MANILA, FEBRUARY 1, 2013 (PHILSTAR) SPORTING CHANCE By Joaquin M. Henson - We conducted a quick poll on twitter (@TheDeanQuinito) to find out which opponent the fans want next for Manny Pacquiao and the overwhelming choice was Juan Manuel Marquez to extend their rivalry to a quintology.

Marquez got 42 percent of the votes, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. 23 percent and Timothy Bradley 16 percent. Others who picked up votes were Brandon Rios, Yuriorkis Gamboa, Bob Arum (believe it or not) and Pacquiao (against himself).

We chose one tweep to receive a gift pack for a well-written tweet.

Alfred Garrido (@lfredgarrido) dropped bv our office the other day to claim an authentic Nike Pacman caricature dri-fit Tee in yellow (provided by Nike Philippines’ Jino Ferrer), Rain Or Shine umbrella and Tee, Barako Bull Tee, four Hapee toothpaste tubes, Dazz dishwashing liquid and paste and Air 21 cap.

Here is Garrido’s tweet: “Brandon Rios could be a solid opponent for Manny, knowing that the latter would be preparing for a fifth encounter with Marquez. Rios is young, powerful and a heavy puncher, elements that can really prepare Manny to face Marquez again. Rios, much like Manny, has a determined and solid spirit. Imagine him and Pacquiao going toe to toe and punch for punch, a solid fight for boxing fans. But considering that Rios would end up getting the rematch that Albarado wanted, Manny can fight Bradley just one more time to finish off what was undone in their last fight which Manny lost.”

Garrido, 21, is a UST nursing graduate who just finished his training at the UST Hospital. He dabbles in sportswriting “just to share my own point of view (because) I’m into sports really so I enjoy writing about it.” Garrido’s favorite teams are the San Mig Coffee Mixers in the PBA and the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls in the NBA. His favorite players are Meralco’s Paul Artadi (“ever since he was with UE”) in the PBA and Chicago’s Derrick Rose in the NBA. In boxing, Garrido says “no one beats Manny Pacquiao.”

In our poll, an interesting tweet came from Ralph Renx Samoy (@rrzner_s) who said, “(Manny) should fight Bob Arum, that old man is only using him as a cash cow, pushing Pac to his limit.”

Another intriguing tweet was sent by Wilfred Ferrer, Jr. (@wlferrerjr): “I think Manny should fight himself – the congressman, actor, singer vs. the hard-core boxer, then we’ll know who will show up.”

Neb Orquiza (@NebOrquiza) said fight or no fight, “we Pinoys only want to see a healthy MP around even after he hangs up his boxing gloves.”

It’s clear that most fans want Pacquiao to exact payback and the consensus is he’ll put Marquez in his place in a fifth fight.

Dan Flores (@5ydn3y) said: “Manny’s next fight should be with Marquez, he needs to score a KO so I can finally watch their last fight, I want a happy ending.”

Julius Sabino (@JuliusDGreatest) echoed: “Marquez beat Manny once in four tries with a lucky punch, Manny deserves a megafight rematch with Juanma.”

Fidel Mangonon (@thepbaologist) qualified: “Once health is cleared, Pac’s next fight should be against Marquez, Pinoys and Manny himself must remove cobwebs of previous KO loss in our memory.”

Raphael Asuncion (@RaphAsuncion) chose Marquez as Pacquiao’s next opponent, too. “In the (fourth) fight, Pacquiao was dominating Marquez until that counter punch that knocked Manny out, got to be more careful now.”

Christopher Mercado (@catoymercado) picked Marquez “because Juanma’s KO will be remembered more rather than the three close fights, Pac needs to KO Marquez in five in their fifth fight.”

Lorenzo Luigi Gayya (@lorenzoluigi) said it should be Marquez, adding “(there’s) nothing like a good payback to vindicate the People’s Champ, no time for tune-up, time’s a wasting.”

Christopher Zablan (@TamangTimpla) selected Marquez “for the reason that Manny needs to regain what was taken and show the world the Classic PacMan, period.”

Zamino Gamboa (@ZaminoBambino) said, “I think MP vs JMM fight should happen, MP was dominant (in) the last fight, MP just wasn’t careful.”

Paeng (@puckingfaeng) chose Marquez “because Manny has a lot to prove to Marquez other than Bradley, Malignaggi, et al – he can fight Marquez next, I’m sure Manny will beat the hell out of him this time, Manny just got careless, that’s why he was KO’d by JMM.”

