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MANILA, FEBRUARY 25, 2010 (STAR)  C'EST CEBU By Honey Jarque Loop - Then a student, 18-year-old Hilary Overton crossed the Pacific Ocean and came to Cebu to complete her course curriculum required for graduation by her school, the National College of Midwifery in the United States.

During her two years stay on the island, she assisted in the delivery of many babies in a busy clinic, ironically located near a graveyard.

This daunting experience, without a doubt, left an unforgettable mark in her young adult life. With her midwifery license, Hilary felt compelled to return to Cebu, where she founded Glory Reborn in September 2003, a maternity care clinic, together with her supportive husband David Overton.

The non-profit organization has established a clinic that provides high-quality medical care, regardless of social status or economic capacity. Since then, it has given free maternal care to thousands of patients, delivered over 1,700 healthy babies, and continuously provides a professional and safe environment for the women of Cebu to receive proper healthcare from competent staff of licensed health care professionals


Glory Reborn has the best labor and delivery staff available. They are supported by licensed midwives and nurses, dedicated to updating their practices to international standards. Beyond that, each of them have shown a willingness to serve their own people by showing kindness to every woman under their care. The clinic also has two consulting physicians who oversee daily practices and handle high-risk cases.

Close friends of the dedicated couple, Jason and Anna Hyatt, owners of Abaca, one of the finest restaurants in Mactan, and the newly opened Maya, a resto-bar that serves authentic Mexican dishes, invited other friends for cocktails to meet David and Hilary, who enthusiastically shared their ever expanding vision and hope in forging ahead with Glory Reborn and for maternity care worldwide.

The organization is currently seeking donations of medical equipments and medicines to improve the quality of care that they provide.

Ready to answer the call and generously extended their assistance were Honorary Consul of the Netherlands Bobby Aboitiz and his wife Marian, Honorary Consul of Sweden Jose Sala and his supportive wife Susan, vintage cars collector Antonio Lozada, wellness advocates Stephan and Margie Senz, SM City’s Marissa Fernan, restaurateurs Ato and Gigi Alvarez, Edwin Ortiz and Lita Urbina, talented designers Philip Rodriguez and Arcy Gayatin, young working socialites June Alegrado, Iris Arcenas, Christine Taylor, and patroness of the arts Elvira Luym and Joy Onglatco.

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