[PHOTO AT LEFT -  Liza Marcos]

MANILA, JANUARY 29, 2010 (STAR) With a surname such as Marcos, it might be easy for some to think that a family member is all stern and serious. However, that thought should be reserved only to people who have never met a Marcos. After all, the Marcos we met —Liza Araneta Marcos — was a fun subject to interview.

As soon as she arrived, Liza asked if everybody had eaten. Sensing that the people around her were probably too embarrassed to admit it, Liza immediately requested her house help to bring in snacks. And then she sat back in the sofa humoring her guests and bantering with her three kids Sandro, Simon and Vincent.

This was probably a welcome change of pace for the hard-working lawyer, who wakes up early to go to the gym and then buries herself with work in her law firm. “Now that it is election time again, as my husband Bongbong is running for senator, I also look after his campaign. We have dinner and sometimes watch a movie.”

She reveals that she is an insomniac. “I sleep at at least 2 a.m. I start sending e-mails around that time as well,” she laughs.

But no, Liza does not consider her job stressful. She says, “It was stressful in the beginning because I had to organize everything but with the associates around, I just delegate tasks. I do love a good massage after work though. I am a massage person.”

We complimented her skin, to which she laughed. “You know, my mother (the former Milagros Cacho) taught me that less is more. I just use water to wash my face. I don’t even use a toner, just lotion. That is all. Our family follows Fit For Life though.”

Liza has good words for makeup company Ever Bilena’s lineup of cosmetic products, especially EB Essentials, EB Concealer Stick and EB Advance Lighting Lip Gloss. Ever Bilena Essentials comes in four different creams — night cream, day cream, moisture cream and whitening cream, which all contain Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E that provide optimal care as they revive your skin from environmental impurities. The Concealer Stick is easy to apply and lasts all day. It conceals dark circles and skin imperfections. EB Advance Lighting Lip Goss is delicately formulated with Vitamin E to protect lips from drying up.

When the subject turned to her family, Liza directs her eyes to her three boys and playfully asks, “Am I a good mom?” The kids, who all attend boarding school in England, jokingly roll their eyes. Liza bursts out laughing.

“How about as a wife? Bongbong is so easy to get along with,” she states.

Although the demands of election days are already here, Liza still wants to be able to share her talents and expertise more. This is, after all, the same person who taught Law in Northwestern University and Far Eastern University.

“I really want to go back to teaching Law,” she declares. “Maybe when I find a suitable school to teach in.”

Asked to describe herself, she again calls out to her kids, “Describe me.” They roll up their eyes again and laugh. Liza joins in the laughter and answers, “I’m just simple and natural. That’s it.” — Lester Hallig

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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