MARCH 18, 2009 (With full support from the PHNO org.) Press Release March 16, 2009 from YOUTH STOP BNPP REVIVIAL group - “The BNPP revival will rob us of our future!” Youth group opposed to the power plant revival is launched at the UP DILIMAN TAMBAYAN COMPLEX, full address below this article. Please sign the petition to Philippine Congress here:

The Youth STOP BNPP Revival! (Youth and Students Opposed to BNPP Revival) was successfully launched at a forum held at the College of Engineering at UP Diliman last Friday, March 13, 2009.

Over a hundred individuals signed up in the unity statement of the alliance during the forum. “The youth will suffer the most,” said Marjorie Pamintuan, Youth STOP BNPP Revival! spokesperson and Vice Chairperson of AGHAM Youth (Student Advocates of Science and Technology for the People).

Pamintuan added that the revival of the mothballed nuclear power plant in Bataan poses great risks to a large portion of the population. “Running the plant effectively takes away our chances of having a good future by worsening the economic burdens of our families through imposed taxes and threatening our well being because of its environmental and health effects”, said Pamintuan.

Concerned students from Bataan also strongly opposed the BNPP revival. “Our parents and those who came before us fought against the operation of the nuclear power plant in the 1980s because they knew it will rob their children and grandchildren of a good future. It is also by that reason that we youth and students from Bataan oppose the revival of the BNPP and continue that fight that was already won, but disrespected by the proponents of the revival,” said John Paul Gelomina, a concerned student from Bataan.

“The BNPP Revival endangers the youth’s right to education,” added co-convenor Jemimah Garcia, chairperson of Anakbayan UP Diliman. “It exposes the government’s abandonment of its responsibility to provide the youth with affordable or free quality education by choosing to invest $1 billion on a dangerous nuclear power plant instead of using it to build new schools, improve public school facilities and sponsor scholarships to poor and deserving students.”

League of Filipino Students-UP College of Science Chapter spokesperson Ram Hernandez added that the planned reopening of the plant shows the lack of concern the government has towards the welfare of the youth and the whole population in general. The environmental organization UP Club EcoTour joined the chorus with calls to “Save Mother Earth! Save our health!” UP Club EcoTour Chairperson Jonaleen Kris-Ann Argel said that “the BNPP puts the Philippine environment in great danger.

The various flora and fauna which we can be proud of, found not only in Bataan but in the whole country, will be destroyed in the event of a nuclear accident.” As part of its campaign against the revival of the nuclear power plant, Youth STOP BNPP Revival! will have a Youth Jog Against BNPP Revival on March 19, 5pm at the UP Academic Oval. In solidarity with the Bataan youth, alliance delegates will head for Morong, Bataan on March 26 to participate in the next day’s prayer rally against the BNPP revival. The forum, entitled “Stop BNPP Revival!”, was attended by nearly a hundred students.

Youth groups and students voiced out their opposition to the BNPP revival because of the environmental and economic damages it will cause. ###

Youth STOP BNPP Revival
Vinzons Hill Tambayan Complex, UP Diliman
Marjorie Pamintuan
Spokesperson, Youth STOP BNPP Revival

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