, DECEMBER 7, 2007  (BALITANG BETERANO  by Frank B.Quesada Col.Ret.US, Former Senate Cmtte. Secretary - Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA ‘44)

Reports have it from Boise, Idaho (Dec. 3) that “no less than 8 men say sex with Sen. Larry Craig or were targets of sexual advances by the Idaho lawmaker at various times during hi political career, a newspaper reported last Sunday.”

It can be recalled that Sen. Craig has been the object of continued research by the media after he was arrested in the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport by an undercover police for a reported sex solicitation.

He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after being accused by the police of soliciting sex , albeit Craig later called a news conference to deny that he was gay.

Rabid Oppositor to Vet’s Benefits

He is the same senator who was in the news since the hearings of the Filipino-American war veterans full equity benefits bill in both Congressional Vets Committees. He became quite unpopular in his position of reducing and or opposing the war time-earned veterans benefits earned in battles. He appeared flip-flopping that puzzled veterans. Craig could not justify the61 years of denial of payment of veteran’s benefits earned in World War-II, while ¾ of the 200,000 original conscripts by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941 have been dying of old age, disease and neglect by Congress and the VA.

US Vets Were Not Mercenaries

As a backgrounder, the Filipino-American war veterans were recruited by Pres. F. D. Roosevelt in 1941 to fight American’s mis-adventure in a war against Japan at the outset of the World War-II.

The Whiteman’s Burden

This irritant issue between the Philippines and the United States lasted over 61 years of cruel hoax perpetrated by a slew of powerful politicians basking in government to retard and tried an attempt to evade the moral and legal responsibility of compensating and paying the Fil-Am WW-II blood-earned pensions and benefits.

The World Veterans Federation (WVF) have condemned such cruel hoax heaped upon the heroes of Bataan, Corregidor and the Philippine Liberation Campaign after the US. have irresponsibly abandoned the Fil-Am defenders (The United States Army Forces in the Far East. ) otherwise called as the USAFFE..

Barefaced Discrimination

By the way benefits were fully settled to, and with 66,000 veterans of US protectorates and Commonwealth, who also fought under the US flag in WW-II that left behind Fil-Am WW-II veterans. Albeit, have deliberately excluded the Filipino-American US servicemen in the US Army from the same lawful and moral responsibility.

There was a separate and form of discrimination against the Fil-Am W-II veterans as veterans of color and minority in the US Armed Forces. abhorred by the US Constitution.. And it has been reported by veterans that politicians have been responsible for said travesty of justice, that have reportedly been using the veterans money for the politician’s pork and perks while the Fil-am WW-II veterans die mercilessly sans relief.

Revelation of the Truth

In the last hearings of HR-760 and S-57 and HR1315, there were a slew of legislators who came shamelessly out in the open to either reduce and or kill the corrective bills above (HR-760, S-57, etc.,) designed to correct the grave injustice against war veterans, Veterans were mostly in their late age 80s and 90s who die each day of disease old age and neglect by recreant VA and Congress.

Villains Unmasked

The following were identified outstanding veterans groups, to wit: Sen. L. Craig., Rep; S. Buyer, , Rep. Turner. And a VA Deputy L. Auement, all of them described by both US military retirees and veterans as notorious anti-veterans and un-Americans.

Among these legislators whose leadership posts and their ability to shepherd legislations in Congress were gone.

Craig’s True Colors

Sen. Craig, had been what veterans say as: a "hypocrite” when he testified in the hearings said that, “while he sympathies with the plight of war veterans", he emphatically said he is “for reducing proposed amount of benefits and pensions of Fil-Am WW-Ii veterans who reside in the Philippines". While comrades of the same set of veterans are proposed to be given $900 per month pensions and benefits which was being given to white American veterans.

Disparate and Cruel Hoax

The amount, albeit, that is being given to same US white war veterans who fought in WW-II that reside in the US were being given $900 pension per month, therefore Craig has cruelly created a disparity and discrimination among the same troops that were heroes of Bataan, Corregidor and the Philippines Liberation Campaign, like the recognized guerrillas, and the New Philippine Scouts who were sent overseas as occupation troops for the US Army..

He established a setoff 'Second Class' of US veterans in the US Armed Forces. Very queer indeed!

Cruel Hoax

Like the Holocaust this cruel hoax inflicted upon the Fil-Am W-II war veterans has approximated the holocaust against the Jews in Europe. Veterans were allowed to die bare and naked of their rightful compensation and benefits, which was reported by veterans that the veterans money were being used by US politicians for their lavish and wasteful pork. It continued for the last 61 years of greed and truculence.

Fate Unkind to Craig

The issue of discrimination by Sen. Craig, albeit, was sadly followed by an unfortunate turn when Craig was exposed by the media and by the police in a sex scandal that reverberated like thunder and lightning in the national scene. A newspaper in Idaho, however, identified four men and exposed the details of the encounters that said which involved Sen. Craig.

“It also was reported that there were four other men who did not want to be identified, however, described but who identified who made sexual advances involving a conservative Republican .”

The newspaper that made the report, however, has said not based on a definitive evidence but said it also found that no evidence to disprove the personal accounts of the four identified men.

It was also said that, “the travel records of Craig which puts him where the uncovered sex is alleged to have been taken place.”

Damaged Influence and Friends

In less than a week after Craig’ arrest, Craig saw and experienced his personal status and influence plummeted, according to the local newspapers.

It was said that Craig has yet to regain his reputation and his political career and standing in Congress. Not to leave out the American public. This has also been reported in the Philippines where veterans have prayed for his misfortune, and his indifference against Filipino-American veterans. However, there are many veterans, widows and orphans who were unforgiving. Craigs position against hapless Fil-Am WW-II veterans is not exactly accepted by fellow Republicans, except for a few mentioned earlier in this article who have openly campaigned against war veterans, not to leave out the US retirees, who also were deprived part of their pensions and benefits. These retirees are running a weekly “Online Campaign” against scoundrels in Congress.

Craig was deeply weakened by the scandal not to leave out his cruel position against Fil-Am veterans. Sen. J. McClain publicly wanted Craig out of the Senate and from the party for being a millstone hanging over the necks of Republican presidential wanabees. And a drag against the Republican re-electionists hurt by Craig’s misfortune.

Isolated from his Peers

Also reported from Idaho, Craig is now isolated from other Senators, .”He was last seen that sat alone during the last November 13 Senate Energy and Natural Resources hearing in Washington D.C.”

I sum, he was replaced by another Republican, Sen. Burr, who was reported sympathetic to the Fil-am WW-II veteran’s plight.

Pres. G. W. Bush has announced while in Australia that he would sign the Fil-Am WW-Ii veterans benefits bills (HR760 and S-57 and amendment like HR 1315, etc as soon as they are harmonized and sent to the White House for his signature into law.

The reported “oppositors i.e., Rep. Buyer and Turner stands out as perfidious GOP betrayers of their titular head of the party and their own President whom they once feverishly elected.”

They too feel the cold treatment from fellow GOPs who favor finally by paying the Fil-Am WW-II veterans and ultimately end the discrimination and injustice  against the suffering veterans.

(Note) This treatise and quotes were culled from reports and was presented as fair use, crediting McClatchy and A.P. Press, LV Rev. Journal. #

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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