MANILA, MAY 15, 2012 (PHILSTAR) By Olmin Leyba - Promoters for pound-for-pound superstars Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. voiced out varying proposals as to how the revenue should be split, if and when the megabuck fight the world wants to see would eventually materialize.

Fielding the question about the division of the pie during the new HBO series “The Fight Game with Jim Lampley,” Top Rank boss Bob Arum suggested a 45-45 share, with the remaining 10 percent going to the winner.

In a separate portion of the show, Golden Boy Promotions Richard Schaefer suggested to let auditors check and compare the two boxers’ previous PPV performances to determine which is the bigger draw, and therefore deserving of the chunkier slice.

“Manny Pacquiao has now taken the position, which I endorse, if Floyd Mayweather thinks that he is the greatest fighter of all time, let’s do it 45 percent to Mayweather, 45 percent to Pacquiao, and 10 percent to the winner,” Arum said.

“But we got to have parity here. If Mayweather really believes he can beat Pacquiao, which I don’t think he believes, he’ll pick up more than 50 percent that way. But it’s up to Floyd,” he added.

Schaefer believes Mayweather is the true moneymaker between the two but batted for a formal auditing to see the real numbers.

“I think (Floyd) should get the lion’s share. I think fair is fair. I think what we should do is have one of the big three accounting firms account the last fights going back to, let’s say, 2007, since we’ve been involved with Floyd Mayweather. Account the pay-per-view numbers, account the live gates. Accumulate all of these numbers, we can do the same with Pacquiao, and then we can see what kind of ratio it is,” he said.

“If in fact they’re the same, they produce the same amount of pay-per-views, the same amount of live gate revenues, then you know what? Yes, it should be a 50-50 split. But if they don’t, why should it?” he added.

Of course, there are issues other than the purse split that both parties would have to settle, like drug test.

Pacquiao is set to defend his WBO welterweight title against undefeated American Timothy Bradley on June 9. Mayweather, who beat Miguel Cotto for the WBA super-welterweight belt recently, is supposed to enter a county jail by June for a three-month sentence following a domestic violence case.


Pacquiao’s trainers impressed Posted May 15th, 2012 by Ronnie Nathanielsz & filed under Sports.

MANNY Pacquiao ended his first week of training at the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles and his team members liked what they saw.

Trainer Freddie Roach said Pacquiao’s sparring on Thursday and Saturday were the best he’s seen in some time.

On the other hand, adviser Michael Koncz told the Manila Standard that the Filipino champ sparred eight rounds on Saturday, going four rounds with rugged Russian Ruslan Provodnikov, two rounds with super featherweight Roberto Gonzalez and a “young black kid,” whose name he couldn’t recall.

“The young fighter came straight forward and threw a number of combinations, that tested Manny, while Gonzalez was in there because of his speed and the Russian for his tough, rugged style,” said Koncz.

The adviser said the decision of Roach to change sparring partners from the usual roster of fighters he banks on was “a tremendous advantage, because Pacquiao was not familiar with their styles. Pacquiao looked sharper and faster.”

Strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza described Pacquiao as having “a great workout” on Wednesday, thereby pleasing the demanding member, who plays a significant role in getting the Fighter of the Decade into fine physical shape for his fights.

Ariza, who has at times complained in the past over Pacquiao’s failure to go through his demanding plyometric routines, said this past week, the champ was amazing in his work on the track oval at the University of Southern California.

Exclusive Images of Pacquiao's first day at Griffith Park By Rich Mazon Tue, 08 May 2012

Los Angeles, CA - The largest park in the City of Angels once again opened its doors and trails to the world's most famous boxer this morning (Monday).

The 4,310 acre Griffith Park in the eastern Santa Monica mountain range welcomed back boxing's first eight division champ, Manny Pacquiao as he did his familiar morning run and stretching exercises.

Pacquiao arrived at around seven o'clock Monday morning and started his first workout in the United States with members of his team.

He ran from the bottom of the park all the way to its top with brother Bobby and a couple of other runners. He then proceed to do some stretching and warm up exercises which was supervised by assistant trainers and long time friends, Buboy Fernandez and Nonoy Neri.

Pacquiao's first trip at the park this year lasted for about two hours as fans gather around the boxer to watch him train.

Observers noted that the boxer was in a jovial mood during the whole time he was there and went on with the scheduled run and round of exercises.

Pacquiao just arrived two days ago from the Philippines to resume his training for his upcoming bout next month.

Pacquiao defends his WBO welterweight belt against undefeated challenger Timothy Bradley on June 9th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

After his morning jog, Pacquiao then returned to his Palazzo apartment to eat and rest as he prepares to continue his training at Coach Freddie Roach's Wild Card Gym in the afternoon.

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