MANILA, March 14, 2006 (MALAYA) Gone are the horseback-riding days of our Pinoy actors chasing after bad guys in cowboy hats, boots, and vests in our cinema industry’s unrelenting attempt to bring cowboys of the Western World to this side of the planet.

Masbate, however, gives you the real thing. Hailed as the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo herself, the province of Masbate saddles up for this year’s celebration of the annual Rodeo Masbateño.

From Apr. 7-10, Masbate plays host to Pinoy cowboys from all over the country – and even abroad – as they showcase their lassoing and horse-back riding skills in this action-packed event.

The yearly staging of rodeo events, which is supported by the Department of Tourism, attest to the fact that the Masbateños have cleverly and gainfully utilized the pasture lands which have been most suitable for ranching and cattle raising – a trademark of Masbate and a major source of livelihood.

Spearheaded in 1993 by the Rodeo Masbateño Incorporated, a group of local ranchers and businessmen, this celebration is geared at promoting the province’s cattle industry and investment opportunities as well as establishing its tourism sector.

A unique socio-cultural gathering, this rodeo celebration is sure to wow the crowds with events that include cattle lassoing on foot and on horseback, carambola, cattle-wrestling, bull-whipping, and casting down. Men and women will battle for the titles of Rodeo King and Rodeo Queen while teams from schools and other sectors will also pit their skills in the team competition.

This thrilling celebration from our very own Marlboro country also features the latest techniques in livestock handling skills for ranch and rodeo work. It has also become a venue for ranchers, breeders, and feedlot operators to present their products aside from becoming an opportunity for local businesses to generate more jobs, livelihood, and business opportunities.

This four-day event will also feature trade fairs, exhibits, and the search for Miss Rodeo.

For inquiries regarding Rodeo Masbateño, call 729 3396 and 893 0304.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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