MANILA, April 17, 2004  (STAR) GO-SEE By Joyce OreŮa - Liven up your summer with the seasonís "it colors". Fashion is in full color and comes in brilliant hues to suit everyone. All shades of pink, green, yellow, orange, blue and purple brighten the hot summer days. Head-turning bold colors fit the mood of the season. Think bold Crayola colors. Then, thereís also a palette full of subtle and soft shades. Think colors like the Impressionists. Think of color as the new black. Now, black takes a backseat and is used as an accent instead. The trend reflects the positive and happy mood of summer. Itís fun! Itís about living life! Itís about la dolce vita!

No one color is essential this season. Take your pick from summerís juicy colors. Thereís yellow in shades of mango, canary, lemon, banana, primrose and daffodil. Thereís green in emerald, jade, apple, lime, mint, grass, kiwi and neon. Thereís pink in fuchsia, blush, cherry blossom and all shades of rose. Thereís orange in coral, cantaloupe, tangerine, carrot, tabasco and peach. Thereís blue in turquoise, aquamarine and sky. Thereís violet in chicory, lavender, plum, boysenberry and lilac. Thereís red in scarlet, ruby and apple. Rainbowís the limit!

Indulge in the colors of your choice. Hereís how to wear the seasonís hues. Make heads turn with one shade from head to toe. Or make a statement by mixing colors like fuchsia and turquoise, canary yellow and aquamarine, apple green and lemon or coral and turquoise. For the more classic look, accent your basics with a flash of color. Add key details to your wardrobe with accessories Ė from bags to shoes, scarves, belts, pins and jewelry in summerís mouthwatering palette.

Even beauty products and make up offer colorful alternatives. A kaleidoscope of color for eyes, lips and cheeks rules the summer runways. Makeup goes totally tropical. Donít be afraid of bright colors like banana, bird of paradise, turquoise, grass and pink hibiscus. Eyes enjoy happy colors Ė a cool alternative to monochrome eye shadow. Cheeks blush in pearly pink or orange. Lips pout in delicate or deep tones of pink, red or coral. Regardless of your color choice, summerís must-lips should be sheer and shiny to go with the seasonís glossy skin. The summer look is oozing with sex appeal, feminine and bold. Color is a big beauty theme this summer.

Colors work for both day and night. Choose tones as soft as gelato like pistachio, melon, amaretto and fragola. Choose effervescent colors like soda pop. Dare to be flashy in fluorescent strokes. Perk up your summer style in bright candy colors. Play with the seasonís fun colors. Do the unexpected. Donít restrict yourself to wearing your baubles at night. Wear jeans with a beaded top for evening. There are no more rules. A word of advice: Thereís a thin line between looking sleek and looking like a freak. Bright colors work best with flesh tones, white or denim. Limit color mixing to two if you are not sure. If you are even less sure, start with a color accent like a bag, a scarf or a pair of shoes.

Get creative. Mix it up. Add a twist. And reinvent. Be yourself. Be bold. Be individual. Enjoy summerís mouthwatering colors. Theyíre oh-so-cool these hot summer days!

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