MANILA,  JUNE 19, 2012 (ABS-CBN) By Ira Pedrasa - Filipino lawyer and boxing enthusiast Romulo Macalintal has filed a complaint before the Nevada Attorney General questioning the “highly questionable” decision in the match between boxing icon Manny Pacquiao and unbeaten American Timothy Bradley.

In a seven-page complaint addressed to Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, Macalintal said he instituted the complaint “as a boxing fan or enthusiast whose right to a fair and credible verdict in any sporting event, like the millions of boxing fans and enthusiasts, is entitled to the protection by the state where the said event is held.”

He said his complaint may be treated as a “class suit on behalf of those boxing fans who also deserved to be heard of their complaint and grievances and whose number is so huge that it is impracticable to include them in this letter-complaint.”

The letter complaint was mailed last June 16 (US time). The attorney general’s office is expected to receive the complaint by June 18 (US time).

In a separate email to reporters, Macalintal said he has not informed Pacquiao of his intentions.

Macalintal described himself as a United States tourist visa holder. He said he went to the US on June 3 to watch the Pacquiao-Bradley fight.

Macalintal is more known in the country as an election lawyer and has represented several personalities in the past, including former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. He also represented President Benigno Aquino III during his early days in politics.

Although he asked that “legal formalities” be waived in the interest of justice, he told the attorney general that he has a right to complain because he “strongly feels and believes that the decision rendered by the judges was not fair and did not reflect the true results of the said boxing bout.”

Personal meeting with Muhammad Ali

He said he is not a boxing expert but he has been a fan since his younger days. He said he has collected news items and other clippings of boxing icons such as Muhammad Ali and Gabriel “Flash” Elorde.

He said his collection has “earned him the distinction of being the only one to have a two-hour personal meeting with Muhammad Ali in September 1975 Thrilla in Manila because of the undersigned’s scrapbook containing news clips of Ali’s fight and life dating back to the ‘60s.”

He said he was seated at Seat No. 4, Row E, Floor Section during the Pacquaio-Bradley bout, which he said gave him the vantage point of what happened.

“And as observed by the complainant and almost all those present and those who watched it via pay per view programming, it was as clear as the sunlight that it was Pacquiao who won the fight with his aggressiveness inside the ring as he delivered those powerful punches that clearly hit and hurt Bradley in most of the rounds,” he said.

Based on his personal scorecard, Macalintal said he gave Pacquiao nine rounds as compared to Bradley’s three rounds.

He said his findings reflected that of a vast majority of fans, sportswriters, experts and analysts.

He said the findings of the investigation will be of great help to the world of sports.

“For the real losers in such an event, are not only the participants, but the viewing public who deserve all the protections from the state that sanctions the event,” he said.

Macalintal is still in California and will be back in Manila on June 29. He gave the attorney general his temporary address there.

Judge: Pacquiao let Bradley off the hook Posted at 06/18/2012 6:44 PM | Updated as of 06/18/2012 6:44 PM

MANILA, Philippines – One of the judges of the controversial welterweight clash between Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao and American boxer Timothy Bradley Jr. spoke out to explain why he scored the fight in favor of the unbeaten Bradley.

Duane Ford was one of two judges, along with CJ Ross, to score the fight 115-113 in Bradley's favor. The other judge, Jerry Roth, had the same score for Pacquiao.

In the HBO show "The Fight Game with Jim Lampley," Ford explained his rationale for scoring the bout for Bradley.

"It was a very close fight, in my opinion and the other two judges' (opinion)," he said. "What we noticed in the fight that we were all pretty much in agreement: it was a close fight."

"There's a misunderstanding I believe in the boxing community that the same criteria that you use in amateurs is used in the professional ranks. It's not," Ford added.

"What I personally saw that night was, the first six rounds, clearly Pacquiao was the winner."

This particular statement generated confusion from the viewers, including ESPN boxing writer Dan Rafael.

Pacquiao: Don't blame Bradley for judges' decision Posted at 06/17/2012 10:33 PM | Updated as of 06/18/2012 2:01 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao on Sunday asked his fans and supporters not to blame unbeaten fighter Timothy Bradley Jr. for the controversial result of their bout last June 9 in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao lost his World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion when Bradley was given a shocking split decision victory, which has since been roundly criticized by boxing media and fans alike.

But in a press conference in his hometown of General Santos City, Pacquiao told his supporters that Bradley should not be blamed for the controversial decision.

“Sa totoo lang, hindi naman kasalanan ni Bradley na nangyari ‘yung ganon,” said Pacquiao, who returned to General Santos City to lead the relief efforts in Sarangani, which was hit by Typhoon "Butchoy' last week.

“Sa kanya s’yempre, kung anong desisyon, naghintay lang s’ya. Boksingero lang din s’ya,” he added.

Two judges, CJ Ross and Duane Ford, gave Bradley the fight with scores of 115-113, while Jerry Roth had the same score in Pacquiao’s favor.

