MANILA, OCTOBER 4, 2008 (STAR) Amidst the chaos that is the Greenhills Promenade Shopping Center with shoppers walking by, its row of shops and restaurants comes as a breath of fresh air. One restaurant stands out for its inviting sophistication with its sleek red and black signage. It is none other that the newly renovated Peri Peri Grill House, sporting a new look, a new brand and image. Its chic, classy interiors is truly a statement of change and exciting things to be expected from the newly renovated restaurant. Peri Peri Grill House was originally called Peri Peri Chicken. It has been in the business for 3 years now and has gained loyal guests and lovers of its famous Portuguese – style grilled chicken. Now it has been reinvented as a “polished casual” style restaurant that aims to offer a superb dining experience to guests with the comfort and price of a casual dining. Indeed, the restaurant leans more to the “polished” side. The lights are dim, the décor crisp and classy, the music light, making it easy to forget you’re actually in the mall. Why the change? The owners simply want to make its guests happier by providing excellent food choices, right portions, great prices, exceptional guest service, and great ambience.

And with Peri Peri’s famous Portuguese – style grilled chicken, who wouldn’t be happy? If you are one of the unfortunate few who haven’t tasted it, you better gather your family and friends to try it out. The popular and well – loved grilled chicken comes with its signature hot pepper sauces that mainly use the African bird’s eye chili called Peri-Peri. And with its reinvention, the chicken is now even made juicier and more flavorful. “Not many people know the labor that goes into our grilled chicken’s unique flavor. Our chicken is marinated at least 24 hours in our own special spices; the chicken is never frozen so it stays tender; and it’s grilled to order over charcoal flame to reduce fat content ” says Tricel Nava, marketing manager.

The resto also boasts of a more diverse menu offering specializing in grilled specialties like Texas style ribs, thick and tender saucy chops, and 100% angus beef burgers. Other winning dishes are the Shrimp diablo appetizer that is crispy, spicy and creamy; the Chicken Diablo pasta which is tossed in a creamy Cajun sauce; the Wild Chicken wings that are peri-peri delicious; and the huge chicken and ribs family platter good for the entire family. Definitely, there will be a dish that will satisfy every discerning diner’s palate.

The restaurant is 70 seater plus an outdoor al fresco dining. Do drop by at the new Peri Peri Grill House at the ground floor of Greenhills Promenade and be amazed with its reinvention and exciting new offerings. For reservations, call 725-5277.

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Contact Info:

Tricel Nava, Marketing Manager

Tel no 723-6033; 0918 2335709

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