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ANGELES CITY, FEBRUARY 19, 2008, (STAR) By Ding Cervantes – The controversy stirred by Senate star witness Rodolfo Noel Lozada Jr. on the cancelled national broadband network (NBN) project with China’s ZTE Corp. has inspired no less than 70 videos on as of yesterday, and the number is rising daily.

Top grosser in terms of viewers – 64,118 of them as of 2 p.m. yesterday – was an 18-second video which is apparently designed for a cellphone ring tone. It is titled “ZTE scandal.”

Sent by one alias “dadagdag,” the video starts with the sound of a normal telephone ring and a lively alphabet song repeating “ABC-ZTE-FG” several times.

Most of the videos supported Lozada, who implicated First Gentleman Jose Miguel “Mike” Arroyo and former Commission on Elections (Comelec) chair Benjamin Abalos in the scandal over the $329-million project.

Also among the most popular videos is one titled “ZTE-Bubukol-Jun Lozada” also sent by “dadagdag,” with 24,668 viewers to its credit. It starts with an invitation saying, “bayang manhid-panoorin,” and then goes on to show a cartoon million dollar bill with a photo of President Arroyo on it.

It also shows a fabricated photo of the First Gentleman and Abalos standing side by side while holding piles of cash.

Dadagdag is also the author of yet another video entitled “Jun Lozada vs. the mob” which had 22,471 viewers as of yesterday afternoon. To a certain tune, photos of people in the NBN scandal are shown with quotes in “balloons” used in comic strips. Environment Secretary Lito Atienza has the quote, “Kakausapin ko muna si E.S. at si Ma’am.”

Another favorite with 24,000 viewers is the one entitled “Consequences of the NBN-ZTE scandal,” by ansfav who starts his three-minute, six-second video with the question: “Filipinos, are you ready for a new president?”

It first poses possible adverse scenarios should Mrs. Arroyo be ousted from power, such as a downtrend in the economy and stalled development projects funded from loans, but goes on to point out the advantages, such as an end to the country’s image as corruption ridden.

But “akucbuba” has a different view of Lozada in his video titled “Harapan-Jun Lozada scandal” which does not have anything to do with the NBN expose at all despite its title. It features a male Caucasian singing a song and every now and then featuring footage of Filipino characters weaving a story of a man who meets a girl who turns out to be a transvestite.

With 1,283 viewers of his video, shete777 also seems unclear about his work titled “Jun Lozada pours out his feelings.” It features a half naked man in a kitchen who takes a pill and a gulp of whiskey and nothing more. The only justification of its title would seem to be the man’s slight resemblance to Lozada.

Many other videos were sent by persons with various aliases, but most were video footage of the television coverage of the Senate hearings on the testimonies of Lozada.

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Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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