On corruption, Gibo says:

This is a very important and sensitive topic as it affects us all to the core. How a presidential candidate plans to attack this problem and how early this will happen remains one of the toughest challenges the new president will have to contend with, specially after strings of corruption issues thrown at outgoing president Gloria Arroyo.

"You have to improve the standard of living also of government officials. You have to make rules more reasonable, you have to have transparency. And then probably, you can deal very strongly with corruption."

Transparency has been an often abused word in this campaign and campaigns before this. It is so easy to say there will be transparency but actual implementation is another story altogether. Raising the standard of living of rank and file public servants is of course, good. But the problem is that most of the high-priced corruption happen up in the organization chart -- those public officials already living way up the so-called "decent" standard of living. But yes, transparency will indeed reduce corruption. Question is, how transparent is transparent? Wire-tapped calls? Publicly available bank transaction records? How far can it go without encroaching on the right to privacy?

Someone’s right to privacy will always be an issue in this regard not unless the people involved voluntarily waive this right to privacy for the sake of transparency. Waiver as such should be done ala prenuptial agreement or before they assume government positions and not years after or when they’re being subjected to legal scrutiny. This way watchdogs will have the free-hand in monitoring a government officials and periodically subject them to scrutiny; life styles a public servant visibly expanding out of proportion can be immediately checked without legal impediments. It’s like nipping the problem right in the bud to avoid further damage.

To improve government collection, all public fees (income tax, registrations fees, licenses, etc.) must be paid directly to the bank account of the government. To save employees from the temptations of corruption, no money should change hands between a government employee and the paying public. These suggestions may sound strange, but if we really mean to eradicate corruption in the government, this could be one of the possible ways to do it. Overhaul the entire system by implementing preventive steps and plugging all possible ways to committing corruption in the government in addition to improving the standards of living of public servants. ----------------

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