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MANILA, NOVEMBER 19, 2009 (STAR) Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announced the world’s first solar-powered mobile phone — the Crest Solar (E1107). The new handset enables its users to charge the battery anywhere the sun is shining when electricity is unavailable.

“The Crest Solar represents our effort and commitment to strengthen our leadership in the solar panel mobile market,” said Charles Choi, VP for HHP Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation. “With Samsung’s cutting-edge technology and consumer-oriented strategy, I believe the Crest Solar will be the perfect fit for anyone in any market — not only because it is solar powered, but because it has features that were designed to appeal to various cultures.”

Powered By The Sun

With an extended solar-powered battery, the Samsung Crest Solar solves the problem of unavailable or unstable electrical outlets, particularly in rural areas. The phone has the capacity to provide around five to 10 minutes of talk time with one hour of solar charging. Moreover, the solar panel charging allows its users to save money and energy consumption on traditional electrical charging.

Measured when the phone is turned-off under the sun light of 80,000 Lux. Results can be different depending on circumstances.

The Crest Solar comes in a compact design with essential mobile phone features such as FM radio, MP3 ring tones, embedded games and a powerful torch light. For consumer safety, the phone offers Mobile Tracker, which automatically alerts when the SIM card is changed or sends out an SOS message in an emergency. The Crest Solar also has a fake call feature, so users can pretend they have an incoming call when necessary.

To satisfy Crest Solar users in various markets, Samsung offers localized features for different countries. For instance, it offers profile screening for bikers in the Southeast Asian market that provides incoming call alerts only from selected contacts for safe riding. The Crest Solar also provides specialized features for different religions such as alerts for prayer time.

The Crest Solar E1107 is available at all authorized Samsung mobile dealer shops nationwide, suggested retail price is at P2,990.

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