Al Vincent Arnibal (@imAlvincent) said, “Manny should fight Marquez, both have big reasons to prove as a winner after JMM KO’d Manny, now it’s an even fight series, 3-Big 1=Even.”

Raffy Medina (@mysocialraf) picked Marquez because “if Pac wins the fifth fight, and he will, there’ll definitely be a sixth, better get that first fight out of the way, asap.” Daniel Paolo David (@Daniel1022286) said, “Manny should fight Marquez, redemption! Our hero should not go out like that, he deserves a better exit.”

Nico Akia (@nico_akia) said, “Manny should fight Marquez rather than Bradley, it’s the fight we all want badly.”

Mayweather got his share of votes. Steve del Castillo (@steve050504) said he wants Manny to knock out Mayweather “so Justin Bieber will stop mocking Manny.”

Kuyaspe (@KUYASPE) said “Manny should see this as an opportunity now that Floyd thinks he’s weak after two losses.”

Mina Palencia (@minapalencia) said, “I would love to see Manny smash Floyd’s airheadness back into his nose.”

Oicerzbmeb (@bembzrecio) said, “Manny should fight Mayweather then retire after.”

Martin Manalili (@martinmanalili) chimed in, “Mayweather should be the next one, that’s the best way to end PacMan’s magnificent career, you know.”

Mister Boogie (@Mister_Boogie17) said, “He should fight Floyd, once and for all to shut him up.”

Ibarrski (@IBARRCS) said, “Given MP’s age, Mayweather should be next in line, should he win, then a rematch with JMM, if he loses to Mayweather, time to retire.”

IR The Noizmaker (@TheNoizmaker) said it should be the Desert Storm. “Bradley got a recorded win over Manny, will test PacMan’s spirit, gauge his health and it’s highly winnable,” he said.

Rye Herrera (@Ryaneski) picked Bradley because “PacMan has to wake up, this bout can also redeem the name of boxing.”

Christopher Manuel (@Christopher1178) said, “Manny should fight a lesser caliber fighter and be back to his winning ways to bring momentum on his side, Bradley first.”

Chug Cadiogan (@chugsquared) said, “PacMan should fight Bradley before JMM, the KO he suffered was no joke, beat Bradley and KO JMM to complete the revenge.”

Mhar Nye (@mashboo) said, “I think Bradley because Manny needs to have confidence again to defeat JMM.”

My opinion is Pacquiao should face Bradley next and win back the WBO welterweight crown as at the moment, he has no belt. After whipping Bradley and regaining his confidence, Pacquiao will be ready to avenge his loss to Marquez.

Pacquiao rules out US for April fight By Abac Cordero (The Philippine Star) | Updated January 14, 2013 - 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao is certainly not going to the United States to fight in April.

“We’re not interested in the US for this fight,” said Pacquiao’s chief adviser, Mike Koncz, yesterday when asked for the latest on the Filipino superstar.

Koncz mentioned Singapore, Abu Dhabi or gambling haven Macau as the venue for Pacquiao’s next fight being set either April 13 or April 20. Previous reports also had Dubai in the mix.

Pacquiao’s adviser cited “tax reasons” as the reason why they’re skipping the US for this fight because the Filipino boxer won’t be taxed as much if he fights outside the US.

The mandatory suspension on Pacquiao by the Nevada State Athletic Commission following his devastating knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez last Dec. 8 could be another reason.

The NSAC said Pacquiao can’t fight in their territory until March 9 or 90 days after his loss to Marquez, and should have no contact with boxing until Feb. 7 or 60 days after the knockout.

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But if he fights outside the US, the 34-year-old congressman can be up in the ring by the second or third week of April and train seven to eight weeks prior to the fight.

Pacquiao can train in Manila, Baguio or Cebu for his next fight. It means Freddie Roach will have to come over.

The last time Pacquiao fought outside the US was in July 2006 when he carried Mexican Oscar Larios through 12 rounds in a super-featherweight clash at the Araneta Coliseum.

Prior to that, Pacquiao fought Fahsan 3K Battery of Thailand in Taguig, Metro Manila in December 2004. Pacquiao had gone to the US to fight 23 times since 2001.

A lot of names have also been mentioned as Pacquiao’s next opponent, including Timothy Bradley, Brandon Rios, Roberto Guerrero, Vyacheslav Senchenko, Jessie Vargas and Humberto Sotto wherever he is.

Still, Koncz said their focus is on the venue of the fight.

“We haven’t started looking at the opponent until we find the venue,” Koncz told The STAR.

“But there’s no problem. We hope to finalize things this coming week,” he said.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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