MANILA, SEPTEMBER 12, 2006 (STAR) Fresh from the recent boom in business in 2005, Earth+Style Corp., the country’s top lifestyle property developer for the middle income market, remains bullish with its performance in the coming year as it expands its market to include the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

"The growth of the realty development industry in the past years has been phenomenal, with realty prices appreciating by 200 percent. And because Earth+Style has been uniquely positioned to service the middle income families, the largest market in terms of property buyers, we have enjoyed continuous success throughout 2005," said Jacinto C. Ng, Jr., COO of the realty firm. "Now we can boost our efforts in communicating and offering our products to the OFW sector, our Kababayans abroad, whose ultimate dream is to provide an ideal home for their loved ones," he added.

Ng revealed that the growing demand for property has become fueled by the influx of dollars brought in by the growing population of Filipinos working abroad, now numbering about 8 million. . These kababayans, as his company prefers to call them, possess an amazing purchasing power that is approximated to reach 12 billion by end of the year, yet they keep their Filipino, home-grown values with them, retaining their dream of providing homes for their loved ones in the country.

"Our Kababayans abroad were once the middle income professionals here in the country and are now blessed with the chance to improve their lives and those of their families through gainful employment in other countries. But despite their newly found affluence, they still retain the same values and dreams that they had when they were here – and that is to provide a home where their families will be safe and secure," Ng explained. "And because they still remain, at heart, middle income Filipinos, Earth+Style will be there to provide the answer to their dreams," he added.

Already a prolific lifestyle developer south of Metro Manila, Earth+Style boosted its efforts even further to improve upon the properties and communities that it has built in the Cavite and Laguna areas. Guided by the vision of providing not just the basic shelter needs of its market, Earth+Style also incorporates community enhancements that create a nurturing environment and promote a change in lifestyle for those living within these communities they develop.

Earth+Style offers a wide range of home designs that fit every price range between 500,000 to 5 million pesos.

"The middle income market now has evolved into a very intelligent, very critical market. This is mainly because our Kababayans have already experienced what the first-world countries have to offer and they want the same for their families here," Ng stated. Noting such evolution in the thinking of a fast-becoming demanding target market, Earth+Style provides innovations, such as price options, quality amenities and lifestyle enhancements to further address the market’s needs.

It is the thrust of the company to create new lifestyle categories for their products such as the township developments for the Earth+Style Villages, the innovative designs of Earth+Style Homes and the family-starter residence choices Earth+Style Sundays. The, company has also strengthened its marketing communications for 2006 by introducing movie star Claudine Barretto as its official endorser.

Aside from creating sprawling developments, Earth+Style proactively institutes innovative services for Kababayans here and abroad. A remittance network through a reputable bank for direct payment of monthly amortization from abroad has been established. To our Kababayans this means no longer having to pay extra remittance fees to keep up with their property payments.

The company is working towards providing insurance packages for our Kababayans and their families. This insurance would address the unforeseen problems to be encountered by the family so that they are secured about meeting monthly obligations on their homes.

Earth+Style established Earth+Style Eureka, the referral partners program that targets people outside the organization who have a wide personal network of family, friends, associates and contacts and are interested in earning extra income through referrals.

"The planned remittance system, the insurance packages and Earth+Style Eureka are only three of the additional programs that we hope to provide our Kababayans. This would be our tribute to our Kababayans and reinforce the message that Earth+Style’s commitment of providing them the peace of mind that their families would be fully taken cared of while we build the home and community of their dreams," stated Ng.

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Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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