, DECEMBER 20, 2007  (BALITANG BETERANO by Frank B.Quesada (Col.Ret.US, Former Senate Cmte.Secretary, Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA ‘44)

Reports have it that a few avid Republican solons who opposed paying the 61-year obligation to Filipino-American World War-II war veterans’ blood-earned benefits have been identified by US comrade veterans as lawmakers who merely want to allegedly hoard veterans money for their own wasteful pork and perks.

At least two rabid oppositors against correcting a travesty of justice for veterans dying and sickly and WW-II veterans. They were reported continuing to block the Senate bill from cruelly getting to the floor vote the veterans equity benefits bills before Christmas , according to veterans close to Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs.

Sen Akaka therefore, was forced to compromise to hold action to early next year, of the Fil-Am WW-II veterans full equity bill that seeks final settlement of the U.S. retarded obligation to the original 200,000 Fil-Am WW-II veterans, who were personally conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941 to fight American’s war against Japan.

Out of the 200,000, there are now only less than 12,000 old and diseased survivors left dying under US solon’s avidity caused by avaricious GOPs who persist to use hoarded veterans money for pork, according to veterans.

With the continued delay of passage of the full equity bill there would be more veterans dying each day who are in their 80s and 90s languishing under truculent denial of payment of such blood debt to veterans of World War-II.

This is indeed a black spot in .U.S. history ever.

The Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP) that legally represents World War-II veterans have expected the Phil Embassy as its conduit for veterans to look into the dismaying situation.

Former Republican congressman Ben Gilman was in a meeting of veterans and heard that two Republicans have “put a hold“ on the Fil-Am full equity bill.

One of the rabid Republican lawmakers who was identified was Sen. Larry Craig, the notorious senator who was recently arrested by the police in Minneapolis-St.Paul airport allegedly for sex soliciting, and who pleaded guilty to the charges.

He is still hold up in his present lonely seat in the Senate despite of the cold treatment of his peers who have asked him to resign. Nevertheless, still hangs on to his position to collect pork, even if he had lost many positions in Committees. The other Republican oppositor was not yet named by veterans.

It was on November 8 in a Vets Affairs Committee hearing when he made a hypocritical objection to paying the Filipino-American World War-II veterans their rightful share mandated by laws, the veterans benefits to all US veterans.

While he feared touching the issue of payment to US Fil-Am WW-II US citizen veterans who are residing in continental United States, he, therefore chose to discriminate those comrades of the same WW-II veterans residing in the Philippines without plausible reason. Likewise, holding that those US W-II veterans based in the Philippines are non-citizens and non-residents which was grossly unfair and cock-eyed.

His queer position was to reduce the benefits of WW-II veterans residing in the Philippines to only $100 pension per month as compared to what the same US based Fil-Am veterans are to received $911 per month pensions.

Under his queer attitude and thinking, a Constitutional crises is created by not equally paying the US obligation to US veterans on the same rate, therefore, he concluded the U.S. have nonchalantly sent these US nationals to war of the United States under “involuntary servitude," or as slaves.

Mr. Craig has reduced himself to, and as a Caucasus elite, with a slave holder mentality, a disgrace to his constituents of Idaho.

Those Fil-Am veterans are US nationals who actually are citizens born in the Commonwealth dominion. that were harshly demoted in 1941.

Under such cockeyed and queer opposition by Craig, therefore have established a set of “second class” US Veterans in the US Armed Forces, abhorred by the U.S. Constitution.

Craig has also objected to having bill S-1315 approved on the floor on a request for unanimous consent. Said “request, albeit, was rescinded", according reports..

Craig’s statement was very clearly a discriminatory act when he stated, “I believe that the approach taken in this section with respect to special pension benefits for non-citizens and non-US resident Filipino veterans and their surviving heirs goes beyond the intent of veterans benefits.”

His statement was shock to his peers and the veterans because the full equity bills were designed to remove racial and economic discrimination.

All bills filed (HR-769, S-57 and S-1315 ) and were heard and amendments were approved in both Houses, which Craig does not accept.

Craig has lost track and/or is fully ignorant as a Senator, sorely destitute of history and legislative facts stating that it was Pres. F. Roosevelt as the U.S. Commander-in-Chief, was the one who conscripted the 200.000 Filipino nationals, (repeat were U.S. NATIONALS ) of the Commonwealth of the Philippines ( a protectorate of the U.S.A.).

As a matter of fact, I hereby quote the US Supreme Court decision, in all Insular cases, to wit: “The Philippines was not a foreign territory within the meaning of the Constitution, and that the Commonwealth of the Philippines was under the sovereignty of the United States legally involved the Philippines in a war of the United States against Japan. Likewise dictated the political and military strategy of the Conflict.”

Along with Craig was former House former Republican Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, Steve Buyer who was also a notorious anti-veterans oppositor who earlier ruled that "veterans should not be present in all the joint Conference Committee hearings,” which all veterans organizations have attacked furiously stating their 1st Amendment rights that silenced Buyer.

It was reported that Rep. S. Buyer was the same one loudly opposed the Fil-Am W-II Equity bill filed by Rep. B. Filner. When the Republicans lost control of the House, Buyer was discharged as Chairman of the said House Committee on Veterans Affairs. And was replaced By Rep. B. Filner (D-CA).

Buyer was also reported by veterans as the one who allegedly influenced some heads of veteran’s organizations to sign letters of opposition against the Fil-Am WW-II veterans benefits bills to derail Filner’s bill.

With these kind of solons who appear as un-American legislators that trash veterans, do not certainly belong to, and in Congress sworn to protect constituents like the war veterans. All they think about is pork and cumshaws.

The huge veterans conglomeration of veterans of all wars, with the majority of the 29 million Wars veterans and Conflicts, (the Veterans For Veterans Connection ) VFVC, have hands with the 1.9 million U.S military retirees whose pensions were also cut from their share of their pensions and disability benefits.

They will again march under a “1-million ‘angry’ Veterans March “ in Washington D.C. to denounce and identify the “bribe takers” and pork raiders, in Congress and those who are anti-veterans, and possibly use the ballot all over the country to deny them votes during election. Veterans, however, would vote for the good Republicans who support veterans. #

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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