MANILA, JUNE 10, 2007
(STAR) By The Go Negosyo Team - The ideal businessman, no matter how smart and experienced, cannot acquire all the wisdom he needs to make his business thrive. The ideal businessman should not just be an entrepreneur, but also a student who is willing to learn new ideas to help his business flourish.

Augusto Go, president of the University of Cebu (UC), kept this thought in mind and succeeded by combining business and education in his own radical way.

In 1964, Go created a balance between business and education by starting UC, believing that the quality of Philippine education is on a decline. He rendered UC a student-friendly school by providing numerous teaching aids, computers, and speech labs for its students. He also immortalized the school’s nautical department by supplying software from the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, which helped students learn English and navigation at their own pace.

Go said, “I don’t think our government is taking a very serious look about education every year. We have a shortage of classroom. We don’t even have textbooks. Certainly, you don’t have equipment. How then could you expect good quality education?”

Go’s initial achievements did not content him, instead pushed him to further his programs for the academe. He made it possible for people to get jobs with scholarships from UC; the school, together with the Norwegian Shipowner’s Association, trained high school graduates to be seafarers, providing them free tuition, book and transportation allowances, uniforms, board and lodging, and definite job opportunities.

Moreover, he formed a team to conduct community outreach projects. In fact, one of the Buhisan mountains is named CCC (Cebu Central Colleges, the old name of UC) Hills because UC students generously planted trees in the area. Go is also contributing to help provide manpower and funding to Cebu’s coastal cleanup.

“There are so much more to do and we have always been up for the challenge,” he said.

Go, who as UC president enrolled over 40,000 students this year, is also the president of Cebu Eastern College. He is chairman of the board of the College of Technological Sciences-Cebu and a member of the board of Sacred Heart School-Jesuits as well.

In addition, he chairs Aspac Rural Bank Inc., Cebu Central Realty Corp. (Elizabeth Mall), Cebu Coliseum Complex Inc., Metro Ferry Inc., Visayan Surety and Insurance Corp., and AWG Development Corp.; and is a member of the board of directors of Salcon Power Corp., Hyundai Cebu Inc., Chong Hua Hospital/Asociacion Benevola de Cebu, and East West Banking Corp.

Because of Go’s vast influence in the Cebuano community, the 70-year-old lawyer became recipient of awards such as the Dr. Jose P. Rizal Award for Excellence in the field of education, the Great Cebuano award, and the Sugbuanong Komentaristang Nagpakabana.

On June 26, Go will also be honored as one of the most inspiring Cebuano entrepreneurs at the Go Negosyo entrepreneurship conference, the latest leg of the continuing Go Negosyo campaign spearheaded by Presidential Consultant for Entrepreneurship Jose Concepcion III, slated at the Cebu International Convention Center. The award will be handed out by the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship.

When asked about the strengths of Cebu, Go responded: “Cebu is known for its peace and order situation. I also think that we have better infrastructure than other Philippine cities.”

Go has helped maintain peace and order in the Queen City of the South when he was appointed vice mayor of Cebu City in 1987, after sitting as city councilor in 1986. He has also been serving the government as honorary consul general to the Republic of Korea in Cebu since 2003.

On account of all his feats – as a businessman, as an educator, and as a member of the community – it is safe to say that Go has become a staple in the Cebuano community, consequently in the whole nation as he offers his service for the common good.

“Being an educator and being a businessman have their own good points, although the more satisfying is to be an educator because in education, you are molding people. At the same time, there are good points in business because it helps in employment. It has a ripple effect, and through this I would like to help the country,” Go said.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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