“Kung may kasalanan man duon, kung may pagkakamali, ay ‘yung dalawang judges,” Pacquiao said, referring to Ross and Ford. “Pero hindi talaga si Bradley.”

Unexpected result

Still, Pacquiao admitted that he did not expect the result, saying he thought the fight was “one-sided” in his favor.

Indeed, Pacquiao said he was just playing around in the final three rounds.

“Actually last three rounds, habang umaakap si Bradley sa akin, kinikindatan ko ‘yung commentators ng HBO. Naglalaro na lang ako dahil alam ko na panalong-panalo na ako,” he said.

He also expressed his frustration that Bradley elected to run instead of fighting toe-to-toe with him, something the American boxer promised to do in the weeks leading up to the fight.

“Ine-expect ko sa kanya, kasi lagi n’yang sinasabi sa news na papasok s’ya ng papasok sa akin, makikipaglaban s’ya sa akin ng palitan ng mga suntok. ‘Yun ang ine-expect ko,” Pacquiao said.

“Sa lahat ng mga laban na napanood ko sa kanya, palagi s’yang sugod ng sugod tapos nakikipagpalitan s’ya ng suntok,” he added.

“One that time, takbo na lang s’ya ng takbo. Atras ng atras.”

Bradley explained that he had to change his fight plan in the middle of the fight after suffering an ankle injury as early as the second round.


The Pacquiao-Bradley bout is curently being reviewed by the Nevada Attorney General’s office, the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the WBO.

“Kung baguhin man nila ‘yung desisyon, mas mabuti pa ‘yung belt na ‘yun ay i-bakante na lang, walang champion d’yan,” Pacquiao said about the investigation.

He added that for him, the case was already closed, but he understands why there is a need for an investigation.

“Ginagawa lang nila ‘yun para hindi masira ang pangalan ng boxing,” he said, explaining that a lot of people have told him that they want to stop watching the sport after what happened in his fight.

“’Yung ibang mga tao sinasabi nila na ayaw nilang manood ng boxing dahil ganoon pala ‘yun. Nadidismaya sila,” Pacquiao said.

The champion said that the investigation will help in regaining the fans’ trust and support towards boxing.

Pacquiao also thanked the Filipinos for their support in the aftermath of his loss, admitting that he did not expect such a widespread reaction.

“Napanood ko sila sa TV, napanood ko ‘yung mga kababayan natin kung paano sila nag-react pagkatapos ng fight,” he said.

A Pacquiao-Bradley rematch may happen in November, though Pacquiao said he is also open to fighting rival Juan Manuel Marquez for a fourth time, as well as a much-awaited encounter with unbeaten American Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Roach: Manny vowed to KO Bradley in rematch Posted at 06/15/2012 12:27 AM | Updated as of 06/15/2012 12:27 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Hall-of-Fame boxing trainer Freddie Roach wants to see his prized ward Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao fight unbeaten American Timothy Bradley Jr. one more time, if only to see if the Filipino icon can fulfill a promise he made to the trainer.

Pacquiao lost to Bradley a highly controversial – and widely criticized – split decision last Saturday in Las Vegas, but both boxers are open to a November 10 rematch.

In an interview with ESPN Radio Los Angeles, Roach said that should the rematch push through, he expects Pacquiao to put on an even more impressive performance.

“It’s really funny, because at the post-fight press conference, Pacquiao said, ‘I can’t wait for the rematch,’ and a lot of people talked about the fight being in Texas or moving the fight, and Manny said, ‘No, I love fighting in Vegas, I want the fight here in Vegas,’” Roach related.

“Then Manny says, ‘I will knock him out next time,” he said, adding that it was the first time he ever heard the Filipino boxer predict a knockout victory.

Roach commended Bradley for being a “brave, brave guy” but said he expects Pacquiao to dominate the American again in their rematch.

“I don’t see Bradley improving in that short of a time. I see the same result. I will get my wish, because Manny promised me he will knock him out, and usually when Manny promises something, he does it,” Roach said.

It is unsure if a Pacquiao-Bradley rematch will push through later this year, as their first fight is currently being investigated by the Attorney General of Nevada upon the request of Top Rank boss Bob Arum.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission and the World Boxing Organization are also reviewing the bout.

Roach admitted that although he was shocked with the decision, he was still happy because of Pacquiao’s performance.

After a lackluster showing against rival Juan Manuel Marquez in November 2011, Pacquiao seemed to be back to his explosive self. He constantly landed his powerful left straights to Bradley, and during the middle rounds, wobbled the American with his multi-punch combinations.

“Everyone saw that Pacquiao is back,” Roach said. “That was the best fight we fought since (Miguel) Cotto. He fought a very effective and smart fight, he was using his angles and what we worked on in the gym.”

“He followed the game plan really well, and I was really happy with his performance. Pacquiao is back,” he added.

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