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Why Teodoro, Villar, Gordon and Estrada lost

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If it were not for the fact that Gibo Teodoro was associated with the present squatter of Malacañang, I would’ve seriously considered him the most worthy candidate for the presidency. However, as a law dean said, “galing at talino” (competence and intelligence) would not be enough as far as the present situation of the country is concerned. We have to vote for the person who can plug the hole into which the country has fallen. And right now, that hole is corruption. Right now, what we need is a person who is stubborn enough to get rid of people who are digging our country’s grave. Gibo, for all his brilliance and sterling credentials, is not the man for this job. His “galing at talino” will only be useful if he dissociates himself from the persons he continues to pay homage to. His reluctance to openly drop Arroyo cost him the presidency. His insistence that the Constitution needs to be amended, even if the consequence of such a move means Arroyo’s resurrection and ascendancy to power, cost him the trust of the people.

When will Filipinos learn that they are not as dumb as Arroyo would like them to believe? Did Manny Villar really believe that he could hypnotize people into voting for him by flooding media with his ads? He should’ve learned from Prospero Pichay who tried to “plant” himself in the Senate by spending preposterous amounts for ads. In the end, the millions or billions of pesos he spent sent him to the kangkungan instead of to the “Upper House.” A barrage of ads will only work for persons who have credibility in the eyes of the public. Mar Roxas had this when he bombarded the airwaves with his “Mr. Palengke” jingle. Villar did not have it during the campaign.

As for Richard Gordon, he’s no Optimus Prime, to be sure. While he may seem to possess the attributes that make for a good president, his haughty approach may have turned off many Filipinos. He once said that we should not focus too much on the sins of the past and instead move unceasingly forward. He was wrong there. Going along with his plan would have set a bad precedent. It would send the message that we can steal all we want so long as we don’t get caught with our fingers inside the cookie jar.

Erap Estrada joined the electoral fray with nary a thought that he could pull off some miracle. But thanks to his and Juan Ponce Enrile’s tirades against Villar, Estrada drew supporters of Villar to his camp. He placed second behind the man in yellow. I think this feat alone already is enough to make him feel that he has already won. After all, he only wanted to go out with a big bang. And it looks like he will.

—RUEL H. ESPALDON 1275 Don Quijote St., Sampaloc, Manila

Why not Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro Jr.? News Type: Opinion — Sat May 8, 2010 7:23 PM EDT By Jesusa Bernardo

GILBERT "Gibo" Teodoro Jr., the official LAKAS standard-bearer, seems on the outset a powerhouse of competence, much helped by his "Galing at Talino" (Intelligence & Competence) presidential campaign packaging. He graduated top of his law class at the University of the Philippines, being even awarded with the Dean's Medal of Academic Excellence. He then topped the bar in 1989 with a score of 86.185%. In 1997, he obtained his Master of Law degree from Harvard Law School in Boston, Massachusetts. "Very cool" and "very unassuming" he was in college and apparently even up to now.

After graduation until 2007, Teodoro Jr. served as Congressman for Tarlac's First District. He was apparently so good he even became the Assistant Majority Leader in the 11th Congress. He passed quite a number of bills. Very impressive intelligence and performance as solon. 'Matalino' indeed he is. 'Magaling' he also is based on his legislative record.

In August 2007, "President" Gloria Arroyo appointed him Secretary of National Defense, remaining in that position until the administration LAKAS party drafted him as its standard-bearer for the presidential race come May 10, 2010. It is the executive branch record of "Gibby" a.k.a. Gibo, along with his adamant vow of loyalty to the Illegitimate "President" Gloria Macapagal Arroyo that I find disconcerting.

Gloria's Impunity Deserves No "Utang na Loob" from Gibo

Lest anyone forget, Gloria Arroyo--the object of Gibo's 'loyalty' has marked a legacy of immoral governance unparalleled in the entire history of the Philippine Islands. The least the former DND Secretary should have done for his presidential race is declare independence from the Illegitimate President--something he adamantly refuses to do based on his ridiculous claim that he is bound to bestow loyalty to Arroyo as a way of observing the Filipino value of utang na loob (sense/feeling of gratitude or indebtedness). Doesn't it sound crazy to hear loyalty being professed in a company of thieves, cheaters, liars and simply, masters of impunity?

