are doing. Now may be a dangerous time for you to be fool-hardy.

The Wind Horse is a must-have for the Year of the Snake.

Apart from looking out for your physical well-being, you may also want to be on guard to prevent the loss of financial resources and good relationships with other people. The money should not be too apprehensive through about 2013. The Dragon and Snake are there to help the Monkey out.

You are not in prime shape to reap all the year’s benefits. According to your elemental profile, the feng shui winds will exhaust your stamina, chi energy, vitality, enthusiasm and inner confidence. In fact, you suffer the lowest of these qualities among the twelve horoscope animals. You will lack motivation and will often doubt yourself. Even with these, something totally unexpected will happen to change your perception of the future. You should push away self-doubt and low self-esteem because the year will bring you something special and you will ultimately succeed in making the best of opportunities falling on your lap. Bear in mind that things will eventually work out and you won’t feel so negative and distressed all the time. To improve your life force (energy) and inner essence (self-assurance), place Five Element Fengshui Crystal Balls or Star of David Crystal Balls in the SW sector and keep the room you occupy brightly lit, respectively.


The luck of the rooster has been mixed as of late. In 2011, it seemed that luck was present in its extreme forms, whether good or bad. Then in 2012, Lady Luck favored you greatly. There was an abundance of money and opportunities.

Money was drawn to you in 2012 but not it looks like you are prone to losing money. 2013 looks to be a dangerous year for you. You are more vulnerable to physical harm and robbery. You are at a risk of losing your investment and it is not recommended that you invest in new businesses.

Roosters should make sure that they are well protected against people with mean intentions. Business owners should see to it that their places of business are safeguarded with all kinds of protection to prevent loss.

Roosters are encouraged to lie low this year. They work not to lose their temper and practice patience to avoid getting into fights.

The Rooster should not worry too much though. Partnering with the Dragon will help the Rooster a lot. The Dragon would be a must-have item for you in 2013. The snake can also help out.


It’s been quite a rollercoaster ride for the dog over the past two years. You came from a high back in 2011 when money came in easily and then 2012 was a corkscrew year beset by defeat and violence.

For 2013, it looks like you’ll be creating another high. You will be emerging from the horrors of 2012 and luck is on your side. You might run into some unexpected money this year and find out that you now have more influence on other people. Opportunities will arise and there will be helpful people around you.

2012 was ruled by a negative star for the dog. To get 2013 off to a good start, clean the Northwest direction. Cleanse with scented incense and chant the right mantras to get rid of losses and a good idea to place charms needed for great fortune to your way and to have more prayers for this year.

Savor the good luck from heaven while it lasts. Share some of the good luck that you will be experiencing.

You will continue to enjoy another good year with successes come in small and big packages. Things that you set out to do will bear fruit for you.

There are many opportunities that come knocking that can grow your wealth and take you into a new league. There are gold to bag, provided if you can grasp them. Your inner chi and vitality energies are pretty bad, and this will trap you in a “negative syndrome”, preventing you from seizing them as you doubt your abilities all the time. You must make real effort to maintain confidence and energy in about all that you are doing. Increase your inner confidence by increasing fire energy around you. Use bright lights and wear red. To drum up your life force (enthusiasm), use crystals. Place Star of David Crystal Balls or Citrine Crystal Ball (s) for Wealth Luck around you. Wear Round Tiger’s Eye Pendant or Polished Halved Ammonite Fossil Pendant.

The Earth Seal Star visits your astrological chart this year. This signifies down-to-earth good fortune and strong support from the Earth Goddesses.


Things have been nothing but interesting for the pig over the past few years. The year 2010 was an excellent year with riches raining upon you. Then luck definitely changed for the worse in 2011 when you had to guard against physical danger and serious loss.

Fortunately 2013′s trend reverses at the #6 Star flies in your corner. It is not the time to celebrate. Heaven’s Luck that is now in the air. Unexpected blessings may arise. You may find yourself speaking with more authority. You may find that there is no shortage of people who are there to give you a hand. Good fortune from a windfall or from passive income rather than your own hard work are not totally out of the questions.

To make sure that the luck from 2013 does not spill over and start from a clean slate, make sure that you clean the northwest, eliminate the previous year’s misfortune. You might want to activate charms to help things go your way.

The Boar’s chart is flanked by two Big Auspicious Stars of the 24 Mountains compass. This is truly a good sign. You will enjoy many good things in the year 2013 that will turn your lifestyle around for the better – whether it is in the love, career or business department. Big Auspicious can manifest in many ways (e.g. landing a big contract, getting a fat bonus, being promoted or clinching a big client.) You can say goodbye to the exhausting energies of 2012 when you were plagued by the untimely #7 hostile star and the gloomy Yin House. Your Life Force rating is healthy which means your energy and vitality levels are excellent. So is your Spirit Essence – where you will enjoy a good sense of confidence, assuredness and balance. Because of this two combination, you will feel very enthusiastic and gung-ho, which is really good because it means you be able to make the most out of the year.

Unfortunately, your personal Wind Horse is very poor this year. This signifies weak success luck. Many hindrances will pop up in your journey to achieving your goal. You can strengthen your Success luck by placing a Feng Shui Fly on Horse or Success Metal Windchime aka Sun and Moon Windchime in the Northwest sector or carrying a Victory Banner with Success Keychain.

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