MANILA, NOVEMBER 22, 2007  (MALAYA) Ever gone on vacation and come across the most ideal spot that you had never previously heard of?

Users of travel Web site have come up with a list of the top 10 "Best Places You’ve Never Heard Of" based on their experiences, with reader comments for each place. And, our very own Bohol is included in the top ten list.

1. Amarante, Portugal

— a magnificent little city

"During my first time in Amarante, I found it such a nice town to visit, a pleasant ‘discovery,’ the only thing I could complain about was the weather... The lovely city is bathed by River Tamega and Amarante’s beautiful architecture by its margins and green streets reflect on its water."

2. Sigulda, Latvia

— a beautiful little town

"As the Gauja National Park gateway town closest to Riga, only 50 km southwest, Sigulda attracts its fair share of tourists, and deservedly so because it is one of the nicest small towns in Latvia. It is located on the banks of the Gauja river that winds through the forested hills."

3. Avebury, England

— a Stonehenge alternative

"Avebury may be a lesser-known henge sibling to the massive stones of Stonehenge in the south, but it is certainly no less impressive. "Although Stonehenge’s stones are so much bigger, the scale of the circle here at Avebury leaves the former well and truly in the shade."

4. Sorata, Bolivia

— a mythical Shangri-La

"Bolivians mention Sorata (a small village of 2,000 people) as one of the most beautiful places in their country. They compare it to a mythical Shangri-La, placed in a narrow, faraway - almost lost - valley in the mountains. "

5. Camargue, France

— for a Spanish/Gypsy flavor

"It’s an unusual corner of France with many Spanish and Gypsy influences, worth a day or two for those who enjoy outdoor activities or a touch of the exotic ... The Camargue is a national and regional nature park of marshes and wetlands encompassing the Rhone River delta, just south of Arles."

6. Victoria, Argentina

— the "City of the Seven Hills"

"Victoria is known as the "City of the Seven Hills" and the whole landscape is beautiful. The Parana Delta starts here, and goes all the way down to Buenos Aires."

7. Budva, Montenegro

— on a dramatic coastline

"Budva is a 2,500-year-old seaside settlement about halfway along the dramatic Montenegrin coastline. The immaculately cared-for old town juts out into the Adriatic Sea on a small peninsula and is surrounded by tall stone walls."

8. Bohol, Philippines

— one of Philippines’ secrets

"Bohol has numerous natural treasures that lure visitors to its shores. Although people usually go to its highly urbanized neighboring island Cebu, Bohol holds a charm of its own makes it distinct from other Visayan islands."

9.Cuyutlan, Mexico

— black sand, green waves, sea turtles

"The beach is the reason to come to Cuyutlan. It is long and wide with black sand and rolling waves ... the seafood is fresh, abundant, and inexpensive."

10. Perthshire, Scotland

— in the heart of highlands

"Blair Castle, the ancient seat of the dukes and earls of Atholl, has been awarded five stars as a visitor attraction by the Scottish tourist agency, its highest award. The castle enjoys one of Scotland’s finest settings." —Reuters

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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