In her nine-year reign, she has been variously called unpalatable terms that anyone with even an iota of another Filipino used-to-be-cherished value of delicadeza would have found extremely repugnant. The widow of Fernando Poe Jr., the real victor during the 2004 elections, alluded to her as liar and thief and called her power grabber" not once but twice." Her own man, former NEDA Executive Director and CHED Chair Romulo Neri supposedly described her as "evil, with another even calling her a "lucky b_tch."

In late 2007, she was adjudged the "Most Corrupt President in Philippine History" during a nationwide survey. Lately, she's been described as responsible for greatly damaging the moral fiber of the nation. As the religious-clergy group Filipinos Sunday charged, Arroyo and her minions "lie and cheat with impunity," as "No institution of our democratic system has been spared. No sector of society left unmolested. Long standing traditions have been violated."

Arroyo's also a constitutional violator, not limited to electoral fraud. Adding to her almost endless litany of corruption-laden deals was her entering into the multi-billion-peso Northrail Project without prior Monetary Board approval and the hugely scandalous-before=being-cancelled NBN-ZTE broadband project. Based from the 2005-2008 articles of unsuccessful impeachment proceedings, she also engaged in the misuse and abuse of presidential powers, including acts of the unconstitutional transfer of funds between government agencies, or from a government entity to political partisan projects.

Perhaps worst, from the perspective of human rights, is her conspiring and tolerating of extrajudicial killings that have victimized Filipinos from pretty much a broad spectrum of political colors. Even before the infamous Ampatuan massacre took place in late 2009, the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines already described Arroyo's administration's legacy as one of "bloodshed and repression, its acts of omission and commission nurturing the impunity with which the enemies of press freedom have operated." As of 2009, the alternative media entity Bulatlat counts "more than 200 Filipinos--mostly activists--[who] have disappeared" under her reign. The most infamous of the desaparecido cases involve those of Jonas Burgos, son of Malaya founder and publisher, and University of the Philippines students Karen Empeno and Sherlyn Cadapan.

Disrespect with people's lives, unfortunately, did not stop with the activists and critics. The height of impunity would come by way of the heinous mass murder of 57 individuals, including some 31 journalists and 26 women, children and other relatives and friends of the Ampatuan's rival clan of Mangadudatus on November 23, 2009. The Ampatuan massacre perhaps best symbolizes the callous, fraudulent rule of Gloria as the killing en masse actually ties to the 2004 travesty of the democratic process.

As revealed by the "Hello Garci" wiretapped evidence of 2004 electoral fraud, Arroyo spoke with former elections commissioner Virgilio Garcillano over details of efforts to manipulate the outcome of the presidential race in her favor. Playing a critical role in the poll manipulation that deprived FPJ of his rightful place in Malacanang was the Ampatuan warlord clan of Maguindanao province. In the official vote tally, Arroyo's lead over opposition bet Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) in seven towns controlled by the Ampatuans had the incredible average ratio of 99.83% to 0.17%; in two towns, FPJ even got a near-impossible zero vote each, with all votes going to Arroyo.

To cut the long story short, why would any decent, morally upright, intelligent, be principled man feel indebted to a political creature like Arroyo--enough to swear unfaltering loyalty to the Illegitimate? If Teodoro Jr. were truly decent, really morally upright, and genuinely be principled, why does he feel he has to reciprocate his appointment as DND chief with unwavering loyalty undeterred by reports of Villar/Aquino as the incumbent's "secret candidate." Amidst Arroyo's wickedness, the utang na loob line definitely does not fly. Unless Gibo is wicked himself and secretly in on Arroyo's evil schemes.

Gibo's Culpability and Incompetence as DND Secretary

While it is true that "Gibby" alias Gibo joined Arroyo's government only in August 2007 and, therefore, he was not part and parcel of much of her reign of impunity, the official LAKAS standard bearer is not entirely free of culpability. The Ampatuan massacre, it should be noted, occurred in 2009, over two years after he assumed leadership of the Defense department. How is it that under his very nose, the Ampatuans managed to grow (or continued to grow) too powerful and confident enough to have the temerity to perpetuate such a heinous, big-scale crime?

