LAS VEGAS, JANUARY 7, 2013 (BOXINGNEWS24) By Mark Havey: Manny Pacquiao (54-5-2, KO’s 38) is the only man to ever win world titles in 8 weight division.

He won fighter of the decade and seems to have been around forever. After 18 years as a professional and many hard wars, people are now considering his health.

The brutal 6th round knockout he suffered at the hands of Mexican legend Juan Manuel Marquez is worthy of concerns for Pacquiao’s brain and health.

Being quietly concerned is a world apart from publicly claiming health problems are there.

But that is exactly what has hit the news recently when neurologist Dr Rustico Jimenez claimed he spotted signs of Parkinson’s disease in the Filipino legend. I first read the news on this site. I have to admit, the article made me laugh.

I wasn’t gaining amusement at the misfortune of someone else.

I laughed because it’s ridiculous.

The Doctor made the diagnosis after seeing Pacquiao on TV and his hands showed very faint signs of shaking. I have never heard of a doctor diagnosing Parkinson’s over the TV.

And as there is a lot more to the disease, it makes me wonder about his intentions and his honesty in disclosing his job title. And doing it over the TV? If I was on television I would be shaking.

And guess what? Sometimes I shake when I am cold. Should I be concerned or is this natural? This is why doctors meet patients in person and test many things other than shaking. Years of punching bags can also damage hands and make them shake.

Manny was quick to dismiss the claims “I am doing good. God is good,” Pacquiao told the Manila Bulletin. “I will be the one to say that I will retire from boxing, because I am the one who knows and feels what my body is telling me.”

All boxing writers started as fans of boxing, but it’s important not to let your writings become clouded.

Some writers are biased and clutch at straws. They ignore the doctors that actually tested Manny Pacquiao’s brain and gave him the all clear.

Yet they believe a diagnosis from and unknown Doctor who gathered his findings, not from medical machines, but from watching TV. I’m not saying that Pacquiao has not, or will not have Parkinson’s disease.

I can only base my articles on facts and my own opinion. The facts are not there and my opinion on this will only change when positive tests confirm a health problem.


I was only concerned for Pacquiao, says doctor Posted at 01/17/2013 4:16 PM | Updated as of 01/17/2013 4:16 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Dr. Rustico Jimenez, the neurologist who incited controversy when he said he has observed early signs of Parkinson’s disease in boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, said he only made the controversial comments out of concern for the “Pacman.”

“I am not labeling Mr. Pacquiao as having Parkinson’s disease,” said Jimenez, the president of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines.

“Observation ko lang ‘yun at ang sinasabi ko, magpa-test siyang mabuti before another fight,” he added. “I am just protecting the health of Mr. Pacquiao.”

Jimenez made the comments during a live interview on radio DZMM, wherein he said he has observed early symptoms of Parkinson’s in Pacquiao, including stuttering and hand-twitching.

The neurologist has not met with Pacquiao personally to diagnose him. He later told that he may be wrong in his observations, but stressed that Pacquiao should be cautious.

“(It was) a live interview so hindi ‘yun... scripted kung ano man ang sasabihin ko,” Jimenez said. “We are in a free country, we are in a democracy so walang pakialam ‘yung iba na sinasabi na huminto ka sa sinasabi mo.”

The Pacquiao camp briefly contemplated filing a civil suit against Jimenez for his comments, although the boxer has said he has no plans to file a case against the doctor and instead only wants an apology.

“Kung nasaktan siya because of my observations humihingi ako ng sorry sa kanya,” Jimenez said. “In my heart, it is more for his health.”

Meanwhile, the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) has criticized Jimenez.

“The PMA refrains from issuing statements regarding controversial cases, especially involving national figures, unless called upon by higher authorities,” the PMA said in a statement.

Dr. Santiago del Rosario, a member of the PMA Ethics Committee, said a doctor should not diagnose a person who is not his patient.

“The channeling should be from the primary physician, and nobody else can make any opinion or express his position as far as the healthy of any patient that is not his patient,” he said.

The PMA is planning to get Jimenez’s side of the story in their next monthly meeting. -- From a report by Dyan Castillejo, ABS-CBN News

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