, FEBRUARY 15, 2007 (STAR) ASK GONEGOSYO By Joey Concepcion - Since we are celebrating Chinese New Year this week, this column will talk about Feng-Shui, luck and destiny. Feng-Shui which is commonly practiced in many Asian countries is called in different names. In Japan they call it f?sui, in Korea pungsu and in Vietnam Phong th?y. Other Asian countries like Hongkong, Taiwan and Singapore have also been practicing this but the Chinese are the most widely known to practice Feng-Shui which makes me wonder, could this be the reason for their success in business?

I come from a family of Catholics and contrary to popular belief, we are not Filipino-Chinese. I am told our family is more Filipino Vietnamese which came from my dad’s side of the family. My parents are devout Catholics and my in-laws are Born Again Christians. The moment you say Feng-Shui, they think it’s evil. For a while, I used to think it was, but after using it for 20 years though not addictively and having gone through two Feng-Shui experts, I can say it does help. You must keep in mind though that Feng-Shui cannot replace what it takes to be a great entrepreneur. The values of passion, hardwork and the gift of creativity must always be present as well as being able to identify business models that would be of great interest to the Philippine market.

Destiny for me means that we have all been given roles in life. Some of us will have bigger roles than others and we cannot alter what God has planned for us. We must utilize the abilities we have and destiny will take its course. So where does luck come in? When someone does well, we say he is luckier. But maybe there is no such thing as luck, it is the person’s effort, ability and creativity and of course his destiny that will affect his life; and luck is just the result. Feng-Shui to me enhances all of these elements to make sure the positive energy is maximized especially when you build a house, a plantation, a building or any kind of infrastructure. I am no expert on this so let me share with you what Feng-Shui expert Charlie Chao says:

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"Based on Chinese Astrology, the Fire Pig Year contains both the elements of "fire" and "water" since the pig really belongs to the "water" element. These two elements seem to construct each other. Based on Chinese Yi-Jing (I-Ching) principles, these elements will complement – hence it would be balanced and harmonized…

Since the Fire Pig has balanced elements of both fire and water, this could mean lesser catastrophes to be expected this year…Heated political arguments and debates are still expected. However, since the Philippines is a religious country and most Filipinos are devoted Christians, these arguments will not become worse especially this year (2007) because of the balance of fire and water elements. Local elections will be held soon and politics-related crimes are also expected. There will also be changes in government policies and systems and the peace and order situation will be improved. It should be stressed, however, that the political and economic stability of a country largely depends on the leadership of a nation.

The Philippine economy is expected to recover. Businesses like real estate, construction, and stock markets are expected to rise. Exchange rates will also be stable. General services like tourism, transportation, food and refreshments, supermarket, fashion and design, and the movie and television industry will also prosper. Agricultural business seems good. However, lumber, textile, garments, umbrellas, shoes, bags, and plastic manufacturers will still have a hard time to take off…

The lucky Feng Shui orientations are North and South. When constructing a house, replacing the altar, transferring the main entrance door/gate, or replacing the tomb, it should be facing these orientations (North or South) to be auspicious and favorable…

For guidance, the year of the Fire Pig is in contrast with the snake especially to those who were born in the years of the Metal Snake (1941) and the Water Snake (1953). In general, the luckiest personalities are those who are born under the signs of the Rat, Rabbit, Dragon and Horse. Moderately lucky personalities are those who were born under the signs Goat, Monkey, Rooster and Dog, with some exceptions. Unlucky personalities are those who were born under the signs of the Ox, Tiger, Snake and Pig…

The above analysis and guideline are just for your references only. If everyone wants to have a better life and a peaceful world, then learn how to change one’s bad attitudes. Put into mind that greed and pride are still two of the worst things that a person could have. Don’t be controlled by these, learn how to manage temper, and with proper behavior and self-discipline then everyone will definitely succeed. Always remember that God helps good people and those who help themselves. — Charlie Chao

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To the Filipino Chinese entrepreneurs Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!

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