Simplistic clan vendetta the massacre was not because no warlord would dare include 31 or so innocent media people in any mass killing--unless he is confident of political support from the national government. What is more, regional policemen were reportedly involved and that the mass grave was supposedly dug days before the mass murder. What was Gibo doing in all these--sleepin on the job? He might not be the chief of the Philippine National Police but with his military connections, he should have been aware somehow of the movements prior to the massacre.

In fact, beyond incompetence, Gibo could be liable for abetting and tolerating the abuses and crimes of the Ampatuans. Maguindanao's infamous warlord clan has long been well known to be operating a private army that includes deputized paramilitary members and have controlled the province and even the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). The existence of private armies is directly the DND secretary's concern. While Arroyo probably nurtured Ampatuan's warlordism in 2004 or earlier as a way of securing guaranteed (translation: fraudulent) Maguindanao votes, Teodoro should have been able to address the problem pretty soon after getting the DND portfolio.

Obviously, Gibo failed to carry out his duties as defense secretary when the Ampatuans seemingly even became bolder when they committed the heinous Ampatuan massacre. Under the incompetent watch of the presidentiable who has built his campaign on the Galing at Talino slogan, the dreadful Maguindanao warlord clan utilized its paramilitary-powered private army to commit the worst crime ever wrought on journalists. According to the Committee for the Protection of Journalists, the Ampatuan massacre holds the record of having the greatest number of media people ever killed in a single day. .

Gibo's Ineptness as NDCC Chief

The Ampatuan massacre was not actually Gilbert Teodoro's first show of incompetence. Who among the less gullibles could really forget the ineptness of the National Disaster Coordinating Center, which he concurrently headed as DND chief, during the Ondoy typhoon tragedy last September 2009? How many lives could have been saved had the NDCC been prepared for such a contingency and acted more swiftly in its rescue efforts?

Amidst the pleas for help, the cries of despair and drowning deaths of many, it was primarily the non-governmental entities, the media people in particular, who supplanted Gibo's missing hand when they set out to rescue and assist the affected Filipinos during the crucial initial hours of the flooding. The feeling of the Metro Manilans during those early hours of the Ondoy disaster was one of helplessness--spurred by the marked absence of government.

Teodoro defended the late government response to the flash floods by reasoning that the country only had 13 rubber boats at that time. So where did the $1.9 million emergency response official development assistance (ODA) and $6.6 million disaster preparedness allotment that Gloria's government received in 2007 go? The LAKAS presidentiable may arguably not have had a say in the nearly $1 million and reconstruction relief and rehabilitation funds the government got in 2006 but what of the huge assistance funds around the time he took office?

Is the lack of rubber boats a case of disastrous ignorant planning by Gibo's NDCC team? How is it that the entire government pitifully only had 13 rubber boats when three years ago, the government already recognized the dangers of climate change as evidenced by its creation of the Presidential Task Force on Climate Change (PTFCC)? As quoted by, the PTFCC's creation was spurred by the recognition that the archipelago "is highly vulnerable to the adverse effects resulting from climate changes and has been experiencing unusual number of high-intensity typhoons that have wrought devastation and anguish to our people."

The need for more life boats in the face of the adverse impacts of climate change on our archipelagic country--is that so hard for Gibo to figure out? Or is it a case of misappropriation, if not corruption of funds sanctioned or even helped perpetuated by then-NDCC head Teodoro Jr.?

When Gibo's camp and his deluded partisans take pride in his Galing at Talino, it makes one wonder whether they're purely buying his campaign line. Did they even consider his entire track record in government service, which includes his performance in the executive branch under which the position he is aspiring for falls under? For the "silent" supporters of Gibo, it seems that his Galing at Talino packaging got the better of them such that they skipped the part on the former DND Secretary's gross ineptness in, if not culpability for, the Ondoy disaster and Ampatuan massacre.


The presidency is not just about shallow qualifications. To echo columnist Herman Tiu Laurel's argument, the presidency is, above all, governance fueled by "love for the people and standing by a firm conviction." Ideally, a conviction marked by "strong belief in his own cause to risk and actually suffer detention for it." Erap has shown his conviction and lover for the Filipinos, the masa in particular--but Gibo, with his unfaltering loyalty to wicked Gloria and dismal performance as DND/NDCC chief--has not.

