MANILA, FEBRUARY 28, 2012 (ABS-CBN) Undefeated junior welterweight champion Timothy Bradley Jr. is confident that he will be the bigger and stronger man when he walks into the ring to face Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao on June 9 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Bradley got to see Pacquiao face-to-face when they participated in a photo shoot to promote their fight, and the undefeated boxer told RingTV that he was “way bigger” than Pacquiao. []

“I walk around at 160, 165 (pounds). I’m way bigger than him,” he said.

“I’m strong, and I’m a lot thicker than he is, and I looked like I’m a lot stronger. I know that he can’t bench press no 300-pounds,” Bradley added.

Bradley previously said Pacquiao’s only advantage against him was his strength, but he now believes that he may be stronger than the Filipino champion.

“I am physically stronger, and I’m younger and I feel good. I felt like this is going to be a good match,” he said.

Bradley has a record of 28 wins without a single loss, though only 12 of his victories have come via knockout.

Pacquiao, meanwhile, has won 54 fights, with 38 victories coming by knockout. He also has three losses and two draws in his career.

'Bradley has a better chance to win than Cotto' Posted at 02/27/2012 7:43 PM | Updated as of 02/27/2012 7:43 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Boxing trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas believes undefeated American boxer Timothy Bradley Jr. has a better chance of upsetting Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, than Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto does against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather will go for his 43rd straight victory in as many fights when he battles Cotto on May 5, while Pacquiao takes on Bradley on June 9.

Speaking with Fight Hype, Atlas said Bradley has a better chance of pulling off an upset than Cotto does.

“I think Pacquiao’s gonna have the tougher go. I think Bradley is a hungry kid still,” Atlas said. “He’s still got stuff in front of him that he’d like to prove. He’s pretty quick, he’s pretty good technically, he’s very gutsy, and he’s obviously got good skill sets.”

Bradley’s chances of winning will also depend on Pacquiao’s level of intensity and focus in the fight, Atlas said.

“I think there is a little dissipation in Pacquiao. I don’t know if it's physical or mental or emotional, but I saw him drop off a little in the (Juan Manuel) Marquez fight,” he said.

Atlas is referring to Pacquiao’s majority decision victory against Marquez last November, a bout that saw Pacquiao struggle against his Mexican rival.

“Part of it was Marquez. Marquez knows how to fight him. Marquez is brilliant... But I also saw less urgency and less fire and less taking of chances than we used to see with Pacquiao,” he said.

Atlas believes that because of Pacquiao’s stature in life, the Filipino boxer no longer has the same competitive fire as he did in his previous boxing matches.

“He’s so rich and so successful, and he has so many other options, I don’t know if the fire burns as high,” Atlas said.

“I think Bradley is going to have a chance in that fight, but you have to favor Pacquiao,” he added.

Convincing win

In the other marquee boxing match, however, Atlas is expecting Mayweather to win convincingly.

“Even though Floyd is moving up in weight to fight Cotto, that doesn’t mean Cotto still isn’t going to be at a big speed disadvantage, and that doesn’t erase that he got destroyed and completely dominated by Pacquiao,” Atlas said.

“(Cotto) is going to be facing a guy that’s hard to hit, a guy that is very fast, very confident, and even at junior middlewight, it’s not going to hide the deficiencies at defense.

Atlas noted that because Cotto has never been an exceptionally fast boxer, “Cotto hasn’t been the hardest guy to hit.”

“I like Mayweather to really win that fight pretty convincingly. He’ll be too fast, he’ll control the ring and do what he wants to do on his terms and win that fight,” he added.

Mayweather has not lost in 42 professional fights, while Cotto has lost against Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito.

Since his loss to Pacquiao in 2009, Cotto has won three straight bouts and annexed the World Boxing Association light middleweight championship along the way.

Ariza expects dominant Pacquiao in Bradley fight Posted at 02/27/2012 5:48 PM | Updated as of 02/27/2012 5:48 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao's strength and conditioning trainer, Alex Ariza, is expecting the eight-division boxing champion to show up in tip-top condition for his June 9 bout against unbeaten American Timothy Bradley Jr.

In an interview with Ronnie Nathanielsz of Boxing Scene, Ariza said he believes the "old Pacquiao" – the fighter who dominated Oscar de la Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto – will show up against Bradley.

"We talked about the training and what we are going to do and any changes we are going to try to make," Ariza said of the Filipino boxer.

Pacquiao has not looked dominant in his past two fights, especially in his latest bout against Juan Manuel Marquez last November.

Although Pacquiao won the fight via majority decision, he struggled against Marquez's counterpunching and footwork and later said that he suffered from cramps.

Ariza wants to make sure that the Filipino star will have a much better performance this time around.

"Pacquiao was receptive after the Marquez fight and again before this fight. He said he wants to start training camp a little earlier, and he wants to focus on building his body and getting his power and speed again," Ariza said.

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