(STAR) Plaza C‘EST CEBU By Honey Jarque Loop - For the second year in a row Marco Polo Plaza , the hotel on a hill with a panoramic view of the city, hosted for a very special extended family of clients, patrons and suppliers, a fun-filled Oktoberfest featuring more than just the usual brass band — The Bavarian Sound Express flown in from Munich, Germany.

 Performing lively, feet stomping beer-drinking music, the group had everyone swaying back and forth, to and fro! The three-day celebration held at the third floor open air balcony began with the traditional tapping of the keg of — you guessed it — beer by guest of honor Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael Rama eagerly assisted by great implementor of grand innovative ideas, hands-on general manager Hans Hauri.

Beer naturally played the central role in the affair. With beer mugs in hand — did I see some with two mugs in two hands? — guests gathered at the massive tent with much anticipation. The country’s favorite San Miguel Beer just flowed and flowed as efficient waiters delivered pitcher after pitcher of the cold draft.

The hearty buffet had only authentic German food, as some Cebuano gourmands claimed, from the Bayrische Zwiebel soup to the grilled smoked sausages, turkey with cranberry sauce, pork knuckles, an array of ham, roasted beef with a choice of three sauces, veal prepared and cooked in every imaginable way, a selection of salads, baked potatoes, and french fries. Side by side was a large assortment of fine condiments that included relishes, pickles and several mustards from Dijon to stone ground varieties, and the sinfully calorific desserts that included a nice selection of ice cream. The apple strudle was simply excellent, too.

There were lots and lots of parlor games, but easily the most popular one was the beer-drinking contest for men. The ladies had their own as well. Mark Bretherton topped the men’s category while Jennina Villamo won hands down for the ladies.

Enjoying the evening were fun couples Cebu councilor Jack Jakosalem and his wife Sharon, Raul and Maricris Encarnacion, Alegre Resort’s Fritz and Cynthia Kahler, Jurgen and Sandra Pesch. Bochay and David Lava, and Beth and Gabby Sanoria. Opting to go solo but having just as much fun and perhaps even more were working socialite Margie Lhuillier, Filipiniana art collector Lydia Alfonso, up and coming architect Maya Franco, photographer Daniel Carpentier, DOT regional director Dawnie Roa, travel specialist Jenny Franco, the Freeman lifestyle executive editor Mayen Tan and her media colleagues Cookie Newman and Joe Recio, consultant Bolly Bolton, and Cebu International School superintendent Mark Bretherton.

The property’s director of sales and marketing Lynn Romero, PR manager Carlo Borromeo, HRD manager Julie Najar and executive assistant Michelle Maranga, the emcee who superbly guided the flow of activities , together with the rest of the team simply outdid themselves on the festive preparations that truly delighted guests and surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Executive chef Luke Gagnon who makes it a point to be present at every official club function made certain the food stations never ran out. Our congratulations to the officers and staff of Marco Polo Plaza Hotel for a delightfully dressed-down and fun-filled evening. Hans Hauri, you have earned another feather in your crowded cap. 

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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