MANILA, October 20, 2005 (STAR) BALITANG BETERANO By Col.(Ret.US) Frank B.Quesada (Former Senate Committee Secretary Associate. PMA ‘44)  -  War-veterans and military retirees who shed blood and died for democracy ask how the government has performed to give conscience to freedom, and liberty which veterans have fought for to make democracy safe. Reality of governance by public servants is under the microscope especially these days of crises and turmoil.

Myth of Democracy

Thus, “The mystery of democracy underscores how foolish it is to believe that government is directed by popular opinion.” said F..Lundberg.  Elected officials, has been said, have been circumventing the will of the (masters) sovereign citizens. It therefore, raises the big question of whether genuine democracy in the Philippines or even in the U.S. provide what government is expected to do as the public servant.

Evil Stalks Government

What has happened was – government have become the cash cow (baka lechera) for politicians who could not make a decent living for themselves. Or have found a haven for greed and evil mischief.

Authentic Democracy

Authentic democracy, however, does not provide that every man shall be at the same level with very other, albeit, everyone shall have equal liberty before man and God, observed by H. Beecher. Events both obtaining in the Philippines and the U.S. today – exposes what is the myth of democracy, against reality in its fantasy.

Power of Run-away Elitism

Powerful elites have taken over government and have found a haven for their common convenience. The word democracy has also become a by-word by iron-clad dictatorships. It is a fact that and no a mystery that if the citizens are really in participation and has been running government, against whom are they complaining that they are without power.

Under Goons, Gold and Guns

In the Philippines, during the wicked Marcos conjugal dictatorship, citizens have awakened how to demand with assurance “people power” and demand vindication of citizen’s rights. It brought about reality over the fantasy of the loosely practiced democracy. Before, people power took over, it was said existed as a fantasy. After elections, the winning party have installed themselves as the masters, and have reduced the sovereign masses into serfs. Such situation exists owing to the lack of literacy and inadequate education of the people. - illiteracy plus indolence on the part of the people is a perfect formula for political exploitation of the masses. Political Patronage System election as a political exercise has been corrupted by political patronage system – that buys votes over party platforms.

For there are only two sets of politicians in a frail democracy namely: (a) the callous politician that buys votes and only thinks of the next lection, while (b) the patriotic statesman who thinks of the next generation. Learning from Hitler One experienced dictator have said, “ If you wish to get the sympathy of the broad masses, you must tell them the crudest and most stupid lies.” Adolph Hitler. However, in The Philippines and in the U.S. - political partisans have taken turns in raiding the treasury under the myth of democracy all under government lawlessness and abuse

Both Governments

Governments are now in big economic trouble. Big government spending. graft and corruption, have spawned huge deficits which the State can no longer afford a balanced budget.

Root of All Evil

Political parties either miserably exist or die swallowing their own lies. Public service is public trust, but not to the reckless inconsiderate politician. Money is the brother of any politician that buys votes .It is honey, and rich politician’s jokes is always funny. Albeit, the root of all evil.

Of the Same Religion

But politicians who steal money from. the treasury steals trash. Because when it comes to money, all politicians in each party is of the same religion. It is the economics of politics that is the engine of democracy. The simplistic approach to politico-economic stability is to freeze government spending without touching taxes or venues eventually vanishes deficit quickly as possible.

Wise Expenditures

The freeze means simply the government can not budget to spend anymore money in the next year than it has spent this year. How government legislators and policy-makers divide the spending pie is not as important as making sure that the pie remains the same size., albeit, proportionate to the surging inevitable population growth and their needs. Nobody has paid attention to the doubling population growth that sneaks in the dark, therefore, the economy runs roughshod over all administrations.

Church’s Interference

The Church’s opposition to government population control is number one obstruction. It has been one cause of government’s failure. There would always be priorities for the different beneficiaries of government, however, it is preferable to go on limited spending spree and prevent the drive of the nation into its deepest debts.

Common Sense Spending

Nothing can beat the common economic sense of the housewife that budgets the family needs. Therefore, by limiting the amount of money government drains off from the productive sector of the economy, will eventually eliminate the deficit incurred, and stimulate the economic growth. In a nutshell, it is nothing but debt reduction. In-so-doing, it would ease up on taxation of the citizens already groaning from heavy burden. And citizen’s apathy.

Consequence of Indifference

However, in the case of the Philippines, it has already passed the threshold of a cap of budget limitations. It is almost in extremes. There is no surplus to speak of. At this stage, the government needs to borrow to cover up the past excessive government spending and taxation. And uncover the wastes and abuse. Gone are the days when government could act as a benevolent grand daddy and give extra money to the children. (people).

Political Economic Lunacy

Government now must muster all the forces of citizen’s common sense to solve the problem of fiscal lunacy of the past. Both government and the people must make sure that the center in a democracy must hold. Urgent reforms need more sacrifices for everyone, and politics must now be reduced to its lowest common denomination.. Government must show its utmost accountability thru transparency.

Road to Hades

Political stupidity can no longer exist in a struggling economy almost going to the dogs, so to speak. We have to realize that “myth misconception” that democracy exists in a vacumn, and that “ bad laws area derived from evil habits,” (Macrobius). “Albeit Democracy in the U.S. has been a fringe affair were it not been for the presence of the U.S. Constitution.” said F. Lundberg. # .

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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