MANILA, NOVEMBER 21, 2011 (STAR) By Ricky Lo - Boxing buffs will debate until Kingdom Come who the real winner was in the third bout between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Pacquiao was “it” by unanimous decision.

Several hours before his third bout with Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao appeared as guest on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight (inset: Host Morgan) But several hours before his fight with Marquez in Las Vegas, Pacquiao won several points when he appeared as guest on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight.

Among other topics, Pacquiao was asked why he entered politics and I salute him for telling it as it is, apparently fearing nor favoring anybody.

This was Pacquiao’s classic reply:

My dream is to help people because I’d been there. I came from nothing and I know their feelings to need something so I want to give back and help them. There’s a lot of money in the government but the problem is most of the politicians is corrupt. We have to fix that and show it to them that not all of us is corrupt. There’s a Manny Pacquiao that is honestly serving the people. MNNY'S

I wonder, how many Filipino politicians were suddenly conscience-stricken or shouted “OUCH!!!” while watching the show?

On the same show was promoter Bob Arum who was quoted in a recent Playboy story about Pacquiao’s presidential “ambition” and repeated it on the show. He just didn’t say Pacquiao will run for President of the Philippines; he said, with certainty, that Pacquiao “will be President of the Philippines.”

I think that Arum was underestimating the intelligence of the Filipino people. I suppose that from being a Sarangani congressman, Pacquiao could serve well maybe as governor but not as senator prior to “becoming” a president while waiting to come of age (he’s only in his early 30s; to run for president, a candidate must be at least 45).

(Incidentally, relive the Pacquiao-Marquez trilogy on Solar Sports, airing today and Nov. 18 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.; and Nov. 19 at 2 p.m. Solar Sports is on Channel 70 on SkyCable, Channel 35 on Destiny and Channel 31 on Cablelink.)

Pacquiao: No sex 21 days before a fight FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo The Philippine Star Updated November 12, 2011 12:00 AM

[Manny Pacquiao in several exposures in the latest issue of Playboy in which he talks about his post-boxing plans.]

In an exclusive interview with The STAR last May before her husband Manny Pacquiao’s ho-hum fight with Shane Mosley in Las Vegas (where Pacquiao rained punches on Mosley who refused to hit back), Jinkee Pacquiao admitted that she and Manny abstain from sex at least 21 days before his fight.

“Hindi na talaga puwede, bawal na,” said Jinkee in a free-wheeling chat at their Hancock Park home in California. “Kuwentuhan na lang at hug-hug in bed. What do we talk about? Wala. Yakap-yakap lang hanggang makatulog kami.”

[PHOTO - Manny in a well, ‘somewhat off-key’ duet of How Deep Is Your Love with host Kimmel on Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel.]

Jinkee’s “confession” is validated by Manny in a story by Kevin Cook in the latest issue of Playboy which identifies Manny by his full name: Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao.

Cook describes Manny’s rigid training for his title third return bout (Welterweight Championship) with Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez tomorrow, Nov. 13 (Manila time), at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and in the next paragraph proceeds to discuss the Pacquiao couple’s sex life:

About 3,500 calories later, his day ends. Manny and Jinkee head to bed a little after two a.m. To sleep. No sex — he and (trainer Freddie) Roach have agreed there will be no sex for the next couple of weeks. Believing the old adage that sex saps strength, Pacquiao follows a strict no-Jinkee policy during training. “We’ve talked to doctors about it,” Roach says. “Sex lowers your testosterone, so you’re not as mean.” Most boxers abstain for a week or more before a bout. “I ask my guys for 10 days,” Roach says. Of course Pacquiao beats the others even when it comes to abstinence. He stays chaste for 21 days before a bout, husbanding his energies for post-fight activities. And with that policy, Roach says, “when a fighter wins, the couple is usually very happy that night.”

[PHOTO - Marquez in the controversial T-shirt which Manny says is ‘disrespectful.’]

Jinkee flew to L.A. the other night, evading the media at the NAIA, on her way to Las Vegas to, as usual, give Manny moral support, putting the rumors to rest that she was not watching the bout because she was hurt by reports linking Manny to another woman.

“The fact that Jinkee is here proves that everything is okay between her and Manny,” said the couple’s best friend Dr. Vicki Belo in a text message to Funfare from Las Vegas.

In recent interviews, Manny said that after maybe two more fights, he planned to quit boxing --- and run for President of the Philippines (no kidding!!!)?

In the same Playboy interview, Manny’s 79-year-old promoter Bob Arum didn’t say that Manny will run for President of the Philippines; he said with finality, “Manny is going to be President of the Philippines.”

Explained Cook, “Under Philippine law, presidents must be at least 40 years old. They serve six-year terms. Pacquiao will be 37 when the next presidential election comes in 2016, so he can’t run until 2022.”

Now serving his first term as Saranggani Congressman, Manny is rumored to be running for senator in the next election. “I am a man of the people,” Manny told Cook. “I have to win all my fights, all the fights I have left, so I don’t disappoint them. Boxing, then politics.”

[PHOTO - Manny as cover boy of the latest issue of Ring.]

I was in L.A. last week for the Breaking Dawn 1 junket (watch for my Conversation with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart this afternoon on Startalk and tomorrow in The STAR) and I saw Manny singing How Deep Is Your Love with host Kimmel on Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel, after which was shown a film clip of Marquez wearing a T-shirt on which this was printed: MARQUEZ BEAT PACQUIAO TWICE. I noticed Manny’s face turned sour. In recent interviews, Manny said it was “disrespectful” of Marquez to have done that, that’s why Manny wants to settle the issue once and for all on their third encounter.

From the Playboy interview, one quotation that struck me about Manny was this (spoken when Roach yelled at him to “finish him off!” during a bout with another boxer): “Boxing isn’t killing each other. I beat him up enough.”

Will Manny “beat up” Marquez “enough” in tomorrow’s much-awaited event?

Stay tuned.


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