MANILA, FEBRUARY 2, 2012 (STAR) By Guest Blogger Pio Garcia - And so once more, fight fans will end up frustrated after the latest ducking episode of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

But what else is new for a guy who was supposedly a god of boxing? Lately this “god” has been a phony at best.

With the news that the superfight is once again dead, I’m pretty sure everyone just shrugged and said “moving on…” out of sheer frustration. But either way, fight fans would not be bereft of a good fight.

However, between Timothy Bradley, who has publicly stepped up to the plate unlike someone, and Miguel Angel Cotto, I’d go for Cotto. But Cotto doesn’t want a catchweight fight, and that’s totally fine by me.

It’s time for our champ to prove he can go toe-to-toe with Cotto at his natural weight, not the other way around.

But the issue of Floydie chickening out once more is very sickening. Here is a douchebag who goes on and tells the world he’s still the champ, he’s undefeated, and that Pacman is taking steroids to set a historic record.

Last time I checked, crab mentality was pervading in Filipino culture, not in American. But hey, he totally is American. He is full of bravado, but poor in execution. And if you think about it, the most exciting fight I’ve seen him on is against Oscar De La hoya, who by then was aging and was starting on his decline.

But after the Golden Boy? Juan Manuel Marquez? Dude was two weight classes below him and it being his first bout at a heavier weight, only spelled doom. Victor Ortiz? The guy was a doofus and acted nicely against the most notorious boxer I’ve ever known.

Actually, Floydie’s sentence was deferred so he could go fight on May 5. Conspiracy theorists would’ve had a field day thinking the judge is a fight fan and wants to get Mayweather’s behind handed to him on a silver platter by no less than Manny Pacquiao.

I mean, everything is already given to Floyd. All he had to do was put pen to paper, say yes, and stop acting like a diva, which I’m sure he’ll have fits if he’s labeled that way. His latest chicken out move might be giving Pacman a call and asking for more money than the bigger draw.

Come on Floydie it is time to grow up and realize that Pacman is the biggest draw in boxing, not you. You’ve wasted your chance while Manny is taking control of his.

How can you be a big draw when all the best fighters in line for you, you ducked and looked for patsies? Please, common sense.

At least, with this latest development, we’re sure Pacman wouldn’t be fighting a coward.

And Mayweather would serving his sentence, I hope. I sure hope Manny Pacquiao agrees with Cotto’s terms.

The Puerto Rican is probably, in my eyes, the most game fighter our champion has faced in recent years. He fights with honor, a man of his word, and lastly, not a coward like Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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