, DECEMBER 5, 2007  (BALITANG BETERANO  by Frank B.Quesada Col.Ret.US, Former Senate Cmtte. Secretary - Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA ‘44)

Not too long ago, a crisis was the focus in Vets Committee hearing in the House, wherein one powerful senator’s ( L. Craig of Idaho ) careless hypocrisy brought hypertension to thousands of Fil-Am WW-II war-veterans whose World War-II rightful benefits were threatened reduced and / or cut by Craig. for no credible reason given,

It was albeit, suspected as a defense for pork - being used by avid lawmakers for their own welfare at the expense of many citizens.

Craig’s statement showed tongue-in-cheek sympathy for the Fil-Am WW-II veterans during the hearing, the veterans who rightfully deserved full equity benefits since 1946, he said, he could not go along giving the heroes of Bataan and Corregidor (including the survivors of the infamous Bataan Death March full equity benefits.),

Craig’s heartless position was for a reduction and / or cut of the wartime-earned benefits by members of the USAFFE, recognized guerrillas and the New Philippine Scouts that defended the U.S flag in the Philippine in 1941, not to leave out those who served overseas for the US flag.

Craig never elucidated why or gave any plausible reason. His braggadocio and sway angered not only the Fil-Am WW-II veterans but almost all 29 million veterans and 1.9 million US military retirees that rendered active honorable military service for Uncle Sam.

There’s no excuse for Craig ( and his legislative staffs) not to have heard or read history of how the U.S. suffered its second Vietnam in the Philippines ( the first was the bloody battles of the Philippine-American War, and the second, was the defeat of the USAFFE in the Philippines. in 1942.)

What makes the collars of preponderant war veterans hot abut Craig’s arrogance, by his act to reduce blood-earned benefits in battles by veterans that Craig established a “second class” set of veterans in the U.S Armed Forces.

John Cloud put it this way, “Several well-known Republicans have taken a tough public stand on issue s of sexuality but then found themselves in the spot light for he kind of behavior they have spoken against.”

Similar articles were, albeit, referring to Craig’s behavior in his article “The Psychology of Hypocrisy.” And the arrest of Craig in a sex sting by the police at the Minneapolis St. Paul airport, brought down his political status and personal standing plummet.

It was not, however, what pressured him to resign on account of his hypocrisy during the vet’s committee hearing, but on account of his guilty plea to alleged sex solicitation from and with a police officer.

He was then pressured to resign by his peers, but reported arrogantly stayed on, even if he had brought shame to his constituents of, and in Idaho. And Congress.

But he was forced to surrender his leadership positions on senate committees, not to leave out an investigation called by his peers in the senate into his queer behavior.

John Cloud described it as, “moralizers often cross over from hypocrisy into something more pathetic --- and a forgivable self-deception.”

Craig had hired an expensive lawyer to fight an uphill battle to be able to expunge his former plea of guilt to the police, that was made public record.

As a consequence, he lost his leadership in the Senate Appropiation Committee, albeit have allegedly retained millions of dollars of spending earmarked for Idaho’s pork.

The “On Line Campaign,” of and by combat war veterans led by my associate in the US military association, James T.. North and Jim Whittington, have exposed Craig along with a few notorious Republicans opposed to paying war veterans their pensions and benefits of and in the World War-II Fil-Am veterans their blood-earned wartime-earned benefits, not to leave out the pensions and disability benefits of the US military retirees.

North opined that, “the Bill, (the full equity bill HR-760, which would correct the travesty of justice, that would aid Fil-Am WW-II collect their 62 year’s of sufferance of waiting while many of them died of disease and old age, is cut in order to pay other veterans and for political pork. And only because they, like Sen.Craig, Rep.S. Buyer, Rep Turner, except for VA Deputy Eaument - have been linked to pork spending, except for bonuses spending veteran’s money in the VA. .

Deputy Eaument for his on self-administered periodic bonuses of $33,000 dollars, along with other guilty VA officials that have bankrupted the VA budget millions of dollars appropiated for veterans health care.

North elucidated further that, “This money linked to pork deals with money set aside for political purposes, to benefit only an few people, at everyone’s else expense, i.e., the veterans

“It is linked, which is money down the drain, that deals with cases where tax dollars have been wasted through government inefficiency, veterans of the and reckless at the national level.”

“The lobby campaign of the Filipno-Americn World War-II veterans in Congress have been stymied by a few avid, and truculent Republicans determined to either reduce or kill he pending corrective measure (HR-760 and S-57, etc.) to further cruelly deny the hated 200,000 Fil-Am US servicemen conscripted by Pres.F. Roosevelt in 1941 to fight America’s war.

Not all Republicans, however, favor denying these heroes of Bataan, Corregidor and the Phlippine Campaign that saved democracy for the US, in the Philippines.

The Senate GOP caucus has been reported not exactly friendly with what Craig had done for himself, and as a matter of fact have distanced themselves from Craig. Isolated from his peers in the Senate, Craig was reported sat alone during the Nov. 13 Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. He is fighting a up hill battle - which he has yet to regain is reputation and political clout

Weakened by he scandal, his bid to reduce the benefits that has been retarded in Congress for the past 61 years - his influence in killing HR-760 or even just reducing the benefits of veterans, adds up to his notoriety nd arrogance.

It has been said he the GOP is pertuator of strict values but those three; Sen. Craig, Rep. S. Buyer and Rep.Turnier, all of them have turned their backs to the Heroes of Bataan, Corregior and the veterans of the Philippine Campaign that brought back democracy for the US in the Philippines.

This issue also brought out the dirty trick allegedly authored by Rep. Buyer ( a notorious anti-veteran) who supposedly influenced some members of traditional veterans organization to sign letters of objection to the passage of HR-760 and S-57, and to set aside the honorable and active military service of Fil-Am WI-II veterans.

If this was true, Fil-Am veterans have reason to conclude that Buyer;s action was anti-veteran, because he was also reported as the one who proposed to exclude veterans presence in the Joint Senate-House Vets Committee final hearing of bills when harmonizing them. Veterans have attacked that proposal publicly which was never denied.

Anyway, HR-760 and S-57 and amendments have been approved in the House Vet Committee - now pending a Senate vote.

Pres. G.W. Bush have announced when he was in Australia, that he would sign the full equity bills when it reaches him at the White House. Those reported handful GOP opposition to the full equity bills (namely: Craig who has been replaced as replaced by Sen. Burr in the Committee), and the rest, Rep. S. Buyer and Rep. Turner, have betrayed Pres. Bush, their titular head of the GOP - remains to be seen in cooperating with their peers within the GOP.

John Cloud again said, “ Hypocrisy is among the most universal and well studied of psychological phenomena, and the research suggested that Craig as guilty of moral hypocrisy, and moral weakness.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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