, DECEMBER 23, 2007  (BALITANG BETERANO by Frank B. Quesada, (Col.Ret.US) Former Senate Cmte.Secretary, Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA ‘44)

Senate Democrats led by Sen. D. Akaka. (D-HI) Chairman of Veterans Affairs Committee, together with Commit members : John D. Rockefeller (D-WV), Patty Murray(DWA),Barack Obama (D-IL), Bernard Sanders (D-VT), Sharod Brown (D-OH), JimWebb (D-VA(, and Joh Tester (D-MT) sent a letter to Pres. G.W. Bush urging him to to fund he Dept. o Veterans Affairs in accordance with the terms of the combined Appropiation Act which provides $3.7 million over the President’s initial budget request.

Akaka said his level of funding is essential to providing adequate services to America’s veterans.

Chairman Akaka said, “This funding increase, which represents the largest single-year increase the history of VA, is crucial to meeting the increased demands caused by war in Iraq and Afghanistan and he aging population of veterans from previous wars.

This funding will help the VA detect invisible wounds such as PTSD with improve assess to mental health services and will increase capacity to tackle the massive in claims .

Akaka’s Letter

“Dear Mr. President,

We are writing to you to urge you t forward a formal budget request for the Dept.of Veterans Affairs for $3.7 billion over your initial budget request in accordance with the terms of the Combined Appropiations Act 208 (CAA).This level of funding is essential to providing adequate services to America’s veterans.

As a nation, we are facing a wide range of challenges in meeting the needs fmthose who have served in the arm h forces.The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are creating a significant new population of veterans. Those who are served in earlier wars were are becoming older, and the demand for health care and other services is changing and increasing.

The Dept. of Veterans Affairs must rise to meet the new demands. Providing the full level of appropriated funds to VA will ensure among other things , that the department will be able to provide timely access to, furnish improved mental health services and develop the needed capacity to handle massive claims backlog.

Tis concerns and a many others facing the VA , must be addressed in the coming year and tefull amount of funding in the CAA for VA must be provided as soon as feasible so that VA can take action to better serve our nation’s veterans, young and old.

We appreciate your commitment to America’s veterans , and again urge you to send forward a formal budget request for the full funding prior t January 18th. We lookk forward to working with you in the year to come to advance our mutual goals.

Sincerely, Daniel Akaka, John Rockefeller, Patty Murray, Barack Obama, Bernard Sanders, Sharrod Brown, Jim Webb, Jon Tester.
End of Letter

NOTE: Credit is hereby appreciated by the research furnished by Jere Beery, Director of Public Relations of Veterans for Veterans Connection (VFVC) and of Operation: Firing For Effect (OFFE). The columnist author is a National Committee member of VFVC with 1.9 million members of the U.S. military retirees and veterans. And is the sole Liaison Rep. of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP) whose members that fought America’s war against Japan in World War-II under the U.S. flag, recruited by Pres. F.Roosevelt in U.S. Nationals. #

POST-CHRISTMAS ACTION (Culled from the OFFE press release by Jere Beery, OFFE’s National Public Relations Director).

In December 20, 2007, the respected most conglomeration of U.S. war veterans in the country today, Veterans For Veterans Connection ( VFVC ), headed by combat veteran Gene D. Simes, President, and Chairman of OFFE, have launched a statewide ballot initiative petition drive in California.and earlier in othere States.

VFVC’s operating arm, the Operations : Firing for Effect (OFFE ),have started collecting signatures from veterans, the U.S. military retirees and veterans from all veterans traditional organizations that supports the VFVC’s Initiative Petition beginning from California, Illinois spreading national-wide.

OFFE’s Action

Said ballot initiative authored by OFFE was submitted to the Attorney General weeks ahead. by Mr. Rustan at the behest of VFVC; president, Gene D. Simes , a combat veteran organizer of VFVC. And the first “1 Million angry’ Veterans March ‘in Washington D.C. in Dec. 2006, that sent a message Congress that the veterans have had enough mistreatment. It helped trash the avid “bribe-takers and anti-veteran solons as scoundrels out of Congress in the last Mid-term election.

California as the Lead State The ballot initiative expressed the following voter’s opinion-question for inclusion in the California’s general election ballot in the coming November 2008.

This veteran’s action was earlier announced earlier by VFVC’s Information Director , Jere Berry, another combat veteran, who have devoted his time for the OFFE.

Collateral On Line Campaign

Worthy of mention, is the aggressive cybernet on-line drive by Jams T. North, another combat veteran, on his own initiative to support our troops and all our veterans who had been mistreated by legislature.

Watch for his regular “On Line Campaign,” over the internet regularly that has been, fearless, hard-hitting and confrontational.

