, FEBRUARY 13, 2008, (STAR) By CECILLE SUERTE-FELIPE - Deputy Director General Jesus Verzosa, the No. 2 man in the Philippine National Police (PNP), is this year’s awardee of the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association’s (PMAAA) 2008 Cavalier Award for Command and Administration for his outstanding achievements, professionalism, exemplary leadership and dedication to public service." The Cavalier Award is given every February to deserving alumni of the Philippine Military Academy who excelled in the various fields of police or military service during its Foundation Day celebrations. he PMA will be holding its Foundation Day on Feb. 16 at the hallowed campus grounds in Baguio City.

Verzosa, a member of PMA "Magilas" Class ’76, is the current PNP Deputy Chief for Administration (DCA), the second in command in the 120,000-strong national police force. "I take this as a personal challenge to continue what we have started in the PNP as it strive to improve and become a truly credible, efficient and world-class police force," said Verzosa. "I am deeply honored and at the same time humbled by the gesture of my fellow Cavaliers in giving due recognition to my efforts at organizational reforms and my accomplishments in the area of command and administration," Verzosa added.

Verzosa, known as the PNP reform manager, being the executive director of its Program Management Office, is the force behind the implementation of the many reform projects being initiated under the PNP Integrated Transformation Program (ITP). In implementing the ITP, Verzosa pointed out that the PNP leadership is aware that there is really a need to transform the police force as it faces challenges and problems that have greatly reduced their capability to shoot, move, communicate and investigate. While PNP chief Director General Avelino Razon Jr. is considered the "Reform Champion" for his determination to reform the PNP into a world-class police force, Verzosa is considered the "Reform Manager." Verzosa is being groomed as Razon’s successor. Verzosa served as the deputy director of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (2002); director of the PNP Aviation Security Group (2003); director of the PNP Intelligence Group (2004); regional director of the Cordillera Autonomous Region (2004); regional director of the CALABARZON Region (2005); director of the Criminal Intelligence and Detection Group (2006) and the Chief Directorial Staff, PNP (2007). This year’s Cavalier Award is the second one for Verzosa. Verzosa has won the first one in 1995, when the PMAAA honored him with the Cavalier Award for Police Operations. Under the category of Command and Administration for which PDDG Verzosa is being recognized, the award is open to all alumni of the PMA with a rank of brigadier general (AFP) or chief superintendents (PNP) and up, who, for the last five years have shown "outstanding achievements, professionalism, exemplary leadership and dedication to public service," all of which have helped improve the institution he represents as well as promote the ideals of his alma mater, the PMA.

Tribute to Calvalier Francisco B. Quesada: FELLOW  CAVALIERS SANG The PMA, Alma Mater Song

(PHNO) February 13, 2008 - The following Cavaliers paid Tribute to Cav. Francisco B. Quesada (Class 1944)
singing the PMA, Alma Mater Song:

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Photo at Left: (Ret) Col Frank Quesada (RIP); Photo at right, from Left:
Class 1957 Cav. Cornelio O. Barangan, Navy, Capt. (Ret), Class 1962 Cav. Maury Evangelista, B/Gen (Ret)
Class 1960 Cav. Roly Estiandan, (Ret), Class 1967 Cav. Rudy Ruelos, Colonel (Ret),
Class 1970 Cav. Irwin Ver, Colonel, (Ret) Class 1974 Cav. Antonio Boie Seville, M/Gen, (Ret),
Class 1976 Cav. Antonio Bautista, LTC, (Ret),  Class 1986 Cav. Ellery Tiongson, Class 1986 Cav. Munch Padilla,
Class 1991 Cav. Romeo Empedrad.

About the Academy and History:

Friends, colleagues, comrades and relatives who paid
tribute to Cav. Francisco B. Quesada

1st row from left to right: Christine “Peachy” Crespo (daughter, CA),
Pete, USAF (Ret) friend, CO), Margaret “Cherri Pie” Tumampos (daughter, CA),
Sonia Calaranan (sister of Col. Quesada, PI), Myra Bangsil (niece),
and wife, Lourdes.;

2nd row from left to right: Romeo Crespo (son-in-law, CA),
Bill Valt Martinez (brother-in-law), Levi Cabrera (friend),
Greg Tumampos (son-in-law, CA), Romulo B. Quesada (brother, NY).





From Left: Pete (friend, Colorado Springs, CO),
Lourdes Santos Tancinco, Esq.
(President, San Francisco Veterans Equity Center,
Co-Chair National Network For Veterans Equity & friend),
Christine and Margaret (daughters),
and wife, Lourdes





From Left: Dr. G.G. Castillo (friend, San Diego, CA),
Lourdes, Margaret, Christine, Sonia Calaranan (sister, PI.)
and niece Myra Bangsil.







From Left: Cav. Munch & Miche Padilla, NV,
wife Lourdes Quesada, Cav. Antonio Bautista, LTC (Ret) NV,
Cav. Antonio (Boie) Seville, M/Gen (Ret).









Thank you so much, Pete!
Pete, COS – goodbye Las Vegas!
(PHOTOS COURTESY OF  Pete Feliciano,
Chuck Agustin via Norie Quesada-Catiis)






Pete says: Over the years, we all have attended many funerals of friends and associates, but family remains the hardest. Cav. Frank was very active and encouraged the Filipino Veterans organizations to campaign. We know his sacrificed and we’ll keep his memories alive in our hearts. Pete Shane Feliciano

(God bless & Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! From the Quesada Family)
(Special thanks go to Pete Feliciano of Colorado Springs for his untiring help and care)
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