MANILA, APRIL 30, 2012 (STANDARD) by Ronnie Nathanielsz - POUND-FOR-POUND king Manny Pacquiao rested on Sunday after two days of tough sparring with Russian welterweight Ruslan Providknov (photo at left), who has an impressive record of 21-1, with 14 knockouts.

Pacquiao advanced his sparring originally scheduled for Saturday to Thursday and engaged the Russian, who was much heavier than a 147 pounder, in four furious rounds, with Providknov taking the fight to the Filipino champ.

The Russian suffered a welt under his eye, while Pacquiao said his shoulder was sore after the sparring session.

In their second sparring session on Saturday, Pacquiao seemed to have the measure of the Russian and toyed around with him.


Trainer Freddie Roach wants to pick up the tempo of Pacquiao’s sparring since he feels the welterweight champion is only around 50 percent of his fighting shape.

“Everyday he spars, he gets better. His timing is coming back and he’s looking good,” Pacquiao’s adviser Michael Koncz said.

Koncz said Pacquiao will go jogging on Monday and then resume sparring on Tuesday.

He also revealed they will come down to Manila on Thursday and are scheduled to leave for Los Angeles on Sunday.

(Published in the Manila Standard Today newspaper on /2012/April/30)


Roach says Pacquiao still lacks power Details Published on Monday, 30 April 2012 00:00 Written by EDDIE G. ALINEA

BAGUIO CITY. – Trainer Freddie Roach on Saturday insisted Manny Pacquiao still has to improve on his power and quickness.

Both were on full display in the second day of sparring between the Filipino boxing star and Ruslan Provodnikov at the Shape Up Boxing Gym of the Cooyeesan Hotel, when Roach stopped the skirmish after the opening round to enable the Russian to change his defective head gear so he could be protected from Pacquiao’s onslaught.

“Bukas kasi ‘yung head gear na dala nuong Ruso so susceptible talaga na masaktan at madisgrasya,” said Nonoy Neri, the team’s assistant trainer-cum-nutritionist.

With his head gear hardly protecting him, Provodnikov grimaced repeatedly as he absorbed the punishment being dealt by Pacquiao.

Roach said there’s no plan to replace Provodnikov, saying he is proving to be an ideal spar mate for Pacquiao, who will stake his World Boxing Organization 147-pound crown against unbeaten American Timothy Bradley on June 9 (June 10 in Manila) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Earlier in the day, Pacquiao completed of cramps and failed to heat the road for the third time since setting foot here.

“Okay naman siya, medyo ginanahan, nasobrahan tuloy ang takbo,” boyhood friend and assistant trainer Buboy Fernandez explained. “Kilala naman natin si Manny, kapag ginusto, di mapigilan. Wala namang problema. Kailangan lang mag-rest.”

Filipino prospect Rodel Mayol, a member of Pacquiao’s boxing stable, lent his $250-worth head gear to the Russian that he will use up to Thursday, when the team leaves for Manila for two more days of training at the MG Gym in Sampaloc.

“Pulang-pula na ang mukha ni Provodnikov after the first round pa. Kailangan talagang palitan ang head protector,” said Marvin Somodio, who has taken the place of conditioning coach Alex Ariza.

“Nothing serious really, but we had to change the head gear to ensure no one will suffer serious injury,” Roach said. “We don’t want any injury to any member of the team at this stage. Not to Manny, to Ruslan, or anybody that may disrupt the program.”

The final four days of training here camp starts Monday with the routine 10 to 12 rounds with the mitts, the heavy bag, double end ball, speed ball and skipping rope.

“Everything’s going well so far. No hitches, no major distractions,” Roach said, “but Manny still has to improve his power and quickness.

“All that we still lack will be filled in before we leave for Los Angeles this weekend to resume preparations at Wild Card,” Roach added.

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