Glendale, California, NOVEMBER 15, 2007
 (SPECIAL TO PHNO) Culled by Lee Quesada (Third Letter of John:14 - And after I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to myself, so that you will be where I am. I am the way, the truth and the life. My Peace be with you..)

These verses summed up the scripture reading from John-14:3,  recited as a final greeting by the Rev. Inman Moore, to his friend Jimmy, at the funeral mass on October 6, 2007. Rev. Moore is a longtime and close friend of Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy (Adoracion) Carolino.

The funeral mass was officiated by the Reverend Pastor Greg Batson of their church, the First United Methodist Church in Burbank. Rev. Batson reminisced the first time he met the Jimmy Carolino family always seated together at the very last row in the church on that Sunday and every Sunday thereon and how he was always confused when chatting with them because every member of the family's name starts with "A". The wife Adore, the sons, Armand, Arthur, Arnel, and Arcelino.

The rites started with an organ prelude by Dr. Euny Kim, followed by a hymn "How Great Thou Art" sang by all. At this time the casket was already closed. Representing all the grandchildren, the oldest of the grandkids, Mark Carolinio read the Psalms. ("The Lord is my shepherd...")

A time of remembrance followed with the eulogies. The first to give the eulogy was Rey Carolino (from Canada) representing his late father, Joe Carolino, the older brother of Jimmy. Next was by the youngest son, Lino, followed by the middle twin sons, Arthur and Arnel, who are also both PMA alumni. The last was spoken by the oldest son Armand who also thanked everyone who came to bid good bye to his father.

A solo tribute singing Josh Groban's "To Where You Are", was by family friend Paulo Dela Fuente, who was already filled with emotion and had to spend a few seconds talking away as he tried to grasp every bit of composure to deliver the song. And he did well with tears in his eyes. ("I know you are there, a breath away's not far to where you are".)

After Rev. Greg Batson's words of faith and hope, the traditional 'Our Father' was sung by Paulo. This was followed by a hymn requested by the Carolino family "Face to Face" (Mrs. Frank A. Beck) "Face to face I shall behold Him, Far beyond the starry sky; Face to face in all His glory, I shall see Him by and by!"

After the pastor's prayer of thanksgiving and benediction, the casket was opened for final viewing. The casket was then wheeled to the front entrance of the church where a Military Flag Folding Ceremony was held. The PMA Alumni Association members sang the Philippine Military Academy theme song "PMA O HAIL TO THEE", then they all stood like the soldiers they were with their last military salute to their comrade as the TAPS was played by 17-year-old grandson, Byron Carolino. The flag was folded and was handed by the oldest soldier in the group to the wife, Adore. And she hugged the folded flag tight against her chest and quietly thanked the  soldier. A dinner reception was held at the church hall.

This story is culled from the video that I am attempting to upload with this story. The video closed with clips from the 2-day viewing on October 4 and 5 at the Hollywood Hills Forest Lawn in LA and where the 8 grandchildren led by the youngest, Angeleah on her violin sang 'Amazing Grace' as tribute to their beloved 'lolo' (grandpa). The viewing room was always overflowing with Jimmy's colleagues, as well as Arthur's and Arnel's classmates at PMA. Friends from Paete from far and near and many friends and relatives of the 4 daughters-in-law came and went, and some came again. Familiarly called, 'Jimmy', a man of genuine honesty, generosity and integrity. A one-of-a-kind family man, husband, father and grandfather! A great lost to us all who shared his life. God giveth, God taketh away.

Jimmy had his humble beginnings in the small quaint town of Paete, Laguna, Philippines. He was the 8th of 10 siblings. In 1947 he took and passed the entrance exams at the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City. He graduated in 1951 and was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. His first assignment was with the Philippine Army Infantry Division. Then he volunteered and served in the Korean War (1952-54). Upon his return from Korea he married Adoracion Aguilar, a top graduate of St. Luke's School of Nursing. In 1959, Jimmy graduated at the University of the Philippines with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He was assigned at the Army Corps of Engineers building military infrastructures. He led the engineering corps to finish the Manila North Diversion Road from Balintawak to Tabang. His last post was Commanding Officer of the AFP Centralized Construction Group. In 1960, he finished his Masters in Business Administration at U.P.. after which he was designated by President Ferdinand Marcos as the Executive Officer and General Manager of the Food Terminal Inc. in 1972. He co-authored a book with Dr. Gabriel Iglesias of the UP College of Public Administration, entitled: "The Foundation and Development of Public Enterprises in the Philippines". Jimmy was recipient of various military awards and commendations. Among others, the Distinguished Service Star, Military Merit Medal, Long Service Medal, Korean Campaign Medal, United Nations Service Medal, Presidential Unit Citation Badge and the Combat Infantryman Badge.

Prior to his illness he was Director of the Board of Century Bank, a community bank in Los Angeles; on the Board of the Philippine National Bank Remittance Center all over the U.S.; co-founder of the PMA Alumni Association Overseas Chapter.

Jimmy is survived by loving wife Adoring, their 4 sons and daughters-in-law and 8 grandchildren all residing at close ranges in suburban Los Angeles, California.

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