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MANILA, OCTOBER 29, 2010 (STAR) By Serena Ordoveza - For Dr. Emma Guerrero, president and CEO of Bioessence Philippines, wellness is definitely not skin deep. After 16 years in the business, Bioessence has gone beyond skincare services and focuses on spreading the benefits of total wellness.

Guerrero knew from the start that the business she chose to be in is where her heart truly is. In 1994, she opened her very first clinic in Davao offering basic skincare and slimming treatments. She relied on her own expertise and did most of the procedures herself. She did this with confidence. But things were never too easy for Guerrero because she also had to attend to the business operations, marketing and product development. She was, however, lucky to have been backed by efficient and highly capable therapists whose skills reflected her own standard for quality.

Satisfied clients grew in number and subsequently became regulars of the clinic. As expected, the clients had to wait a little longer for their turn to be attended to. To ease boredom, some would inquire about other services like hair and spa treatment and some wanted manicure or pedicure. The subtle hints and suggestions from the clients paved the way for Guerrero to design something that would benefit not only the “waiting clients” from Davao but every one in the country — “Total Wellness.”

People development and consistency

Bioessence is strong on people development both with its company employees and clients. She opened her very first Metro Manila branch at the Sta. Lucia Mall and although Bioessence was already a strong brand in Davao, its first branch in Metro Manila went through birth pains. But she immediately brought her skillful therapists from Davao to Manila. This effort resulted not only in consistency in terms of quality and service, it also proved to be its key to success and popularity. Now with 48 Bioessence branches nationwide, Guerrero is quite satisfied with where they are right now. “I do not aspire to have hundreds of branches, it is enough for me that the brand is strong, ” she said.

“Keeping the brand strong is another challenge that Bioessence needs especially at this time when skincare clinics are everywhere in sight! The once minimally-staffed clinic in Davao now has over 700 employees nationwide who are all subjected to rigid training and seminars.” Bioessence has opened branches in Sucat and SM Taytay, SM San Pablo and Calamba. For branch expansion, the company has renovated Shoppesville, Binondo, West Avenue and Davao branches. “We are getting bigger and better,” Guerrero added. Jessa Zaragosa graces the grand opening of Bioessence Slimzone at SM Tarlac with Dr. Emma Guerrero and Shiela dela Pena.

Bigger and definitely better

[PHOTO AT LEFT - Jessa Zaragosa graces the grand opening of Bioessence Slimzone at SM Tarlac with Dr. Emma Guerrero and Shiela dela Pena.]

To ensure that all market segments get the best of Bioessence, the company established Bioessence Gold, the middle market Bioessence, and the affordably-priced Facial Plus and Suay Thai. Though targeting different sectors in the society, Guerrero proudly emphasized that all these are doing well. “We cover all the markets as we offer all services — facial, slimming, spa and dermatological services,” she said.

Guerrero never stops learning. She regularly goes out of the country and keenly observes modern procedure so she herself can improve her craft. It is very enlightening to know that during the early years of Bioessence, she even went to the US simply to learn the professional methods as basic as a facial. Guerrero formulates her own products using local and foreign technology. All products that Bioessence recommends to its clients are tried and tested by her.

The life coach

Bioessence, in its 16 years of business, has gone beyond skincare services. With its beautifully designed interiors and dramatic lighting, the clinic treats every client to serene luxury that seems to take away all the pressures and tensions caused by today’s fast-paced lifestyle. “Stress is the primary enemy of wellness,” Guerrero shared.

Regular guests swear that visiting the clinic is like a habit that is quite hard to break. “Not being able to share their problems with anyone else can also be stressful and we have a lot of clients who come to the clinic not only for the treatment but also for small talk with our therapists,” Guerrero said.

Community service programs

As a way of repaying the trust and confidence the clients have given them, Bioessence is active in community service programs. Recently, they held free aerobics at Marquee Mall where the public can join the fitness activity even if they are not enrolled in any of Bioessence’s program. The “Bioessence Beyond Beauty” event held last September also delighted the guests as it was a whole day of spa and beauty treatments readily given to the attendees totally free of charge!

Guerrero actively plays her role. Despite the evident success of Bioessence, she is continuously learning and shares what she learns. Her advocacy of educating people on total wellness never stops. She is still very much part of her people’s training and continuous development, participates in community service programs and she does all this with only one purpose in mind — to spread the beauty of wellness.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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