MANILA, OCTOBER 27, 2008 (STAR) RENDEZVOUS By Christine S. Dayrit - It was the perfect weekend as fair winds blew gently over the fiery peninsula. Impeccably paved roads traversing lush countryside views and majestic mountain ranges elicited great excitement in anticipation of the much-awaited 7th Punta Fuego Sports Fiesta in Nasugbu, Batangas. The divinely blessed scenery en route to this luxury seaside paradise, venue of the nautical competition, seemed to be a prelude to the fun and adventure that was yet to unfold. My heart skipped a beat as I gazed upon the azure sea.

The view from the reception lobby of the Marina Bar at the Yacht Club of Club Punta Fuego, a Spanish-Mediterranean-themed paradise, was awesome with the vast expanse of the South China Sea where Hobie Cats, keelboats, handsome yachts and sailboats playfully gliding past showed off their eclectic-hued masts. The colors reflected the high spirits of the sailors and spectators, epitomizing a fabulous lifestyle of leisure at its finest.

Say the words “Punta Fuego” and a luxury resort par excellence comes to mind. A luxury lifestyle that is synonymous to exhilarating leisure; a posh celebration of the best life has to offer: savory style, creative originality, impeccable service and pure gastronomy.

The dynamic property management company behind these landmark, stellar developments is Landco, a company that knows how to astonish by almost inadvertently renewing and reviving forgotten themes and suddenly transforming them with a modern touch.

In our globalized world with its tendency towards sterilized lifestyles and elevated standards of hospitality, the clamor for world-class service has become a great challenge. Fortunately, Landco, founded in 1990 by Alfred Xerez-Burgos Jr., has propelled an exceptionally innovative kind of global service, a privileged approach, proudly heralding precious addresses that transform an ordinary stay into something truly exceptional. Entering into any of their properties is like stepping into a world that’s more cozy, elegant, refined, luxurious and original than any other. Perfected right down to the last tiny detail, this haven of luxury is definitely something to savor. The purveyor of leisure living experiences, Landco is committed to consistently create innovative and outstanding lifestyle products that revolutionize the way people live. What began as Landco’s philosophy to create the ultimate leisure experience in each of its developments has now become a brand battle cry to deliver “Life at Your Leisure” through all its developments — whether it is a leisure community, urban or hometown community, hotels or resorts.

“Because land is a God-given, valuable and scarce resource, Landco is committed to transform it into high-quality developments that create superior value, enhance lifestyle, and preserve the environment,” said Alby Xerez-Burgos, Landco’s SVP and chief marketing officer. Being the second-generation property czar, Alby is at the helm of this trailblazing Landco group of leisure developments. He said that long before they got into their business, the concept of vacation homes (especially in Baguio) already existed. He added that they introduced to the market an organized approach towards creating luxury leisure to provide their clients with all the existing facilities and five-star amenities one desired. No need to think of whatever else you need because they have thought it out in detail already. As if that wasn’t enough, a fabulous return on investment awaits lot owners and property investors as property appreciates in value multiplying your initial investment immensely. You not only enjoy the property with family and loved ones; you also reap a profit from the property appreciation. The development has it all, if you are a lover of the sea, mountains, nature, planting, nostalgic heritage, and provincial rustic charm — a multitude of choices awaits you.

One leisure community is the Peninsula de Punta Fuego, an exclusive, world-class seaside community along the coast of Nasugbu, Batangas, which has become the benchmark for a seaside residential resort. Because of Punta Fuego’s success, Terrazas de Punta Fuego was born. The latest developments atop a premier spot overlooking the Terrazas and South China Sea is the Amara en Terrazas, an exclusive seaside residential resort condominium development with a total of 95 prestigious units arranged in a single corridor. A fusion of Asian and Western architecture, it features an unobstructed view of the pristine South China Sea, the Terrazas Cove and nearby communities. This early excitement runs high with a Balinese-themed development — the Peak, which, as the name connotes, is located at the highest point of the Punta Fuego property with exhilarating mountain views as well.

An originator of industry firsts, Landco started its first project, Canyon Woods Residential Resort, and revolutionized the second-home industry. It has coined and added to real estate jargon phrases like “residential resorts,” “leisure farms” and “leisure tourism estates.” Another first in Landco’s roster of resort communities is Hacienda Escudero, which features the country’s rich cultural heritage and traditions. Leisure Farms in Lemery, Batangas is the first agro-tourism, residential and hobby farming community in the country. Another original concept quickly followed — Ponderosa Leisure Farms, the first flower garden residential community. Plaza Laiya, with a pristine 1.5-km beachfront, in the south-easternmost tip of Batangas is another seaside residential resort community development. Uniquely rustic Asian tropical design with a touch of the contemporary, Playa Laiya is another dream property as well as Playa Azalea in Samal Island Davao and Playa Calatagan, a 92-hectare seaside residential and integrated community — the country’s first leisure tourism destination.

At the Terrazas Punta Fuego, it was indeed a night of fiery flavors as head chef Mikel Arriet Arruiz whipped up a delectable spread of Mongolian barbeque utilizing the freshest vegetables, seafood, meats and an expansive selection of sauces to satisfy each discriminating palate. Our lively group, led by Landco’s Mawi de Ocampo and Club Punta Fuego’s Marj Dayrit, certainly enjoyed the Brass and Blues, a stellar jazz band, as we learned the winners of the Hobie Cats regatta were Maria Vidoeira (first prize), Monchu Garcia (second) and Michael Ngu (third). For the IRC Class (International Rule), winners were Alan Burrell (first prize), Martin Tanco (second) and Ray Ordoveza (third). For the PY Class (Portsmouth Yardstick), winners were David McKenna (first prize), Alan Burrell (second), and tied for third prize were Martin Tanco and Nestor Soriano.

Under the fine glow of the full moon that illumined everything in its path, I thanked the good Lord for the perfect weekend — newfound friends, delightful cuisine, beautiful property developments that combine the Creator’s priceless land and seascapes and man’s ingenuity to complement it.

After all has been said and done, Logan Pearshall Smith was right when he said: “There are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want; and after that to enjoy it. Only the wisest of people achieve the second.”

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