MANILA, December 15, 2004 (STAR) By Bianca Salonga - People are always interested to find out whatís up with TV host and actress Kris Aquino. She is, without doubt, one of the few born to make the headlines. Not that she deliberately chooses to play a part in most controversial events in showbiz. Only, Kris never fails to surprise us. We wonder, what other surprises could we expect Kris Aquino to pull out from her bag?

Undeniably, Kris is one of todayís most sought-after endorsers. Her countless TV commercials, print ads and billboards are proof that the public just canít keep their eyes off Kris Ė watching out for her every move, listening to watch what she has to say next. "Iíve always wanted to become the billboard queen." Well, she already is. There are numerous billboards of her along EDSA Ė an ad for bags, a cosmetic product, a telecommunications company and a clothing company.

Undeniably, Kris is Philippine TVís sweetheart. She used to give her audiences a wake-up call with her wit and charm in Good Morning Kris. She soon left that morning time slot but retained her bubbly self in Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba?, her game show that has not only helped many people but has also kept viewers entertained for sometime now. Hiram, her first soap opera, is doing very well in the ratings game. And, of course, you just have to watch Kris every Sunday, when sheís on a roll with her good friend and co-host Boy Abunda on The Buzz. Indeed, Kris, despite all the intrigues and drama, lives a comfortable life. "Iíve been super blessed. Itís a grace from God. I must be reaping good karma from the good things my parents have done in their lives," Kris reflects.

As the year comes to an end, Allure sits down with her for an interview during a pictorial for Leonardo bags. This is the second year she endorses the brand and explains, "Iíve always loved their billboards and designs. I like the details that are put into each bag like this one," she points to a bag with a circular detail on it. She adds: "Anything in the shape of a circle fascinates me. It also brings in good luck, kaya nga all the furniture in my apartment are circular." There is easily a dozen Leonardo bags in the studio that were to be used for the ad campaign shoot. Kris studies a few of them and comments, "I really love the new collection. Most of their stuff are colorful and Iím very partial to colors. I particularly like anything in pink, fuchsia or apple green. Itís in my personality kasi and Iíve always, always loved anything in the shade of pink," shares an animated Kris whose day has been packed with tapings and shoots.

Just this year, the Queen of Talk has also managed to impress viewers with her acting prowess. Her stint in Mano Po I in 2003 was just a prelude to even bigger movie projects. In September, Kris reigned over the box office hit charts with her performance in the horror flick Feng Shui.

"Gusto ko, if ever there will be news about me, itís that I won a Best Actress Award. Siguro dun palang sa Feng Shui meron na for Best Actress. But Iím most excited to be working with (director) Chito RoŮo for a film that will be released next year." In the meantime, fans of this newly-crowned box office queen will catch her in a comedy flick, Manila Film Festival entry Happy Together. "I think this movie will be the only one of its kind among the other entries this year. Definitely, Happy Together will be in the top four," she muses.

On this particular interview, Kris shares with much enthusiasm the many things she has in line for 2005. Besides, there really is no point in looking back when the year to come brings much promise. She enumerates, "Well, Iím back on Hiram and it will be running until summer and, of course, The Buzz and Game Ka Na Ba? also will still be airing."

But more than anything else, the one thing that makes 2005 exciting for Kris is the business venture that will be launched on her birthday, Feb. 14. She gives her signature smile and says, "Itís a surprise. Basta this venture is something that I enjoy. I think Iíll be one of the first TV personalities to launch something like this." Despite all attempts to get her to spill the beans, she just shakes her head playfully.

Indeed, every second counts for Kris. But considering her tight schedule, she is, among many other things, a proud mother to her nine-year-old son Josh. "Nakabantay yan during my tapings. Of course, when itís past his bedtime, I have to send him home. Basta si Josh, laman yan ng ABS-CBN." Kris shares happily that "Joshís development is definitely promising. Iím super proud of him in the same way that heís proud of his mom." Just the same, Krisí relationship with her mother, former President Cory Aquino has never been better. "I try my best to keep my Mom happy at all times." Asked what her wish for next year would be, she immediately answers, "My momís good health and long life." And Kris smiles, apparently very content with her family life.

There also wonít be any cosmetic surgery plans in the year to come as Kris candidly says, "Iím already perfect! Josh says pa nga, ĎMy mamaís sexy!í Also, Iíll be endorsing Bench body soon so I donít see why I should change anything pa." In April of the coming year, Kris and Josh are planning of a three-week vacation on the Gold Coast in Australia. "After working almost non-stop all year, I think I deserve a vacation." She is also hoping to find time to take up culinary classes soon as she relates that cooking helps her relax and unwind. "I love cooking for Josh although weíre trying to make him lose some weight. Kaya lang, when you see him and heís really enjoying what heís eating, like chocolates, what can you do, di ba?"

While her life is practically an open book, Kris shares that we wonít be hearing much about her love life in the days to come. "Iím going to do what J. Lo does. My personal life will remain personal." But besides that, there isnít anything else on Krisí New Yearís resolution list.

"I believe that Iíve been at my best behavior now. Iím disciplined with work. Iíve been a very obedient daughter, a great friend and Iím a good mom," she concludes.

Kris Aquino's bags by Leonardo.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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