MANILA, JULY 18, 2007
(STAR) By Junep Ocampo - Other people his age would have migrated to the United States after receiving a green card, but Ronald Espinoza is different. A registered alien or green card holder in America, he can go to the US anytime and even work there, yet he opts to remain in the country and manage his own gas stations.

At 28, Espinoza is one of the youngest franchisees of Seaoil Philippines, the country’s first independent oil company and the first to specialize in biofuels. Espinoza owns not just one but three Seaoil franchises.

Espinoza entered the gas station business in 2004. After returning from four years in the US, this University of the Philippines engineering graduate got interested in becoming an entrepreneur. It was then that his cousin recommended getting a Seaoil franchise.

After speaking with his cousin, Espinoza called up Seaoil and he was immediately given the option of either putting up a new station or taking over an existing one. Espinoza chose the latter and he picked a station in Novaliches, near TV station ABC 5. It was strategically located in front of a market, with plenty of public-utility jeepneys passing by.

Espinoza took a one-month training course with his crew at Seaoil Academy, located inside the company’s E. Rodriguez Avenue station in Quezon City. “The operation is very simple,” Espinoza observed. “The biggest challenge is how to hire and keep good people.”

The young station owner liked his business so much that barely five months after taking over Seaoil Novaliches, he got another station, this time a bigger one along EDSA, near ABS-CBN. Everything he learned from Novaliches he applied in EDSA and whatever extra money he earned from EDSA he invested in Novaliches. Within a year, both stations were already doing well.

Another opportunity came to Espinoza last year when he was offered the dealership of Seaoil’s Pasig Boulevard station. Espinoza grabbed it and began operating his third gasoline station. With this recent franchise acquisition, Espinoza joins the ranks of Seaoil dealers enjoying the benefits of having multiple gasoline stations generating highly profitable revenue streams from ethanol-blended gasoline, biodiesel and Auto LPG.

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Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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