October 28, 2004 (BALITANG  BETERANO) FOR DISSEMINATION TO ALL FULL EQUITY (HR677) PROPONENTS IN THE PHILIPPINES AND IN THE USA: Re: the emailed statement below apparently coming from FAVI, Chicago, USA

Until and unless FAVI officials and spokepersons can produce and show to everyone concerned its official written authorization from either or both the Philippine government and the majority of WW2 veterans in the Philippines and in the USA, any and all of its pronouncements and activities cannot be considered to have official sanction and will remain private efforts.

Since the Filipino WW2 veterans are the direct victims of the Rescission Act of the US Government, any action undertaken by anyone that is not in consonance with their express wishes and needs should be interpreted as private and personal, and not official.

By Philippine law, only the President determines official Filipino veterans policy of government, and only the Veterans Federation of the Philippines is authorized to represent and speak for all Filipino war veterans. President GMA herself sets the example because she always confers and consults with the VFP on veterans concerns.

All individuals and veterans organizations in the Philippines and the USA should be cautious when reading and assessing statements such as those being issued by spokepersons of FAVI and other such private organizations. It is hoped that rather than going on their own separate ways, all Filipino and Fil-Am groups working for the 60-year objective of gaining restoration of full equity rights of Filipino WW2 veterans can be united as a team in defining targets and establishing strategies under parameters set by the President of the Philippines and the Veterans Federation of the Philippines. The majority of Filipino WW2 veterans is still in the Philippines, as it always has been. Their decisions are paramount. (Jesus Terry F. Adevoso, Presidential Assistant for Veterans Affairs, Malacanang Palace, Manila, Philippines )

Ryan Mulvaney <> wrote:

(Chicago 10-9-04) While we can point out and blame the failures of why the Filipino veterans didn't get their $800 are many. But now the job of FAVI (Filipino American Veterans of ILLinois) has been working on next year, the ole Chicago Cubs motto, BOh well, thereBs always next yearB

This weekend Team FAVI presented two draft proposals to the Filipino WW!! veterans, one was Plan BBB granting US based vets w/$800 and Island vets w/$100 monthly benefits. A good copy similar to S-68 and only costing Congress about $45 million.

Plan BCB was to provide monthly benefits to only US based Filipino WW!! veterans at the same rate of $800. Island based veterans will not be included in this Bill. The cost to pass this Bill is under $30 million a doable passage.

The difference between the two plans is joint cooperation between the two governments and communities. This year the US based veterans had to shoulder the full campaign while cries for help were sent out to Manila. The US based Filipino WW!! were told that with the VFP and SADI had over 1 million votes and voices, nothing came of either. Not even from the RP Government, only continued silence. This silence cost the economy of the Philippines $1,200 x 18,500 veterans x P55.00 exchange rate, or simply put over 1.2 BILLION Pesos per year.

Without the total written support in major papers from the RP Government (GMA, NdC, FD) will result in forging ahead with Plan BCB. As everyone is aware time is of the essence, and this is date sensitive.

Plan BAB is the reintroduction of a copy HR-677, entitling $800 for all, by Reps Cunnhingham/Filner both from California, factoring to be about $235 Million, a number much to large for Congress to consider.

Over the past ten years, the US based Filipino WW!! veterans were left to do without, because of the ties associated to the cost of island veterans that remained silent. In 2005, the 109th US Congress has NO choice but to take Team FAVIBs demands serious.

Prez.GMA, VP NdC, Sen.Prez.FDrilon, the entire Philippine Senate and Congress consider yourself on notice, the whole Filipino community is watching and waiting.

December 1, 2004 is our target deadline, and in 45 days we move forward to empower the Filipino WW!! veterans on a successful final journey to victory by Feb. 18th, 2006.

We are calling on all concerned to form and mobilize now. Communication, criticism, pro-con is helpful and welcome by all, by return e-net.

Ryan (Eulalia) Mulvaney, youth advocate

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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