, January 14, 2005  By Col (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA ‘44  -  Here are the parameters of the preponderant veterans Fil-Am WW-II veterans majority that comprise its unanimous position on the current legislative lobby for their unpaid compensations and benefits earned in World War II. The Main Thrust

Their main (demand) thrust is for full equity settlement of the U.S. huge unpaid obligation (unpaid compensations and benefits rightfully earned in battles of WW-II in the Philippines.)

Shamans- No Legal Standing

It should be understood and respected by those elements in the Fil-am community, (the ACFV, the Naffaa and other shamans) that they are without legal standing in the veteran’s official lobby who usurp the sole vested right and property interest of bona-fide WW-II veterans.

They are not an integral part of the preponderant veterans majority conducting the official lobby in the U.S. Congress currently pushing legislations that would finally pay the veterans’ unsettled compensations and benefits (i.e, the present legislative bill HR-677 that seeks full equity settlement authored by Reps: B. Filner (D-CA) and R. Cunningham (R-CA), together with the bi-partisan legislators that support passage of HR-677.

Spoilers and Extremists

Shamans are looking from the outside merely pretending as lobbyists. They have no respect for

veterans (their parents and relatives) who fought WW-II so they (the shamans) could enjoy the munificence of peace.

Where Freedom has no Responsibility

We, veterans are still alive while these reckless spoilers are already acting as if we, veterans are already all dead. With no shame nor esteem for their elders, they succumbed to the glitter of silver and self-praise. What have we, veterans done to deserve these impoliteness and rudeness? These generation X, whom we have facilitated their stay here in the U.S. have bitten our hands, and have brought their insalubrity and mediocrity like moral hobos.

Role of The Government

The duly legitimized preponderant veterans majority, on the other-hand, have appointed the Philippine government as its conduit, to conduct the veterans official lobby on a government-to-government level of negotiation with the U.S government that has been deliberately delinquent in settlement of its constitutional obligation with impunity.

The Work of the OVA

The Office of Veterans Affairs Office (OVA) is the independent government agency tasked to implement the official demands of the preponderant veterans majority – transmitted to Pres. G.M.. Arroyo.

In turn, Pres Arroyo,, in a memorandum (dated since Nov.5, 2002 and followed by another dated February 3, 20030) - has directed the Philippine Ambassador, the matter of full equity settlement. The Embassy, albeit, miserably failed to coordinate with the preponderant veterans majority and the Sons and Daughters Inc., (as the duly recognized claimants of unpaid compensations and benefits as a matter of right).

Movement of HR-677 in Congress suffered a setback owing to the fever of the national elections and the Iraq War in 2003, that dominated legislative function, in the House dominated by Republicans.

No Right to Trespass

The preponderant veterans majority has not given any private entity (especially those destitute in advocacy and are ignorant in the legislative process) any precise or written permission to the shamans to represent and/or to speak for the preponderant majority. Therefore, are mere fortuitous hambugs and/or make-believe self-appointed advocates that are using the veterans as their “whipping boys” for their personal repute, and/or financial cupidity.

Hambugs Sans Transparencies

As a matter of fact, these hambugs have been reported delinquent in reporting out their independent audited financial statements required by law. They have no transparency. And will eventually be haunted by the law.

No less than Rep. Filner have denounced one of the (the director of ACFV (Lachica as an alias whose real name was Furbeyre) as “toxic” to the full equity campaign, and therefore should be kept out of the equity campaign.” ( See Filners statement in the Phil. News. )

In contrast, former Rep. B. Gilman have also denounced the former head of Naffaa (Esclamado) as ignorant of the legislative process and what Gilman resented as interference in lawmaking. (See: Gilman’s letter to M. A. Soriano published in the internet and local newspapers.)

CBO’s Budgetary Authority Consequently, the Congres- sional Budget Office’s (CBO) has provided the budgetary authority estimate of no les than $115 million dollars for the initial year’s implementation upon approval of the bill HR-677 into law.

The extended budgetary estimate of $1.2 billion dollars has also been estimated by the CBO that would ably maintain implementation of the law for the rest the liberally-estimated 5 to 10 years of duration.

There is no turning back, or switch to any bill that discriminates any veteran The full equity bill HR-677 is with priority and urgency.

CBO’s Budget Authority

Thanks to Reps: Filner and Cunningham in securing said CBO budget authority estimate that would be considered in the cloture of this over 60 years of retarded and cruel mistreatment of Fil-Am veterans by the government.


The reason why HR-677 was filed in Congress and was fully unanimously endorsed and backed up by the preponderant veterans majority simply because out of the 200,000 original number of Filipino U.S servicemen conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941 to fight for the U.S flag and American interests in the Philippines, survivors are dying each day. By he hundreds without relief.

Until today – we, surviving veterans are only less than 21,000 in number who have been cruelly excluded from all legitimate compensations and benefits awarded to all and the same members of the U.S. Armed Force, except for Filipinos..

Veterans do not anymore have the luxury of time to be further mistreated and be played as buffoons under a conspired fraud of retarding full equity payment of the remaining unpaid benefits of $3.2 billion since 1942, on a piece-meal payment which is a cruel hoax. If at all benefits are dished out to veterans, it was crumbs from the master’s table thrown to the floor (liken to bones for canines) just to keep them quiet.

Not Much Time Left

In a nutshell, veterans demand full equity settlement before they all die cheated, an made to continue to wallow in extreme poverty, through lack of lawful health services and their rightfully-earned compensations and benefits. While other veterans of other allied nations were fully compensated.

Government Lawlessness

For if all of us veteran die under the fraudulent mistreatment by government, that hoarded money savings from our deaths un-expended that belonged to us veterans would accrue to the pork of politicians. It was termed by U.S. retirees and veterans who were also prevented by government from receiving their pensions, as “the Biggest U.S. Swindle.” (Surf: the internet and

Holocaust Redux

And we, thus - were cheated miserably would be left to die with umbrage in our hearts defrauded by a government that sent us to harms way – that have cold-bloodedly abandoned us. Maltreated for over 60 years of inhuman abnegation. aptly parallel to the holocaust in Europe by Hitler in extermination of the Jews. In our case, was a way to kill all of us off through denial sand disguised but callous destruction.

Duplicated Truculence

Such dastardly criminal act of government has no parallel in the history of this world. And which was earlier described through predestination as “benevolent assimilation” during the colonial days of U.S. domination. Albeit, where was the benevolence?

In retrospect, and even at present – we have thorns on our side. There has been obdurate misantrophic kababayans who have created havoc and ( some are ill-natured sons and daughters of veterans) sources of mischief against these heroes of Bataan, Corregidor and Philippine Campaign – these Makapilis (traitors) who have collaborated with then U.S. oppressors that frustrated the veteran’s claims for justice and fairness.

Young Makapilis

These perfidious unwanted malefactors, have intruded and have forced their way thru ruffianism by misrepresenting and betraying their parent’s demand for fairness and justice from the US government.

For want of personal notoriety and for 30 pieces of silver, so to speak, gave birth to such shameless extreme Makapilis (collaborators of the oppressors of veterans in this country)

God save this nation where the blind leads the blind so they fall into the bottomless pit of hell.

# # #

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

All rights reserved