Not to leave out the running “National Commentary” by combat veteran, Jim Whittington of Mississippi

The Opinion-Question

The Opinion-Question for inclusion in the California ballot states as follows:

“Shall the Federal Government be required to adopt mandatory full funding of the department of Veterans Affairs form the purpose of ensuring that all eligible honorably discharged U.S. Veterans, Reservists, and National Guard of the Unite States of America receive equally and accessible healthcare and related services? “

How to Know More

To be able to view the title and summary of the OFFE ballot initiative,, please visit through e-mail the Office of Attorney General for the State of California at this link, an scroll down to initiative number 07-00773, at the A.

The OFFE volunteers are asking for California residents to sign and volunteer to help collect the required 500,000 signatures needed to place the question on the 2008 general election ballot by April 30,2008.

Historical Note

This California project of OFFE was inspired by the resolution written by OFFE two years ago, which called for the U.S. Government to mandate full funding of veterans healthcare system.

Since its inception OFFE’s resolution has received the endorsement of several prominent Americans, labor unions, and as far as the veterans Federation of he Philippines (VFP, represented here in the United States, Frank B. Quesada (Col.Ret.) also a former combat veteran and POW in World war-II, a participant of, and in the little-known joint-US 11th Airborne Division and Filipino Guerillas, the Hunter-ROTC Guerrilla lightning rescue of 2,146 American POWs in Los Banos, Laguna, in Luzon in Feb.23, 1945, in the Philippines.

Growing Endorsements

This OFFE’s drive for obligatory funding for veterans healthcare also had the endorsement by the music legend Willy Nelson, the popular celebrity. Not to be outdone by endorsements by several high propfile presidential wannabees, Hillary Clinton and New Mexico’s Governor, Bill Richardson.

Too be able to view a list of OFFE resolution endorsements please visit the indicated link http://offe2008.og./public_htm/resolution.htm .

National Grass-root Drive

The OFFE California Initiative Petition drive is merely its latest chapter in the national grass-root movement to improve and protect medical services earned by our men and women veterans in uniform .

Illinois Cook Count Endorsement

Several months ago, the Cook County IIIinois Board of Commissioners unanimously passed a referendum placing the same question concerning full funding of VA healthcare on their primary election ballot in February 5th. Veterans were in hand in the launching, more particularly the Fil-Am World War-II veterans headed by former Am_Legion Post 509, Cdr. Arcadio Calabas, a Bataan Death March survivor who worked on the project with Deputy Governor Quinn. And by sons and daughters of veterans led by Jerry Clarito.

Initial Launching

Cook county was the first to put the issue before voters , Since then, a number of neighboring counties in Illinois have joined the nationwide movement and have adopted the Cook County referendum.

Spreading like Wildfire

Since that time neighboring counties in Illinois have joined the national movement and have adopted the Cook county’s referendum, allowing resident voters to voice their opinions on the subject. It should be noted that both Cook, (Illoinis) and Orange ( California ) countries are the two largest counties by population in the U.S. with over 8 million residents exposed to the issue on hand.

Positive Initiative Acceptance

The OFFE Ballot Initiative Petition teams would bring this issue out in both Illinois an California., and would spread in other states in due time, specially among our military families. A great opportunity for millions of Americans to have their voices heard concerning the future treatment of our veterans. And to send a message to Congress that veterans and their compulsory heirs are being short-changed.

Act Now!

If you support full mandatory funding for veterans healthcare get involved today ! Don’t wait for the other guy to stand up first, stand on your own now and support this positive effort.

OFFE needs volunteers in California to collect signatures on this historic petition. If you are a veteran, or a family member of a veteran , or you have family members currently deployed overseas, of if you have families in California living in California, we need you help now. OFFE is quick to point out that issue affects all Americans., not just veterans.

Since enlistment and retention in our volunteer military is directly related to the way we treat our former military personnel and their families., and because we all benefit from security and protection our military provide for us all. Veteran’s healthcare becomes a matter of national security , and responsibility of all Americans,

International Support

Especially NOW to defend our troop’s needs at present. Remember, this effort is fully supported by veterans abroad (i.e, the Philippines. and veterans in countries where US veterans reside who are concerned with the healthcare of their comrades.

In turn the VFVC’s 1.9 million members of the US military retirees and veterans, and majority of the 29 million veterans of all Wars and Conflicts through the OFFE supports this effort.

Pointers How to Help

You can assist by: (a) get a copy of the California ballot Initiative by visiting WWW.OFFE2008.ORG and click the California State flag. Read the instructions very carefully and printout both sides of the Petition. (b) take a copy to work with you an get your co-workers or fellow union members, fellow veterans, and sons and daughters , and friends to disseminate and spread out copies of the Petition. Take copies to churches, synagogues, all gatherings, and collect signatures.

Send the signed Petitions to the address provided in the instruction. You can take pride in in having contributed to the future healthcare and needs of men and women in uniform .

Remember - if you do nothing, you cannot expect nothing.


NOTE: Contact person: Jere Beery, National Pubic Relations Director, OFFE,

Member, VFVC National Committe: Frank B. Quesada (Col.Ret.) #
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Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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