Additionally, another Cojuangco--another member of an ilustrado family, of Chinese variant though the family may be--being in a powerful position will represent not only the continued perpetration of political dynasties but, worse, continued elite control or influence on the reigns of power in the Philippines. During President Ferdinand Marcos' time, there was Gibo's first degree uncle, Eduardo "Danding" Cojuangco as influential crony. Then with Marcos's ouster came President Corazon "Cory" Cojuangco Aquino, Danding's cousin, with these two Cojuangco branches continuing to be influential up to now. Then again, Noynoy Aquino of the Liberal Party, Cory's son, is also a Cojuangco.

For all Gibo's intelligence and worthy performance in Congress, his stint in Gloria Arroyo's cabinet showed incompetence, if not corruption collusion with the Illegitimate. His adamant vow of loyalty to the "Most Corrupt President in Philippine History" based on a feeling of indebtedness is not only ridiculous, but suspect as well. Gibo may be a perfect picture of shallow qualifications but is a very poor choice in terms of patriotic and competent executive service. In short, a Gibo win could virtually spell another six years of the wicked Illegitimate's rule. No to Gibo please....

Aquino: Kris, Shalani not in Cabinet but Teodoro may be invited

By Gil C. Cabacungan Jr., Philip Tubeza Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 04:04:00 05/12/2010 Filed Under: Inquirer Politics, Eleksyon 2010, Elections, Government

TARLAC CITY—Presidential front-runner Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is seriously thinking of inviting his cousin Gilbert Teodoro to join the “talent search” for members of his proposed Cabinet.

In a press conference Tuesday, Aquino disclosed that he had checked out the ban on hiring relatives up to the fourth degree of consanguinity and found that it did not apply to Teodoro because their kinship was in the fifth degree.

Teodoro, the Lakas-Kampi-CMD standard-bearer, was among the candidates who conceded the presidential race to Aquino on Tuesday.

“That’s possible,” Aquino said when asked if Teodoro was being considered for his planned Cabinet. Previously, he observed that among his rivals for the presidency, only Teodoro and Bangon Pilipinas standard-bearer Bro. Eddie Villanueva had not attacked him personally in the 90-day campaign.

Aquino said that while he was open to meeting with his cousin, “I will understand if he does not want to talk to anybody in the next few days.”

“He tried to keep the debate at a high standard, and for that I am thankful,” said Aquino, the standard-bearer of the Liberal Party (LP).

No posts for Kris, Shalani

Aquino was firm that his sister, celebrity host Kris Aquino, and girlfriend, Valenzuela Councilor Shalani Soledad, would have no official functions in his administration.

“Kris, I think, craves that she has no role in my government. And Shalani will perform her functions as city councilor,” he said.

So far, only Corazon “Dinky” Soliman, who quit as social welfare secretary under President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration, has agreed to take up her old post, Aquino said.

He said his top choice for executive secretary was a lawyer-friend—an LP member but not a candidate—who had yet to decide on whether to give up his private practice.

Aquino said a search committee would be formed to oversee the talent search for Cabinet positions.

To trim Cabinet

He said he planned to personally interview all his appointees, who, he added, would have to agree to make sacrifices in the next six years.

“Not only will I not steal but I will [also] go after those who are stealing,” Aquino said.

He said he planned to reduce not only the Cabinet positions but also the number of consultants, and to retain only the important agencies.

Aquino also said he had “a surplus of talent” from which to choose the members of a commission that would resolve outstanding issues in the Arroyo administration, such as the “Hello Garci” election fraud scandal and the P728-million fertilizer fund scam.

He said he intended to undo the “midnight” appointments and deals that Ms Arroyo made in the last months of her term, and that his lawyers were crafting a mechanism on how to counteract her plan to appoint the successor of Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno.

He added that while the Supreme Court had given Ms Aquino the authority to make the appointment, it was an unconstitutional move that should be reversed when he takes up the reins of government.

