, JANUARY 25, 2007 (STAR) C‘EST CEBU By Honey Jarque Loop - It is truly exciting to explore new destinations with unique features that invigorate the body and rejuvenate the soul. An hour’s drive south of Dumaguete, Oriental Negros, we experienced such a place with captivating natural beauty and personal warmth.

Nestled on a steep cliff 40 feet above the rhythmic waves beating on the rocks below are the villas and suites of Antulang Beach Resort. Overlooking the Sulu Sea to the southwest and the Mindanao Sea to the northeast, the place is ideal to catch the magnificent sunrise and beautiful sunset. The sun rises at late dawn to a crystal clear blue sky and sinks into the sea at early evening with a splendor of surreal colors. During the day, the mountain silhouette of Apo Island is clearly seen, while in the distant horizon the faint outline of Mindanao is visible.

Aside from these, the resort is blessed with numerous scenic wonders too many to mention. The pool villas are designed for utmost privacy, luxury and pampering, with each having its own private pool and Jacuzzi. Catering mostly to honeymooners, a personal butler is assigned to coordinate and facilitate activities. But for those past the honeymoon stage, it is a perfect place to rekindle old flames and fan the fires of once intense passions.

For the adventurous and the active, there are water activities like kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving with dive courses for beginners to PADI certification around Apo Island, one of the best dive spots in the world. Still for the adventurous but less athletic are cruises to Tambobo Bay, a haven for foreign yachts or simply sailing along at sunrise with the dolphins or at sunset with the moon and stars.

If you are a land lover, there are lots of activities, too – hiking, horseback riding, and rappelling, to name a few. There are also historical and cultural tours for those so inclined.

Food is always an integral part of any vacation, and Antulang Beach Resort offers a selection of international cuisine mixed with the delightful local flavor. Fresh seafood is abundant, and several innovative dishes add spice and variety to the menu. Highly recommended are the chicken soup and the spicy prawns to awaken your senses.

With the natural beauty of the area in place, owners Boy and Japi Lee, together with their daughter, the driven and dedicated, full of wonderful ideas Annabelle and husband Edo, have added their collective creative touch, contributed with interest, dedication and enthusiasm to make Antulang Beach Resort a rewarding holiday experience of well-being and happiness.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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