MANILA, JUNE 2, 2008
(MALAYA) The best works of the country's foremost visual artists will be on exhibit in all the major galleries in Singapore for the month of June as the Philippine Embassy stages Art Trek for the second consecutive year, in time for the celebration of Philippine National Day.

Art Trek is a fitting showcase of Filipino creativity, especially in the visual arts. Filipino artists have been performing well in international auctions held in Singapore such as Christie's, Sotheby's, Laserati, and of late Borobudur. Exhibits by Filipino artists are much awaited events among avid art collectors in Singapore.

Orlina at SMU Art Gallery

Ramon Orlina, famous for "Quintessence," the 75-sq. ft. glass and bronze installation done in 1995 for the Singapore Art Museum returns to Singapore with a special exhibit titled Luminosity. It opens at 5 p.m. on June 5 at the SMU Art Gallery on Stamford Road and will be on view until June 13. Orlina was last in Singapore for a show at the National Museum Art Gallery in 1991.

For this show, Orlina created 18 pieces in emerald colored glass and other colors like azure blue, amber and lime green. Most notable of the works are the 80 kg. 5-piece sculptures "Skyscrapers" and "Garden City."

Orlina has several major public art in Singapore aside from "Quintessence." Among these are "Fertile Crescent" at the Marina Park of the Singapore Indoor Stadium; the 67-piece birds in flight tilted "The Wings of Victory" at the Wisma Atria on Orchard Road.

An architect by profession, Orlina became a full time artist in the mid-seventies. He is internationally known for his sculptures in carved glass, a technique he developed on his own.

A multi-awarded artist, Orlina has had 28 solo shows in a stellar career that has taken him to galleries in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong and the U.S. He has participated in group shows in Sweden, Australia, Japan, Norway, Italy, China, Czechoslovakia and Morocco.

Carlo Magno at Lukisan Gallery

Carlo Magno, one of the leading Southeast Asian artists doing abstract art, will exhibit 18 large works in a show titled "Through the Ages," which opens at the Lukisan Gallery at 28 Smith Street on June 4. His artworks will be accompanied by a book on abstract art "Theory of Mind" written by Jack Teotico.

Magno started painting over 25 years ago. While at school, the made a name for himself painting interiors of old houses, windows, ancestral homes, bell towers and vistas.

In 2003, he made a leap towards abstraction in his show "Transformation," a critically and commercially successful exhibit at the Galerie Joaquin Main in Manila. Since then, he has had eight sold out shows, all of them displaying his highly distinct abstract style.

Velasco-Rubio twinbill at Galerie Joaquin

Two of the most popular artists of the Galerie Joaquin Group, Lydia Velasco and Dominic Rubio will open a back-to-back exhibits at 7 p.m. on June 7 at the Galerie Joaquin at the Regent of Singapore on Cuscaden Road.

Velasco's exhibit titled "Idyllic Summer" consists of eight works showing women that are at once sensual, flirtatious, sometimes coy or meditative but always strong in character. This exhibit actually marks the beginning of major shows and tributes for the artist as she celebrates her 20th year as a full time painter.

Velasco is a favorite among art collectors in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, Europe and the U.S. She has done consistently well in international auctions: thrice at Sotheby's, twice at Laserati (gaining a record high in the recent Laserati auction for her painting titled "Spring"), once at Masterpiece and in the recent Borobudur auction.

Dominic Rubio is exhibiting eight works under the title "Old Asia." The avid history buff in Rubio finds expression in the subjects of his works: people walking around various Asian cities in the 19th century. With his witty depiction of different nationalities in their period costumes and manners, he is able to give a faithful representation of an era while giving it a contemporary and modern sensibility.

Among these works are A Commercial District in Old Asia where he shows a Chinese couple walking with their young child together with Malays, Muslims or even Japanese couples walking in the same street of old Singapore. In A Port Somewhere in Old Asia, there is a Japanese couple, a young Chinese lady and and Filipina and her child strolling by the weaterfront with a young Muslim boy.

His subjects with long craning necks suggest that these people of various cultures have much to be proud of thanks to their rich culture and heritage.

Like Velasco, Rubio is a favorite among art collectors and has done well in international auctions. Their joint exhibit will run until June 21.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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