MANILA, MAY 13, 2007 (STAR) Sunday Life By Wilson Lee Flores  (My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you’ll be happy; if not, you’ll become a philosopher. — Aristotle)

(A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man. — Lana Turner)

As a biased comic book lover and a Spider-Man fan, I can only sum up the latest blockbuster Spider-Man 3 movie as fun to watch with good storytelling and exciting action scenes. My nephew and I enjoyed its premiere at SM Mall of Asia, in the Philippines’ only IMAX theater. My only unsolicited advice to Spidey’s film creators is to lessen the dark tone of the plot and to minimize future personal angst by letting Peter Parker/Spider-Man get married to girlfriend MJ!

This has nothing to do with elections, rather it’s about what I believe would be ideal for the good of Philippine society: if most of our political leaders could strive to be well-adjusted human beings living happily-married lives. If unmarried, leaders might face crises like Spider-Man had to face alone, and so sadly in the latest movie. I believe stable marriages and harmonious families are the strong anchors of human civilization.

Today is Mother’s Day, and I’m 1,000-percent certain that the late mother of Loren Legarda, the famous mothers of Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Manuel “Mar” Roxas III — ex-President Cory C. Aquino and Judy Araneta-Roxas — would all be so happy to have their three famous kids get married!

Of course, I have read about certain people who prefer to lead unmarried lives, which they even classify as “single-blessedness,” but I believe that, for the majority of us humans, marriage is important as a stabilizing factor in our emotional, social and other aspects of our beings. That’s why I couldn’t understand why the beauty-and-brains-endowed Angelina Jolie has not yet married Brad Pitt, who’s already the father of her kid. I’m sure that poor little rich girl Paris Hilton also wouldn’t be ending up in jail now and in so many tabloid news scandals, if she’d found her Prince Charming and gotten married!

I’m sure an overwhelming majority of the mothers out there agree with me that people shouldn’t delay too long the possibility of marriage due to all sorts of alibis or, in the case of Loren Legarda — who is young, talented and good-looking — her possible remarriage.

If I were the mother of Noynoy or Mar, I would point out the successful examples of spouses who do so much for their beloved politicians’ careers — such as the indefatigable Georgina “Gina” Vera-Perez de Venecia providing a humanizing touch to Speaker Joe de Venecia’s overly-serious demeanor; the populist Sharon Cuneta and Vilma Santos helping translate senatorial bets Kiko Pangilinan’s and Ralph Recto’s political aspirations and intellectual discourses down to earth; ex-Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) boss Gloria Angara helping her husband Edgardo Angara; and above all, Susan Roces helping FPJ as his queenly wife and now feisty fearless widow.

Basketball star James Yap may not add any more to the tremendous popularity of wife Kris Aquino and her recently stated aim of someday running for president, but his being her husband can be an emotionally stabilizing factor to her otherwise roller-coaster personal life before. Manny Villar’s wife Cynthia is also from the political Aguilar clan of Las Piñas; I’m sure his in-laws helped him to enter politics and to win first in their bailiwick.

It seems uncommon to have strong leaders like Ping Lacson winning political battles with a low-key wife. Equally strong-willed Bayani Fernando’s better half, Marides, is a plus to his political side as the effective lady mayor of Marikina. Even among younger politicos, I would admit that I have personally been charmed and convinced by the beautiful and humble spouses of Miguel Zubiri, Mike Defensor and Koko Pimentel to vote for their husbands.

Even Chiz Escudero’s ex-showbiz entertainer wife, who is now expecting their first-born twins, is telegenic. Unknown to most people, jailed Senatorial candidate Sonny Trillanes’ wife is a fellow military officer who is now studying in Australia and may someday be his important political partner as well. In Philippine politics, the case has always been that behind every successful politician is a good politician’s spouse!

It is supreme irony for this writer to be discussing such matters and urging our still unmarried national leaders to settle down, when this columnist is himself not yet married. However, I’m writing this perhaps also as a reminder to myself.

Today is the day we traditionally honor our mothers and I’ll never forget a chat I had with my mom when I was a kid. She said that parents like her don’t expect their kids to reciprocate their undying devotion with material comforts, honors, luxuries — with anything. I recall mom saying that a parent’s most basic wish is to see that all their kids marry, and marry well (not irresponsibly), growing into a stable family life. Nothing more. In short, our mothers can truly be happy if we’re happily married.

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I wish to clarify that I’m not running for congressman on May 14 despite invitations from three different party-list groups, but I was recently elected president by international students in a recent special course at Peking University in Beijing. Thanks for all your messages, all will be answered. Comments/suggestions welcome at or

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