[PHOTO - Atty. Felipe Gozon, GMA Network CEO]

MANILA, JANUARY 4, 2011 (STAR) TAGUMPAY By Joey Concepcion - My wish is for our new president, P-Noy: that he may continue to do well and inspire this nation with his style of leadership of simplicity and transparency. It is time that Filipinos become “crazy” about being negosyantes and create a culture of enterprising mindsets. We still have a lot of people who are below the poverty line, but a correct mindset of perseverance, persistence and optimism will bring about a lot of change. One president cannot do it alone, but an inspired nation will be able to succeed.

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I pray for continued health for myself and my family, so we may be able to spend many wonderful Christmases together. We at Planters Development Bank fervently wish for peace and prosperity for all Filipinos in the year ahead. — Planters Bank chairman and CEO Ambassador Jesus Tambunting

I wish for our country to move forward. We need to be united so that we can create more jobs and provide a better livelihood for those who struggle to cope day-to-day. —Alaska president Fred Uytengsu

(PHOTO AT LEFT - Ambassador Jesus Tambunting, Planters Bank chairman and CEO)

 As a member of the peace panel negotiating with the MILF, I wish that in the New Year we would make significant progress towards a political settlement. —Senen Bacani

I wish for our company to do well and for our people to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. May our entrepreneurs have more success. —CDO Foodsphere founder Corazon Dayro Ong

I wish for good health, so I can continuously share my talent, time and treasure with the children and women of our country. —Marine Resources Development founder Rosalind Wee

My wish is for Golden ABC to continually progress and at the same time help our country provide stable employment and opportunities to people. I wish for our country’s continued stable and strong leadership and for unity among the different sectors of society. —Golden ABC president and CEO Bernie Liu

I only wish for perfect health for me and mom and definitely economic prosperity for my fellow Filipinos. I also wish that all Filipinos realize that beyond the ephemeral joys brought about by the holiday season, the eternal gains of spreading peace and love should be foremost in each and everyone’s heart! —RA Gapuz Review Center president Ray Gapuz

I wish that P-Noy will be successful in his crusade to eliminate corruption and to uplift the poor and that I will be successful in contributing towards that objective. —DTI Secretary Greg Domingo

(PHOTO - Dennis Valdes, PhilWeb president)

I wish that I would be able to continue working on the charitable initiatives I am involved in. I wish and pray that both my husband and daughter find success in whatever their hearts desire. For our country, I wish for sustained growth and with it, more awareness on how we can all help those who need assistance. —Philippine Tatler managing director Irene Martel-Francisco

As a country, we’ve been gifted with a new political landscape that offers us so many opportunities for growth. We all need to work doubly hard to realize the value in these opportunities. My watchword for 2011 will be “fortitude,” as I feel I will need this inner strength in the face of the challenges and opportunities ahead. —PhilWeb president Dennis Valdes

I wish for our marginalized kababayans to be taken care of by our government, as promised by President P-Noy. —Serial entrepreneur Haresh Hiranand

I wish for myself to continue to see my children find the lives they were meant to live and for our country and for all Filipinos to be empowered so that we can work together to build our nation and make dreams and aspirations come true. —Philippine Transmarine Carriers executive managing director Carla Limcaoco

I hope and pray that our economy will continue to grow, so that there will be more jobs for our countrymen. —Mang Inasal president Edgar “Injap” Sia

I wish for the continued growth and success of my children, of GMA Network, our law firm Belo Gozon Parel Asuncion and Lucila, and our country. I also wish for good health for my family and for peace and unity to reign in our country. —GMA Network CEO Atty. Felipe Gozon

I wish to have more time to spend with my family and my golf game … of course, good health always. I wish that our country would be on its way to economic recovery in its truest sense, where the marginalized and the poor really benefit from government services. —CATS Motors president Felix Ang

I’ve always prayed for a better, happier and more spiritual future for everyone, most especially my employees. My Christmas wish for the entire Filipino nation is peace. —Vibal Publishing House president Esther Vibal

I wish God would grant the best of health for my loved ones, and a continued quiet inner peace and joy for myself. I also hope I can continue to contribute positively to family, friends, colleagues and anonymous lives that I touch on a daily basis. I wish that our country would reach the greater heights it so richly deserves. —Technology entrepreneur Myla Villanueva

I wish SMEs would look forward to attending professional trainings instead of the usual “kapa” method of running their business. I wish entrepreneurs would see prosperity sooner than later in their business while having love in their family. —Day 8 Business Academy Inc. chairman and chief profit strategist Josiah Go

PHOTO - Esther Vibal, Vibal Publishing House president)

I wish that our country would be united in bringing prosperity to our countrymen. —Lamoiyan president and CEO Cecilio Pedro

I wish the simple annual gatherings, which warm all our hearts and are a source of true joy, will live on and be experienced in every Filipino home well into the future. —PLDT senior vice president Eric Alberto

Our country’s political independence is meaningless without economic independence. My wish for 2011 is that our poor will overcome poverty and finally become economically independent. —Social entrepreneur Cynthia Villar

I pray that we are able to affect and infect more people to take up a sustainable lifestyle and to infuse green initiatives in their own businesses. I hope that many more companies adopt Corporate Social Responsibility programs and also wish that there be more social enterprises created in the years to come. —Echostore cofounder Chit Juan

I am looking forward to tying up with Joey Concepcion’s Go Negosyo to launch a “Go Negosyo sa Palayan” to help encourage farmers’ entrepreneurship. —SL Agritech chairman and CEO Henry Lim Bon Liong

I wish there would be less calamities, peace and not war in Asia and better cooperation among friendly countries around the world. —The French Baker president and CEO Johnlu Koa

(PHOTO - Edgar "Injap" Sia, Mang Inasal president)

I wish for the country to stay on track, using the momentum gained in 2010 based on the key principle of integrity to help propel the Philippines towards accelerated growth. —Universal Motors Corporation executive vice president Elizabeth Lee

I hope that our country and its people will use this renewed vigor and optimism to finally make the Philippines a better place for all of us to live in. I hope my businesses in tourism will continue to thrive and will somehow contribute to the growth of tourism in the country. —The Islands Group president and CEO Jay Aldeguer

I wish for good health and positive energy to pursue more educational innovations by Felta Multi-Media Inc. and for the Philippines to develop a science and technology culture for youth as part of the roadmap for our country’s progress and development. —Felta president and CEO Mylene Abiva

My wish since I was a child is to help the poor; I prayed every day for the poor people and how I could help them. God has been guiding me and I still wish that the church I am tasked to help build in Bulacan will be finished soon. —Richwell COO Myrna Yao

I wish I would respond better to negative situations around me and “challenging” people I encounter by maintaining a positive spirit, treating people with honor and respect, enjoying the process, balancing personal and professional pursuits, and making walking with God my ultimate priority. I will go through difficulties well. —Motivational speaker Anthony Pangilinan

I hope that 2011 brings even greater confidence in our leaders, our country and in ourselves. For it is only when people feel confident about their future that they invest in themselves. —BPI Family Bank president TG Limcaoco

My prayer is for love and peace, good health for all and for my education advocacy for the young to be blessed with more success by the Good Lord. —MaryLindbert president Linda Legaspi

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