Transition team

Soliman herself announced at a press conference Tuesday in Manila that with Aquino expected to win the presidency, his campaign was forming a “transition team” that would negotiate a smooth transition of power with the outgoing administration and also help jump-start the effort to ensure Ms Arroyo’s accountability for alleged crimes.

“One of the sure things being prepared at this stage is the transition team,” Soliman said, adding that Aquino would announce the members of the team “in the next two days.”

“Senator Noy is making consultations on who will be included [in the team], and their mandate,” she said.

According to Soliman, Aquino will choose the members of the transition team that will lay the groundwork for a commission tasked to go after Ms. Arroyo.

“[Aquino’s mandate] is clear on that, and it is an important thing for those who are with him. I think that will be one of the outputs of the transition team, so that it would already be rolling as the leadership enters on July 1,” she said.

Soliman said Ms Arroyo should be made to answer for the purported crimes that happened under her watch.

Arroyo’s corruption issues

“Senator Noy has said that it is important that Ms Arroyo be made to account for all the issues that have been raised against her, specifically issues on corruption, stealing and even ... killing because I know there are groups that are ready [to file] cases in our courts, and even in international courts, on those three issues,” Soliman said, adding:

“There should be a recognition that she did wrong, particularly, for me, the betrayal of our country which had expected an honest government.”

Special commission for Cha-cha

While he expressed satisfaction with the turnout of votes for his allies in local positions, Aquino said it remained his top priority to talk with members of both chambers of Congress, including the incumbent senators, to gain their support for policy reforms that would set the country on the right course.

Aquino is also expected to form a special commission to determine whether the public would back Charter change and finally resolve this contentious issue.

On whether he would make wholesale changes in the military leadership, Aquino refused to give “a blanket answer to a blanket question.”

He said there were “less professional” members of the military brass, and that he might need to call their attention for their actions.

Hyatt 10

Soliman said it was not clear if the “Hyatt 10” and other former government executives who helped in Aquino’s campaign would get posts in his administration.

She belongs to the Hyatt 10, a group of Cabinet officials who quit their posts at the height of the “Hello Garci” election fraud scandal in 2005 and called on Ms Arroyo to step down.

When asked about Aquino’s offer for her to join his proposed Cabinet, Soliman said they had yet to discuss details but that she was prepared to do her part in the government.

“He would say before: ‘It is important for you to help if we’re able to cross the Pasig and make it to Malacañang.’ I would always say that I’m ready to serve the people under the leadership of Senators Noy and [Mar] Roxas,” she said.

Soliman said the Aquino campaign had yet to discuss appointments in the incoming administration because it was still busy making sure that the votes, particularly those for Roxas, would be counted.



"The greatest good we can do to our country is to heal its party divisions and make them one people." - Thomas Jefferson to John Dickinson, 1801.

"History, in general, only informs us what bad government is." Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, 1807.

"Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question."- Thomas Jefferson: 1st Inaugural, 1801.

"The duty of an upright administration is to pursue its course steadily, to know nothing of these family dissensions, and to cherish the good principles of both parties." Thomas Jefferson to George Logan, 1805.

FROM NOSA OLOTU: Someone who won't tell you not to do it but how you can do it.

"Loyalty to the party leadership is essential. The question therefore isn’t whether you should be loyal to the president or the political party; it is more about being loyal to yourself and the course you have chosen to pursue. If you are a principled person, you would have been very careful in choosing the political party you want to associate with. A political party may claim to uphold similar values and beliefs that you hold but that is nothing if the leadership does not believe in its manifesto.


The paragraph above leaves us with another difficult puzzle. How do you challenge the political leadership to toe the party line without losing favor? If politics is a career and a business, preserving self-interest is the fundamental consideration of all the ambitious players.


The best approach to challenging the leadership of a political party is to apply your change management skill, tact and negotiating skills. You have to test the water by sampling the views of other leading party members, particularly the less ambitious ones. It is the less ambitious group of party members that I classify as the king makers. They are the ones that sit back and watch things unfold. Politics isn’t a career or a business for them and they are therefore able to call the party leader’s bluff.


Generally, a political party will survive the president and many presidents will come and go. So the party should always come first. Loyalty to the president should only be to the extent that the president tows the party line and implements the party manifesto."  

Nosa Olotu, UK



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