MANILA,  September 21
, 2004 (BALITANG BETERANO By Col. Frank B. Quesada, Ret. Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pension Associate, PMA ‘44 ) In reply to the Fil-Am veterans who are opting to return to the Philippines, under [.P.L. 106-160] I have requested the then Philippine Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigrations, the implementing guidelines that supplement Rep. Act. No. 7837, which provides for permanent residents. status and privileges to Fil-Am veterans of WW-II.

This is particularly for Fil-Am veterans and their families, and should not be confused with other laws granting Fil-Ams immigration privileges It should be noted that as our WW-II veterans get older and sickly, and have gone too tired waiting for their rightful benefits denied by the US government. They have opted to die in peace in the Philippines. They want to tell the whole world that their sons and daughters as well as the Filipino people, should never believe mealy-mouthed promises of the U.S government officials ever.

And the perfidious kabayans self-appointed pretenders that have misled and injured veterans’ cause.. Many of them were lured to return home under the controversial SSI Law reportedly by the ACFV (through as certain Lachica, an alias, (his real surname is Furbeyre) that misled veterans under his personal agenda.

Veterans who believed ACFV lost 25 % of their social security. Lost their wive’s SSI, Medicare - and many died hapless in the Philippines. Rep; B. Filner have exposed Lachica and said,” He is toxic to the veteran’s lobby.” Filner recommend to the Fil-Am official lobbyists along with him - to keep Lachica out of the veteran’s equity campaign.

To confirm this, call Jerry F. Adevoso, Assistant Secretary to Pres. Arroyo on Veterans Affairs, Malacanang, Manila. Those who want to confirm Filner’ statement, call Rep. Filner. Caveat. “Lachica does not have any tacit authority from the preponderant veterans (under the banner of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP)) to speak for or represent the veterans, so he or his press releases should not be taken seriously. He is non-grata to Rep. Gilman and Filner” said Col F. San Miguel,.Secretary General of the VFP. “Lachia is in big trouble for illegally printing his solicitation for money on the back (copy) Pres. Arroyo’s letter to Pres. Bush asking money from the veterans and the public,” said San Miguel..

For conformation of this call Col. F. San Miguel, Secretary General, Veterans Federation of the Philippines, A. Villegas St. Ermita, Manila. Philippines., chartered under Rep. Act 2640, as the single voice and umbrella organization duly mandated as the voice and sole representative of Fil-Am WW-II veterans.

Title of Rep Act # 7837 The title of RA#7837 is “An Act Granting Permanent Resident Status, Other Rights and Privileges to Filipino Veterans of world War II Who Acquired American Citizenship Under the United States Immigration Act of 1990, and for other Purposes.”


This is pertinent to all Fil-Am WW-II veterans, their spouses, legitimate, natural, recognized illegitimate, and unmarried children who acquired U.S citizenship after the veteran such citizenship. Definition of Terms These are to be used, unless otherwise requires - A] “Act” shall refer to the U.S. Immigration Act of 1990. B] “Veteran” shall refer to Filipino veteran of World War II who becomes an American citizens pursuant to the Act. C] “Application” shall refer to an application for the issuance of permanent residence visa under these guidelines. D] “Applicant” shall refer to the veteran and his spouse, legitimate, natural, recognized illegitimate unmarried children who acquired American citizenship under the Act who files an application, and E] “Commissioner” shall refer to the Commissioner of Immigration [RP].


The application shall be in the prescribed form [See last page of this column] and is accomplished under oath, and filed in four (4) copies. Where and When to File An application shall be filed by the applicant with the Office of the Commissioner at any time after admission in the Philippines under any immigration category.

Supporting Documents

The application shall be accompanied by three (3) passport size photographs of the applicant and certified true copies of the following: 1] In the case of the veteran - a] valid American passport. b] Birth certificate or Baptismal certificate or other document to establish his former Philippine citizenship. c] Certificate of American citizenship. 2] in case of the spouse of the veteran who became an American citizen after the veteran acquired American citizenship under the Act - a] American passport b] Marriage contract of the veteran and the applicant spouse. c] Certificate of American citizenship. 3] In the case of the veteran’s legitimate, natural, recognized illegitimate and unmarried child who became an/American citizen after the veteran acquired American citizenship under the Act - a] American passport b] Certificate of American citizenship c] Birth certificate, passport or other document showing the relationship of the child-applicant to the veteran.

Approval of Application

Upon approval of the application by the Commissioner, the Executive Officer of the Bureau of Immigration shall implement the permanent residency status of the applicant by stamping the following entry on the latter’s passport: (See below) Bureau of Immigration Department of Justice, Manila.

Permanent Resident Visa No. _________ Status of Admission is hereby changed from ____________ to permanent resident visa under Rep. Act. 7387 as approved by the Commissioner on _____________.The holder is entitled to Multiple Exit and Re-entry Permit valid for a period of two (2) years, and exempt from all immigration fees.

Exemption From Fees

The qualified applicant shall be exempt from the payment of registration and all other immigration fees . Multiple exits and Re-entry Permit 1. Filipino veteran, their spouses, legitimate, natural, recognized illegitimate and unmarried children who acquired permanent residency status under these guidelines shall be issued a multiple exit and re-entry permit valid for two (2) years without further documentary requirements, other than their valid American passports with the stamp of the permanent resident visa. 2. A Filipino veteran who, after becoming an American citizen under the Act and other prior acts but before the issuance of these guidelines, acquires permanent residency status in the Philippines under Section 13(g) of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, as amended, are also entitled to the issuance of the aforementioned multiple exit and re-entry permit valid for two (2) years which shall be stamped in the passport of the applicant upon presentation of documents enumerated in pharagraph 1 above.


The Executive Officer and the Chief, Alien Registration Division shall keep a log book of all veterans who obtained a permanent residence visa under Republic Act No. 7387.


These guidelines shall take effect immediately .

Date: January 1995. By: Ramon J. Liwag, Officer-in-Charge.

Nota Bene: I have furnished all the chapter and affiliate veteran leaders of the National Advisory Council of Fil-Am WW-II Veterans, the NNVE, SFVEC, IllinoisVEC and accedited affiliates of the above, all over the country, in all the strategic cities and counties, also Guam, Alaska, and Toronto, Canada and Victoria , Australia] for their reference in assisting veterans and families who are returning to reside in the Philippines for good. Do not deal with fixers or anyone else claiming as self-appointed advocates of co-called coalitions, etc. Report them immediately to the fraud section of your local police departments. And to Rep. Filner or Rep. Cunningham.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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